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Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

Normally somewhere between sleep and waking Annabella Brenari would snuggle deeper into the comfort of her bed dozing. However, this morning was simply not going to be one of those luxurious moments.

Coming round the surgeon came to realise she wasn't actually lying on her warm, soft bed with large fluffy pillows. She was in fact upon the floor in her living quarters having failed to complete the journey to bed after last night's frolicking.
Sitting slowly upward gently messaging her throbbing skull she felt her previous sleek stylised hair was stick firmly to one side of her face having used it as a makeshift pillow. Crossing her thin legs she noted the dirt upon her bare feet, her shoes missing and oddly her top was inside out. Worse still she could feel from the sense of freedom her bra too was absent.

Frowning Bella peered around her area hoping to locate the missing items of her wardrobe but nothing stuck her, nor did many memories from last night other then dancing and drinking the evening away, howling at the passing men with most of the women only party doing the same.

Groggily she staggered to her feet, wobbling as she made to the bathroom and slumped wearily against the mirror horrified at her reflection. She looked like a absolute wreck; aside of the hair her make up had smudged looking as if she now had two black eyes and swollen puffy lips.
Blinking she ran a finger over her bottom lip increasing that frown when she discovered that they were actually puffy and swollen.

Did she bite them in her sleep, or was involved in a fight? She couldn't remember.
Shaking away the concern she ducked into the shower... only to find the cubical already occupied!

Bella stumbled back squealing in surprise waking the sleeping occupant who had somehow managed to squash himself into the bottom of the show with his face pressed against the glass flattening the shaggy head of red hair.

With a snort Timothy Edkins came to at the sound of Bella scream. He floundered in the glass stall suddenly like a trapped animal unable to stand in the cramped space. Finally after a couple of seconds of struggling the young man found purchase and rose to his feet towering over the woman feeling confused himself.

Stepping out of the cubical embarrassingly brushing himself down he nodded a quick acknowledgement to the Doctor before swiftly departing without a word.

Gob-smacked Bella blinked standing stock still - what the hell happened last night?

Heading through the strange personal quarters stretching out the crick in his neck Tim shoved his hands into his pockets keeping his head low should the Doctor find her voice. His freckled brow crinkled feeling a strange item in his pocket and with only three strides left to take he pulled his hand free inspecting the item with a shocked gaze making his cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink.

Across the room Bella too blanched at the item Tim had removed from his pocket. It was most defiantly her's unless one of the other women also owned red underwear. She snatched the bra from his hands before they could ponder on the puzzle of how it arrived in his care any longer.

"Something tells me you should leave now," she said avoiding his eye.

Tim nodded. "Yeah, I think that's best."

Once the young man departed Bella groaned balling the garment in her hands throwing it across the room in utter bewilderment. Heading back into the bathroom for her shower, she hoped to God none of the other girls knew the full details.


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