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War Drums

Posted on Sat Feb 20th, 2010 @ 5:08pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

The USS Genesis had been in flight for over six hours to reach its destination and what they had found was chilling. A massive fleet of Gorn and Tholian ships was waiting to greet them. Beverly's heart had started to race, pumping adrenalin around her system fueling the fight or flight reactions that came so naturally to Humans in this form of situation.

The Genesis had expertly flown into combat and come out the other side, sporting her wounds but still intact. Now came the difficult part. The assault of Cestus, and a three pronged one at that. The Ships had formed up behind their respective Command Ships and the fun was really about to start.

Cestus IV

Gegan stretched his long claws, still savouring the scent of Human blood from the Federation crew that he had slain with his bare hands.
"Humans are a weak species!", he mumbled in his guttural hiss of a language to know one in particular.

"Saresh... A federation fleet is entering the system. One third of the force is on a trajectory for us!"
The panic and fear from his female officer almost palpable in the atmosphere.
"Inform Command and prepare for battle stations!"

USS Genesis

Beverly sat in her Command chair, observing the crew and hoping that the battle scars to the bridge and possibly the rest of the ship from the fierce battle only moments ago were simply cosmetic rather than system damaging.
"Status on repair effort and time till destination?"

"Engineering teams are stretched pretty thin Commodore. The force field around the core is holding. We're just trying to keep her in one piece as long as we can." Zeek was new to the XO role, and trying not to disappoint.

"Phasers are fully charged. Shields at 65%." Cailyn said. "I suggest that the aft shields take the most of the beating. We have 140 standard photon torpedo's left."
Cailyn took a deep breath.
"Captain, if you could buy us a minute I can give you full shields again. But to do that I have to take the shields offline and charge the emitters."

"How long until we reach our destination Mister Jenkins?", she used his surname rather than his rank or first name in the hopes that rumours about their affection for each other might be circumvented.

"Forty seconds." Tom answered without looking up, his eyes glued instinctively to the conn officer's console as he leaned over the ensign's shoulder, one hand on the side of the console itself. "Enemy forces are already moving to engage the fleet, Commodore."

"We don't have time Lieutenant Tarke. Charge weapons and prepare the ship for Combat."
The moment seemed frozen in time as the crew moved around the bridge, each one set on a simple task to help ensure the ships survival, but each one as afraid as she herself was. In war nothing is defined or certain. The out come is the variable that all wish to achieve.

Decks below Doctor Brenari had sensed the new tensions in the air. Shaking away the knowledge that they had just entered a new chilling and dangerous region of space she returned her gaze back to her nimble fingers running the regenertor over wounded flesh automatically.
She had seen her share of warfare but only upon the ground as a victim. Being jostled around the ship was much worse for like then as a young woman she felt so totally helpless.


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