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We've sprung a leak!

Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2010 @ 11:12pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Replimat
Timeline: Just before the Support ships leave for battle

When Haqtaj found Cardel he was in the Replimat editing his very first article to be sent back to the FNS. He didn’t notice her till her shadow fell over the PAD on which he was drafting his latest story.

“Anthony Cardel of the Federation News Service?”

He looked up a Klingon woman with the same ridged features that had enticed men of all cultures to become slightly aroused at there appearance. He however never saw the arousal in the ridges of Klingon women.

Haqtaj placed a Klingon PADD on the table, “I am hopping that together we can stop a diplomatic incident between our two cultures. This is a report I am about to send back to the Klingon High Council. Unfortunately, it seems I have temporarily misplaced my only copy”, she points to the PADD, “while here at the Replimat. I am sure it will turn up in the next few days. I hope news of the regrettable incident it details doesn’t become public knowledge. Were there to be an outcry within the Federation population, it would be a major embarrassment to Starfleet. It may however convince my people to consider their response more carefully.”

"I would be a pleasure to help you Ambassador" he said taking the padd and quickly reading the English translation of the message. Klingon reading skills were never part of his assignments so he decided against trying to read any of the Klingon text.

The PADD reads as follows in both Klingon and English:
Members of the High Council. I regret to inform you of an unfortunate turn of events that has occurred. It seems that I may be forced out of the consulate here at Starbase 611. In an effort to cement friendship I had a meeting with the Chief Tactical Officer, Kristina Mason. I was told, And I quote;

‘Ambassador … your assistance, it’s not required. … The Federation have the power to flag [a] ship and personnel to be carrying contraband making trading and ports of call extremely limited. [Your associate] does not strike me to be a person who could carry out an act of violence so readily. He's too soft’

I responded by offering the station the protection of the House Matlh and we not suffer Klingon's being riotous or troublesome while on board. I informed her I want to make a place for myself and my people here. Humans fear us as a violent and disruptive influence. I wish to prove that we are a cultured and highly civilized people. Her response was far from agreeable. Again I quote:

‘I remind you they are not weak and defenseless. [Klingons] are headstrong and dangerous, I somehow doubt you could subdue them... The nature of the threat is not restricted by any means, if that means halting a rampaging monstrous … drunk Klingon then so be it. … I will not tolerate under any circumstances deceit, betrayal and slander. If you turn into a scapegoat like is normal for your kind I'll make personally sure you pay. I'll make your head spin so much you won't know who the hell you are."

Naturally I informed her that she had threatened and insulted the Klingon people. Her response was to accuse us further of having no honor, or any degree of trust between our people.

I have included voice recordings of the encounter for your reference. When it comes to your response, I ask that you allow me to notify certain members of the civilian population here before any retaliatory strike is made. Even if this conversation is and an accurate representation of the feeling of Starfleet, I do not believe it is representative of the whole of the Federation.

Haqtaj of House Matlh
Ambassador to the Federation.

His faced frowned slightly as his mind went over the various implications of what he had just read. Klingon were known across the galaxy for their sense of honor and moreover their deep sense of pride. Leave it to Starfleet to allow one of its officers to completely destroy 25 years of diplomacy. This Kristina Mason had engaged in such a clusterfuck that she might as well have spit in the face of the ambassador.

"Well well well Ambassador" Anthony stated absentmindedly repeating his words.

"Quite," the Ambassador responded.

"Ambassador am I right to assume you are the current head of the House Matlh?" he asked knowing that any Federation ambassador in his position might have fainted at the prospects of a skirmish with even one of the Klingon houses.

Haqtaj inclined her head slightly, "Klingon Politics is... complicated. I am the eldest in direct line of the house of Matlh, though a woman may not sit on council, so it is my younger brother who holds the official title. That is one of the reasons I accepted this position, so that people would not try to go over his head to me. However, I am the eldest and my brother listens to me, and House Matlh holds the ear of much of the council. If my house were to decide that the Federation Treaty was... unacceptable, then it would be a hard for the Federation diplomats to sway the council from agreeing with them."

"That is why I have come to you. If you were to publish a leaked document, and cause a public outcry, I could report back to the Council that the actions of this Mason have angered her own people as much as ours and they may be satisfied with action against her. If however they were to believe that the Federation supported her point of view..."

Haqtaj left the statement hanging with a very grim look on her face.

Anthony's faced grew more and more serious as he understood the magnitude of what she was asking.

"Ambassador" he added with as much politeness as possible.

"My editors are neither dumb or blind any attempt on my part to...shift public opinion would be violation of several aspects of my contract" he added before quickly stammering out.

"That is not to say that it cannot be done, merely that other venues can be explored" he added with a grin.

He searched through his pocket and produced a padd that he had received from a dissatisfied civilian contractor that worked with several technicians in the computer core.

"Ambassador this woman who insulted you has been recently demoted by the new commander of this starbase, it would be easier and possibly even more painful to do something much more to this yIntagh" he said trying out the few Klingon curses that he had picked up over the years.

"I could go to the commanding officer of this station give her this information and she could be punished by placing the burden on the CO, she might very well have to temporarily relieve her of duty and assign a much more workable Chief Of Security then this Lt. Mason."

He glanced at several civilians and officers who had started to stare at their less and less private conversations.

"Perhaps we can continue this conversation somewhere less susceptible to spying." he said noticing a civilian who looked like a security officer in plain clothes.

Haqtaj straightened, "Of Course. Perhaps you would like to come for a walk. I understand the arboretum on Deck 31 is an impressive site."

"Yes I hear the Bonsai trees are growing nicely this year" he said motioning with his hands to lead the way.

Bonsai, a full grown tree in miniature. This is what was happening before him as well. The tension between Mason and Haqtaj could easily become tension between the two species.

As Haqtaj lead the way she smiled, "By the Way, nice try. 'Life Support System' is pronounced yin-TAGH. The inflection is on the second half, and you need more spit. Not a bad effort though. Where did you learn?"

"Yes well I never learned Klingon curses as well as others, although this would explain why I could never get a proper correspondents with anyone on Qo'noS"

Haqtaj glanced sideways at the human, "Perhaps, if we are successful, I will be able to arrange something."

"I picked up the majority of Klingon from a passing friend an Andorian professor who claimed to know mroe Klingon then most diplomats obviously he would appear to know very little from where I'm standing" he said with a smile, damn Andorians always too prideful.

Once away from prying eyes Haqtaj spoke freely of the matter to hand again, "I think the easiest way to resolve all of this is for a Starfleet officer of significant rank to show some deference to the Klingon people. The new CO has not even come to introduce herself to me. If she were to do so, and either appologise on behalf of her junior officer, or get Mason to form said appology, then I could report that the indiscretion was accounted for. Other wise I might need to draft a formal letter to the Federation Council. I doubt that is what a new CO wants when she steps onto a station."

Haqtaj laughs, "Well, the last CO tried to kill me, so starting a war with my people might be then next best thing."

He laughed nervously at this revelations and scratched his neck trying to appear calm.

Haqtaj leans on a rail, "The thing is, this Mason has shown promise as a warrior, and the Federation needs its warriors now to face this new threat. I do not want to see her career ended and her life left to rot in a jail cell. That is no death for a warrior. What think you, Cardel?"

"I am not a spiteful man, although I hate Starfleet and its idiocy at the upper levels I wouldn't want to crush a woman who obviously is only a very small ant why waste a phaser rifle when a simple boot will do, I will speak to the CO of the station and insure that this Lt. Mason is properly dealt with." he added looking up at the giant of a woman and with a click of revelations he finally understood why men of every stripe and species had become entranced by forehead ridges of Klingon women. They spoke of power absolute power.

"I will contact you within a few hours to apprise you of the situation Ambassador" he said glancing at an elderly couple that had just entered the arboretum.

"Thank you, Cardel. If you happen to see my missing PADD as well, I will be grateful." With a slight bow Haqtaj left Anthony to enjoy his Bonsai tree and to take in her words.


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