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Energy Reading

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Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

Jason sat in the Command chair of his old Excelsior Class variant, staring at the main screen as the reports flooded in as the war raged only four light years away. He had volunteered the Ticonderoga to assist with the battle , but Starfleet had still needed a presence along the Tholian Boarder to ensure they didn't take advantage of the situation.

Each report that flashed up was as grime as the next, but the Fleet did seem to be making headway. Cestus would be theres again in the not too distant future. The next few hours would be the tell.

Most of the bridge crew seemed to be focused on the screen, only occasionally returning to the console in front of them to assess the current state of the ship. The only one who seemed intent on her console was his Vulcan Science Officer.
He spun his chair around and climbed out of the chair. "Problem Commander?"

He kept his voice low so the other officers couldn't hear the conversation, but continued to move across to her.

Lieutenant Commander T'Ruta was very much aware of the chaos feeding in from the skirmish, as well as the inquisitive tone of Captain Quinn. "Not so much a problem, Captain. I've picked up something fascinating upon sensors coming from the outskirts of the system. Energy readings with traces of vertaron Particles."

Jason was hit by the implication that the Vulcan Officer had just deposited on his lap. "Aren't Vertaron Particles indicative of Artificial Wormhole's or other space born anomalies Commander?"
He had a background in the Sciences himself, but he often found that, over time and Command his skills had dulled. However Stella Sciences was his speciality and no matter the situation his heart still fell back to this passion.

Any other woman would have been amazed that such information came so readily out of the Captain's mouth expect T'Ruta, naturally. "That is correct Captain, among other uses Vertaron can indeed be found in artificial anomalies including wormholes."

He came to stand besides her, wanting nothing more than to be able to ignore the steady stream of casualty reports. He could hear the mutterings of the crew 'Oh my god... The Kyushu's gone!, he heard one of his officers whisper and he dropped his head slightly, wincing in physical pain at the mention of the Ambassador Class Starship.
"That was Keegan's Ship... I went to the academy with him.......", his words trailed off into nothing more than a comfortable silence for a few moments as he acknowledged the passing of an old friend.

Turning a piercing eye to her Commanding officer T'Ruta studded him for a moment listening again to the bustle of the bridge, of the flurry of reports bringing ill news.
"Perhaps we should study this in detail later Captain?" She said breaking the fallen silence. "During calmer waters."

"I need to be busy T'Ruta. Give me something to do!"
Only with the Vulcan, who again he had been through the Academy with could he make this sort of request. She knew him and he knew her and together they made a force to be reckoned with. He turned his crest fallen eyes to the stoic Vulcan, a hint of pleading sat behind the calm.

For her part T'Ruta found herself asking once more why Jason made it to the heights of Captain while he was unable to stomach tales of woe. Perhaps he simply felt helpless, acting as a go between rather then being out in th thick of exchangement.
"Would you like to exchange places, Captain? You could study this readings to your heart content while I deal with the bombardment of news. Providing you do not mind my 'Vulcan efficiency' occupying the Captain's chair?"

"I wish I could old friend... That would only raise more questions by the crew".
He patted her gently on the shoulder trying to convey his gratitude to the women in that one simple move. He feared it wasn't enough, but at the moment it was all he could do to hide the worry, upset and fear on his face. "I just hope Lyssa's alright!"

"She is strong women, as too is Templar station. She is safer there then we are. " T'Ruta reminded him. The notation that human pined for their love ones when departed was a strange mystery to her. Only when the need arose did she return to her mate, otherwise neither her or he rarely spoke.

He smiled at he, seeing the gorge than separated them both on this subject. Being Vulcan she was unable to surrender to her emotions and thus separation had little to no effect on her. For him it was another matter completely.
"Keep an eye on those readings and report to me the minuet anything happens!"
Then, with a grace the belayed his emotional state, he crossed back over to his Command chair and sank back down into the comfort of it.


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