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Meeting of Minds

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2010 @ 6:35am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Corridors of SB 611
Timeline: Prior to Departure

Tom had almost made it to the transporter room to beam to the Genesis when a giant figure blocked his path.

"Lt Thomas Jenkins?"

Thomas paused, looking the woman up and down. Mostly up. "Tall, intimidating Klingon?" He returned before realizing he was speaking out loud, not having met the woman. He didn't know why she stood in front of him, but he was needed on the Genesis. "You have found who you are looking for, Ambassador," he quickly corrected.

Haqtaj looked down at the man, "You are a hard man to keep track of. I would speak to you of matters of mutual interest if you can spare a few moments before you board."

Thomas stepped aside, out of the doorway to the transporter room. "If it is of mutual interest, then you have a moment - but only a moment." He clarified. "It's bad enough a science vessel has been refitted for war, I wont have it careening into battle without someone to ensure its victory."

Haqtaj lowered her voice, "I was a witness to your... public display yesterday. It takes a lot for a person to walk away from their career, so I assume it was a major issue."

She paused and looked him up and down, mostly down. "And yet here you are in full uniform about to take a ship out to war, so it is obvious you still strongly believe in something. I was here to offer you a temporary position on my staff while you sorted out what you wanted to do, but now I am intrigued. What is it you believe in so strongly you will risk your life in a war over it?"

Thomas couldn't help feel but none of this was any of the Ambassador's business, but if he'd been considered for a position aboard her family's vessel - regardless of how temporary - she had showed him an amount of respect that he would return by at least answering her questions.

"Don't get me wrong, Ambassador," he started. "I have had my share of disagreements with the Federation, both its standards and its people. I may not agree with the Federation and its choices, but right now it seems the Gorn and the Tholians are a bigger threat." He knew that didn't answer why he was going to arms on behalf of the Federation. "Regardless of my position, my friends and those I care about are marching off to battle, and.." He paused, perfectly willing to continue but suddenly wondering..

"I'm curious, Ambassador. It would be a great honour for them to die in battle, but I ask your opinion: Knowing my involvement could do much to prevent their deaths and contribute to their victory, where would I stand on the honour scale were I to not accompany them, especially if they perished?"

Haqtaj was watching the man closely the whole time he spoke, "There are two kinds of honour; That which people give to you, and that which you take for yourself. The rank of Lieutenant is an honour bestowed upon you, but it is not as strong as the honour you hold in your heart. So to with your mission. You were appointed the honour of a glorious battle and, perhaps, death. But you go because of what you believe in your heart. To do otherwise would bring dishonour to you that no one else would see but you would feel."

"It is for this reason that I sought you out. You understand honour of the heart and are bound to it, even if it brings you into conflict with those who command you. My staff are the same. They may disagree with an order I have given them if it breaks a vow they have given previously, for example. To do otherwise would make their allegiance to me as meaningless as the allegiance to the oath they broke."

"Tell me quickly, Lieutenant. Is it possible to act in a manner that brings honour to your heart and to your house, if it risks dishonour at the hands of others? If you could hold the Federation accountable to every one of their doctrines and fine sentiments, even at the cost of your own career, would it be worth it?"

For a second, Tom's mind flashed back to the night before and the altercation on the promenade. "You have witnessed first hand that given the right circumstances I've been happy to throw my career away just to be rid of it. In that situation, to - as you said - 'hold the Federation accountable' would certainly be more beneficial." He paused, still looking up at the Klingon, using a level of self control he didn't realize he had to bypass her chest and keep eye contact. "I get the feeling you have something in mind, Ambassador."

Haqtaj smiled, "Yes. But we can talk of it in full when you return. Just know that I too want to keep the Federation accountable. Perhaps we can work together to the betterment of our mutual home. I have kept you long enough. Good hunting."

She whacked him on the shoulder good naturedly, but with enough force to put him slightly off balance, and then strode away.

The Lieutenant just stared for a moment, shaking his head, before remembering he had somewhere to be. He quickly darted into the transporter room, calling out to the person at the controls while hopping up onto the pad. "To the Genesis, Chief, and make it quick."


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