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Systems check

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2010 @ 7:10pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: USS Hope
Timeline: Current

Leanne had come over to the hope a bit earlier just to get a feel for everything. Even though she had passed her bridge officer exam, this was the real thing. Real crew, real hardware, real ship, they wouldn't have trusted her to this if she wasn't ready for this. Riding up the turbo lift she straightened her uniform and made sure that it looked proper.

Time for the game face Leanne, you can't let them think you are nervous. , if you do they are going to think less of you. As the turbo lift door opened to the somewhat spartan bridge she quickly stepped out and looked around to see if anyone had arrived yet.

As Es'lon had promised he was already on the Bridge at the Security/Tactical station checking over the defensive and meager offensive systems available to them, the sound of the lift doors opening made him glance over only to spot the Commander "Captain on the Bridge".

The sound of the Caition calling Captain on the bridge snapped the young Cadet to attention. He had been sent over by Starfleet to help bolster the support crew on the Hope and McCarther even thought he had only been in the Academy for less than two years. It seemed Starfleet needed warm bodies at the stations.

"Captain. Cadet Stewart DeVuor reporting for Duty. Class Two Pilot!", he hoped that the surname would pass her by without so much as a comment and it was at this moment he realised that the Captain was actually only a Lieutenant Commander.

Leanne blinked a bit when the cadet introduced himself, it was too early to think through it, she never had really talked to Beverly about her son, though it was listed in the medical records, this had to be him though he was here on his own merits and under her command. She smiled at him and moved to the captains chair and ran her hand along the top of it. "At ease everyone, I'm not going to make any grandiose speech or anything, just know that I'm going to do my best and I expect all the same from you. We are going to be going into the lions den, and as long as we keep our wits about us and we will come out alright " She sat down in the captains chair and punched in a command code, bringing up the interface on the small console. "Status Report Mr. Es'Lon"

Es'lon was determined to prove himself to the Commander "Most of the medical staff have reported in, I've started to chase down the last few stragglers and will have everyone onboard by departure. Enginnering reports that all engines are ready and are currently assisting in the instillation of additional equipment and bunks for the wounded".

"Thank you Mr. Es'lon." She turned around to Jrez who was at one of the science consoles. "Chief, science capability of the ship? I know she's a tough little girl but I want to make sure that if we needed it we can analyze anything weird they throw at us."

“Limited but, such as it is, it’s fully operational. With your permission, I’d like to go down to the main computer core and see if I can squeeze a bit more out of them. We might only be a medical ship but I have a feeling we’re going to need all the scientific back-up we can get.”

"Go ahead and do what you can." Leanne smiled at the Chief.

“Thank you. Captain. I’ll be as quick as I can but....” He gave Ulanova a deferential nod of his head then hastened towards the turbolift. “I don’t anticipate having to move beyond the main cores but...well...on a ship this size, you’ll know where to find me.”

"Mr. DeVuor, do you fell confident in piloting my baby?" She smiled at him, trying to gauge his state of mind.

"Yes Ma'am", he answered almost eagerly. He had so far lived in the shadow of his mother, people expecting great things from him, yet he had no intention of leaving Starfleet. The thinking behind it was he could get farther away from her, yet here he was, assigned by a horrific twist of fate to a ship that would be under her command while charging into battle.

He moved across the bridge with sense of purpose and a willingness to get behind the controls of the ship. He slipped into the chair, getting a feel for the console already.
"Impulse and warp available through all channels. Navigational deflector is online and primed".

"Outstanding" Leanne stretched out in the chair a little bit, it wasn't as comfortable as she imagined it to be. The doctor looked at the view screen, trying to put everything out of her mind and focus on the mission at hand. "Any word from the other ships yet on their status?"

Es'lon checked the comms log before answering "The Genesis and Macarthur report to be on schedule for departure".

Stewart turned in the chair to face the Doctor, who looked surprisingly comfortable in the Command Chair, and relayed the information that had streamed across his console.
"Ops has cleared us for departure, all moorings clamps have been retracted Helm is at station keeping... Awaiting your order Commander.... erm... Captain!" he added remembering the time honoured tradition that Mainers once used. No matter the rank, the officer in command would always be refereed to as Captain.

"Open a channel to the Commodores Ship, let them know that we are ready and awaiting orders." Leanne leaned back in her chair and folded her fingers together, she knew the worst was only on its way.

Stewart manipulated a few controls on his communications panel and acknowledged the link before turning to the Captain.
"Channel open sir"

"Put them on screen." Leanne stood up as Beverly appeared on the screen. "Commodore we are ready here, I've got the chief down in the computer core trying to squeeze some more sensor grid out of the girl." She turned and looked at Es'lon and DeVore. "Hopefully my men here can make sure I don't look too bad on my first mission, they've done great so far."

"I'm sure you'll do fine Leanne", Beverly smiled feeling more proud of this young women than almost anyone else on her staff, it was this moment that she caught sight of her son sitting in the flight control position. For the briefest of moments her expression cracked and a flood of emotions covered her face all at once. Fear, upset, anger, longing and many others. But as soon as it was there it was gone.
"Stay safe Leanne... All of you. You launch in five minuets".

"Will do Commodore."

"See you on the battle field Commander!", the Commodore said with no humor. She knew that more than a few good people would loose their lives today, and she would bare witness to it and feel responsible. "Genesis out".

Leanne motioned for the screen to turn off and turned and looked at Lieutenant Es'lon. "I'm hoping to avoid a fight, but will we be able to defend ourselves if we get cornered? I know we are limited but it would be nice to know what we have available."

Es'lon did not look happy as he gave his frank review of the Hope's combat effectiveness "We've got 2 type IX phasers and only ten probes, I don't think we'll win any fist fights but we should be able to keep the worst of it at bay until we can get help".

Es'lon then gave a toothy smile that showed off all of his sharp teeth "But I might be able to add a secret ingredient to the probes to give some unfriendly ships a surprise".

After hearing the Lieutenants response she turned back to helm control. "Helm bring us around to 234 Mark 4, as soon as the commodores ship hits warp engage."

Leanne sat back in the command chair, it felt so big and lonely, the whole situation seemed surreal. Just last night she was out dancing with her friends and now they where going off to war.


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