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Walk in the park

Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2009 @ 12:50am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Captain Jorvin

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge, area of crashed vessel
Timeline: TBD

Mike, Podi and the marine Jorvin had just assigned to them approached the wreckage of the crashed vessel. Mike was fairly relaxed from his walk in the meadows, he looked towards Podi and the marines "Ok, most importantly keep the coms open. Podi, check out the exterior of the engines. Seargeant, you and I will scout the immediate area... lets meet back here in 20 minutes... and don't go wandering off."

Podi chirped in, introducing his usual 'Podi touch' to the instruction. "Hang on,' Podi questioned, 'aren't we supposed to be wandering off, isn't that what you just told us to do?" Before Mike could give his answer that Podi assumed he was in anger, not humour as Podi's had been, he interjected again. "Never mind,' Podi continued, 'come on, Sarge, alons-y." He said gently slapping Sarge on the arm to get his attention

Sarge watched Podi and Mike talking, slightly amused at the humorous Podi and the more serious Mike working together in such a way. At the word from Podi, Sarge said "Aye sir" and followed him.

Mike headed around the craft and had a quick look at the scorched hull from the ships rough landing. Upon closer inspection, he saw some fragments scattered around some bushes with some markings on them, he made his way over, stumbling around as he fumbled for his tricorder in its holster. As he ripped it out he kneeled down and scanned the metal and its weird markings. He pushed himself up and scanned some more of the area "Just great, nothing... its durainium."
He walked off and about a minute later he found a hatch =^= Lake to Wesdon =^= he said as he swung around a little bit and continued his scans.

=^= Wesdon to Lake, I have you, continue, over =^=

=^= Yo, Podi, I found a hatch. I'm relaying my co-ordinates to your tricorder, make it quick.=^=

Sarge had followed Mike around to the other side and was with him when he found the hatch. They waited for Podi to get there before trying to open it.

"Alright, Sarge, lets get this thing open, this place gives me the creeps." Mike said, focusing on how they were going to open the hatch "Sarge, do you think you can open that door?"

Sarge ran her tricorder over the door scanning it. It didn't look like it was going to want to be opened. "Well I don't think we are going to be able to pry it open, but Ive got something that will open any door." She said referring to the photonic charges he carrier in his pack.

Mike smirked "I like that idea. Alright..." he simulated a whip and then said in an occa Australian accent "Get behind!"

Sarge took one of the charges out of her pack and placed on the seal of the door. She set it so the yield was just high enough to blow the door open. Setting a 10 second timer she yelled "Everyone back."

Mike stepped back and made sure the two others that he was responsible for did too.

Sarge stepped back and watch the explosive device do its work. When the door blew Sarge stepped forward and said "I think its best if I go first." She drew her rifle and and peered through the door. The tricorder built into her rifle wasn't reading any life signs, but that could be the bio dampener, blocking her readings.

Mike took in a breath "Alright, in we go. Ok, so, Podi, go with Sarge to engineering. I will stay in the cockpit, contact me if you are going to be moving through the ship."

"Come on, Sarge, as I said: Alons-y' Podi stepped through the door and turned back to check Sarge was following. 'I could get used to saying that. Oh, I never asked. What's your name, Sergeant?" Podi looked questioningly at Sarge.

Sarge followed Podi down the corridor to engineering. "My name is Rachel Graham, but most people just call me Sarge." Rachel kept scanning the area for life signs with nothing coming up.


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