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Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2010 @ 12:15am by Ro' Matlh & Hay'Legh & Terri (Tell) Hope

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Ro's Quarters
Timeline: About an hour after departure

Ro' looked in confusion at his Engineer, "A dance?"

'Yes a Valentine Dance, have you never heard of St Valentines Day?'

Ro' turned to consider his XO, "Have you ever heard of this ... Saint Valentine?"

Hay'Legh shrugged and looked at the engineer. "No. Were they a famous warrior or Champion?"

'I suppose you might call HIM a warrior' replied Tell looking up from her post to face the others 'Valentine was what they call on Earth a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ. He was put in prison for his faith but the gaolers daughter was kind to him and he fell in love with her. Before he was executed he sent her a letter and signed it 'From your Valentine' He died an honourable death' she explained

"And you intend to invite our guests as well, in the spirit of Inter-species relationships?"

'I think it would be a good idea, HoD, a chance for us all to get to know each other. Did you know about the cards?'

Ro' frowns, trying to keep up, "You play cards as part of the celebration?"

'No, HoD, we and I mean humans send greeting cards to those that we lo very much on February 14th, often just with the greeting from your 'Valentine' inside' she stopped to check one of the instruments 'But we dont sign them it adds a little mystery to the occasion. As with a dance, a masked ball is popular with partners revealing themselves at midnight '

Ro' started to laugh, what exactly did you have in mind, beq? Clear the tables out of the mess hall?"

'Music, food and when I mean food, I mean food, talking, mingling that kind of thing' explained Tell.

"And all of this... is a precurser to your species mating?" Hod seceretly felt that Klingon's had a much simpler and more romantic method.

Tell sighed 'For goodness sake' she muttered under her breath and began to tell a little more about Valentines Day.

Ro' held up his hand, "I am not interested in the religion of your species. I am merely concerned that there are no males of Human or Romulan decent. As Skilled as HIchop is, I am not sure he would be able to," He looked between the two women, " the damage to you."

"You forget HoD that we have a Rihannsu merchant board," Hay'Legh said with a raised eyebrow. "And it would take more than a dance with a Klingon to cause any injury to myself. But the humans, I am unsure of."

He rubbed his head ridges in thought, "There are the two guests, I supose. What do you think, Hay'legh?"

"It might relieve some of the tension in the crew. And you never know, HoD, you might even get a good fight out of it."

'Humm the best parties always end up in fights' informed Tell remembering the parties her brothers had in the past 'Perhaps the medic had better be informed if we go ahead so he's prepared. We wouldn't want him to miss all the fun now would we?' she smirked.

Ro' nodded, "A human hero who died for what he believed and a tragic forbidden love. I think this is something worth our time. We will do it. Make what prep..."

The panel next to Ro' began to beep. Ro' looked surprised. "S private message from teh High Command. I will join you at the feast. Inform HoS to cook something special for tonights meal, and we will ahve this celebration. Now, leave."


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