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That Mad Game We Love to Play

Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2010 @ 9:18am by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Holosuite
Timeline: Present

Vos was alone and surrounded by men that wanted to kill him.

The fact that the snarling Cardassian soldiers that closed in on him from every side were photonic constructs didn't make the experience any less real to him. He watched them, maintaining a swivel of his head to keep them all in his peripheral vision as he shifted his grip on the hatchet he held in his hand. The weapon was little more than a woodcutter's tool, but like farming implements and craftsman's instruments the world over, the Bajorans had turned it into a device of violence in response to the Cardassian Occupation. Vos' father had been a woodcutter and furniture builder before the Cardassians killed him, and the Lorrans all had known the familiar weight of an axe. It had saved Vos' life more than once when his phaser's power cells ran dry.

The Commander was shirtless, revealing to the Cardassians around him the roadmap of scars that criss-crossed his back and chest, the old disruptor burns on his flank and shoulder, the puckered scar tissue where a Cardassian had stabbed him and the blade had skittered across his sternum by sheer luck. A faded tattoo ran across his right forearm, a simple series of Cardassian characters that marked him as an inmate in a work camp. Sweat dampened his hair, causing it to gather in wet locks that flicked back and forth across his forehead when he moved. Salty beads of moisture trickled down the back of his neck, over his pectorals, and down his washboard abs to disappear in the waistband of his pants. Vos could smell the spicy scent of his own exertion warring with the musky, reptilian stench of the Cardassians pressing in at him.

The Cardassians attacked in a rush, and would have overwhelmed Vos by sheer numbers if the Bajoran hadn't charged one side of the circle at the same instant. He caught the soldier in the midsection with his shoulder and sent both of them sprawling across the dirt, but managed to roll over the Cardassian and back to his feet as the others adjusted their course. He gained his feet just as another foe attacked him with wide, sweeping arcs of the dagger he held in a practiced reverse grip. Vos parried with the handle of his hatchet and spun on his heel to deliver an elbow to the Cardassian's temple. There was a satisfying crack and the spoonhead dropped, struck senseless. The dagger clattered to the ground some distance away.

Vos ducked under the next Cardassian's swing, which turned out to be a simple distraction as the soldier tried to go for Vos' weapon arm. He miscalculated the grab and was rewarded with the blade of the hatchet buried in his gut as a result. Commander Lorran used the dying Cardassian's body to shield him from the others for a moment, catching his breath, then kicked the soldier off of his weapon.

The last two Cardassians came at him at the same time, one low and one high. Each was swinging a crackling stun baton, standard issue for guards at the work camps, like they knew how to use them. Vos ducked to one side, again keeping one of them between him and the other, and chopped the Cardassian's wrist instead of blocking the weapon directly. The soldier's hand came away in a splash of blood, but his scream was cut short by Vos' bootheel diving into his exposed throat and crushing his windpipe. Vos rounded on the other soldier with the stun baton and switched his axe to the other hand.

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms snaked around Vos from behind and locked in front of his chest. The first Cardassian he'd brained with an elbow had recovered enough to provide some assistance for his comrade, putting Vos in a bear hug. The soldier with the stun baton grinned and stabbed the shock weapon toward Vos' stomach, but Vos locked an ankle around the leg of the Cardassian holding him and sent them both back into the dirt. Vos landed on the still dazed Cardassian with his full weight, then twisted to deliver two rapid elbows to the soldier's ribs, knocking the air out of his lungs. He rolled off of the Cardassian just as his friend stabbed down at them with the stun baton. The soldier on the ground could only wheeze in pain as his comrade accidentally shocked him, but did manage to grab Vos' weapon arm before the Commander could roll completely away. That transferred the shock to Vos' hand and set it to spasming. The Cardassian rolled over onto the weapon as Vos got back to his feet, denying it to him.

Now weaponless against the still advancing stun baton trooper, Vos backed up, trying to keep out of range as the soldier swung wildly at him. He tripped over a rock and ended up on the ground with the Cardassian looming over him. Vos saw the trooper thumb the control on the stun baton, setting it to a lethal charge level. Unfortunately for the Cardassian, however, his sense of impending victory was short lived. Vos grabbed the dagger that had fallen to the ground earlier in the fight off of the ground and whipped it up with a pump of his arm, burying it to the hilt in the Cardassian's eye. The soldier had the time to look stunned before crumpling to the ground. Vos wondered if it had occurred to the soldier that he had feigned his fall over that rock in order to get close to where the dagger had ended up.

The only surviving Cardassian; the one that had been elbowed in the head and ribs, then shocked with a stun baton; climbed tenaciously to his feet with Vos' hatchet gripped in his meaty fist. The Cardassian wiped the dirt off of his mouth and then began to circle Vos warily. Vos picked up one of the discarded stun batons and tried to control his own labored breathing as he circled in the other direction. The Cardassian didn't seem overly eager to attack him again after the first two tries, but it wasn't in his programming to give up, so he roared out a credible battle cry and came at the Bajoran with a great overhead chop. Vos stepped inside the arc of the chop, touching the stun baton to the Cardassian's elbow to neutralize that arm. As the hatchet fell, Vos caught the weapon with his free hand. He took the remaining fight out of the bewildered Cardassian by whacking him across the jaw with the stun baton.

Vos stood up as the holosuite reset back to the grid pattern. The bodies of the four Cardassians he'd killed or rendered unconscious disintegrated into a swarm of random photons a few seconds later. Vos' eyebrows furrowed together for a moment, then he turned toward where his uniform jacket and shirt hung suspended on a peg by the entry arch. His comm badge chirped at him when he neared, almost as if it could sense his presence.

=^=Ops to Commander Lorran.=^=

"This is Lorran. Go ahead Ops." Vos said, running his fingers into his hair and brushing the black locks away from his face.

=^=Sir, you're needed on the MacArthur. There has been a security situation with Commander, er...Lieutenant Mason, and she has been confined to her quarters there. A full report is available for your perusal.=^=

Commander Lorran's eyebrow shot skyward at that. Krissy had been demoted? Well, the new Captain sure wasn't trying to start slow, now was she? "On my way. Please page all members of the station crew that I've tapped for duty on the MacArthur and inform them that they have two hours to report to the ship."

=^=Very good sir.=^=

'Lorran out." he tapped his comm badge again to close the channel as he shrugged back on the jacket, hiding both his scars and his tattoo from sight. Now that he'd reminded his body what war felt like, he was ready to begin yet another. He just hoped this one was worth the price.


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