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A History Lesson

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2010 @ 10:46pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Science labs & Captain's office

OOC: I've broken this into paragraphs so you can respond to each piece as you choose. Feel free to break it up further if you want.

=/=Jrez to Captain Crawford=/=

"This is Crawford. Go ahead Chief", her mind not fully on the conversation, she continued to prepare for the meeting in Operations. Especially now that the Genesis, Hope and McCarther had departed.

=/=Captain, Doug Swinton, the librarian, alerted me to old Science logs from the Enterprise. I’ve been reviewing them and found some disturbing information. Are you aware of a race known as the Metrons?=/=

The mention of the Enterprise snapped her back. History had always been a fascination to her, even if she had never really been any good at the subject. "No Chief... I'm not".

=/=The Enterprise was investigating the destruction of an earlier observation post on Cestus III. They chased a Gorn ship which Captain Kirk believed to be responsible. The Gorns slowed then stopped – Kirk assumed they were preparing to fight. Inexplicably, the Enterprise also slowed and stopped. Both ships were being held in space by some sort of force emanating from the system 2466PM. It wasn’t a tractor beam or anything similar. Worryingly, Mr. Spock’s log only refers to it as an ‘unidentifiable power’. The race which brought both ships to a dead stop called themselves the Metrons. I won’t go into detail on what this race subsequently did. Suffice to say that they displayed the ability to scan and transport matter over far greater distances than anything the Federation can achieve even now; they could manipulate matter and energy in ways we haven’t even begun to consider; and they created a whole planet – or at least terraformed one – almost instantaneously.=/=

=/=Further, they are an extremely long lived species. The representative of the Metron Consortium who presented himself to Kirk reportedly gave his age as around 1,500 years old, despite appearing to be no more than a young man. It is likely, therefore that he is still alive and that the Metrons remember the Enterprise and the Gorn directly, rather than having to refer to records as we do.=/=

=/=Captain, I’m concerned that we could be headed straight into an unknown and unpredictable danger. However, I find myself at a loss as to how we might avoid it.=/=

"Given the situation Chief... We don't have a choice."
In many ways she was thankful for the information, it would be preparation for another possibility that they would no doubt not be able to deal with, but it also flung into the air some questions that needed answers.

=/=I’ll get some briefing notes together for you,=/= Jrez proposed, =/=or rather, I’ll contact Swinton to get something put together – that’s more his forté. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can come up with some way of dealing with them should they choose to intervene in our mission. I think they had trade dealings with the Verillians back in 2373. If memory serves, it created quite a stir at the time. I’ll contact some of my former business associates to see what they know.=/=


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