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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: planet

Henk was looking at the sky when he suddenly heard a sound from below the pyramid. Henk stud up and looked down. He saw some leaves move, but no body. He slowly walked down from the pyramid and looked at the tree line. Suddenly he was flooded with fear. His mind said to run, so he did.

It seemed for him to last only a minute, but instead is was hours. He felt exhausted on the ground. Breathing heavily he looked around. Nothing seemed familiar. The feeling on his back was gone. He felt that he was alone and for some reason it was also familiar.
After a few minutes he stood up and begun to collect some wood for a fire. He also looked around for some food, he luckily found some. It took some hard work but after a while he had a fire going and was relaxing against a tree while eating.

In the corner of his eye he saw something lying on the ground. It looked like a teddy bear. Slowly Henk stood up and walked towards it. It was covered with dirt he began to dig out the bear. After a few minutes he had it in his hands and remembered it was of one of the kids. He walked back to the tree and sat down while looking at the teddy bear. Al the memories of the months on the ship came back. A tear began to run on his face.

The it hit him. It might have been a reason while he was alive. These creatures where like lions. The might not noticed him running away while they where hunting down the colonist. One person might not feed them, a group could. He wanted to run back, but his body could not move. With a sight he made sure that the fire would burn for another couple of hours and laid down and closed his eyes. After a few seconds he was fast asleep dreaming of flying true space.


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