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[Maxi-Backpost] Bunkmates

Posted on Thu Jan 29th, 2009 @ 12:38pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Mike and Podi's shared quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1- 0800

Mike put his final piece of clothing into his duffle bag, looking the room up and down before shifting his eyes back to Podi "I wonder who will be moving in here," a large grin came to his face "We get senior officers quarters now! It'll be nice to have a night of rest that won't involve endless cursing in your noisy slumber... not to mention, the joint will be clean for once... Single life will be awesome, no room mate to be responsible for... no crap from the other people on the deck because of the loud music... no... I'll stop there perhaps..."

"You never know who could be listening..." podi tried to fight back the smile as he gazed around the room, pretending to search for listening devices. Podi had already finished most of his packing and was lying on his bed reading the news on his padd, with a pile of retro books and magazines from an auction at his side.

Mike squinted at the wall behind Podi "You know what?" he gestured over to a poster behind the older man's head "You might want to pull down that poster with the por-" he stopped himelf from saying it and paused for a second to stop Podi's short spell of "what the hell expression" he pointed to it again "... just get rid of that poster, the last thing I want is trouble with our new XO."

Podi shuffled around on the bed, and leered at Mike. "Just remember you gave me that poster, and dared me to put it up...and now you've got cold feet.' Podi got on his knees on the bed and turned the poster to face the other way. 'There, all better."

Mike sighed "Well done... I shouldn't have got that for you... porn is illeagal these days..."

"Well, whatever, anyway, the other side is a machinima project.' Podi could see the confused and questioning look on Mike's face and decided to elaborate on his description, 'It's when people play a game, edit it and add a voiceover and call it a show. This one's my favourite, pretty old form of doing things, but I like it. You know me."

Mike chuckled "Heh, different..."

"Yep, that's me. So..., what are your plans for the duration of our voyages, do you have a general plan, or just wing it?"

Mike arched an eyebrow "... Podi, what kind of question is that? Wing it?" he chuckled "You know me... no plans... see, last time I planned for something, I got my hopes up, when I arrived here last year... I had my hopes up in anticipation that I would get to share quarters with Jeniffer Owen, instead I got stuck with you..."

"Gee thanks, I feel so good about myself now." Podi straightened himself on his bed and began to flip through retro magazine.

Mike smiled "And my point is, don't go making plans and getting your hopes up, for example... hmm, say, it was promotion review time and you were facing being promoted to Lt, right, and then the last person you would think gets the job and your an annoyed, disapointed wreck before you hit the wall and realise there are certain things worth only looking forward to."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, man, I've been through all that too and I can see where you're coming from.' Podi thought for a moment before speaking again,' how about short term and long term goals? Any of those?"

Mike looked at Podi "Just to raise through the ranks... you only have to work hard."

"Oh, hold on." Podi got up off his bed and moved over to his boxes of stuff, 'I haven't finished packing! So, your 'raise through the ranks' plan, good idea, but never underestimate the power of someone who wants to take your place."

Mike raised an eyebrow to Podi "Always someone there, unless you scoop poop for some dodgy zoo..."

"Well, I wouldn't say that, remember that time you applied as a joke for a similar job and you were beaten to it by Al Funguson or something, who was it?" Podi clicked his fingers several times to try and remember. He sat forward on his bed as he tried to think.

Mike chucked "Alan Fuglyson, yeah, him..." Mike rubbed his left eye "Well, Chief Operations Officer, pretty good eh, I've come a long way in the past year, I was only an ops officer when I got here," he gave a smug smile "... but I think Commander DeVour sees something in me, she could have just ordered a new ops officer..."

"I think she thought it would have been quicker to just promote you insted of call some new guy who could take umpteen measurements of time to get here in case we ran into some sudden danger.' Podi tried to look serious under his joke, and then straightened up. "Well, I can't tell you what she's thinking, you'll have to wait and see for yourself."

Mike raised a disaproving eyebrow "... Podi, we have a new XO and several new people, an ops officer wouldn't be the most difficult person to get."

"Micheal Lake, after all these years can you still not differ between when I am joking and whem I'm not? I've still got it, then." Podi turned another page of his magazine and stared in awe at the 22nd century articles on display.

Mike jerked with a small fit of laughter "Yeah, of course you do..."

"I'll ignore that and resume my packing." Podi closed the magazine, put it on top of the pile and and placed them carefully in the corner of a box. Podi then moved over to his desk and started taking items from the desktop into the same box.

Mike picked out his 3 bags and crate of gear he owned, slinging all the bags over his shoulders "I'm not helping you carry that crap." he smirked and headed for the door and turned to Podi before looking the room over one last time "If you need any help moving in, don't hesitate to call."

Podi picked up a box full of possessions with ease. "I won't need help moving in, just unpacking. I work in engineering, I get used to picking up heavy objects, just try and snap me out of welding them to the wall."

Mike laughed and proceeded out of the room "I'll see you later!" he announced when he was halfway down the corridor."

"Yes, yes you will." Podi picked up his box and made his way to the door, whistling and putting subtle rythm into his steps and his slaps against the sides of the box. As he reached the door, he stopped walking, whistling and slapping to take one last look at the room. He had some good memories related to this room, but it was time to move on. He sighed and entered the corridor, listening for the familiar hiss of the door as it shut. When it came, he sighed once more and continued the journey to his next room.

((OOC-Sorry for the super backposting, we thought that the simm was starting from scratch. -Mikey))


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