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War, What is it Good For? (Back Post)

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2010 @ 1:06am by

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Starbase
Timeline: Before The USS Genesis Leaves

Starfleet and the Folly of Preemptive Strikes

Today marks another day in history where the triumph of war will once again over come the angels of peace. Another day where Starfleet sends out its best and brightest to do the bidding of the corrupted Admirals and politicians of the United Federation of Planets.

The Federation President says it is essential that we deal the first blow before death and destruction rains down on the people of the Federation. Isn't it ironic that wahtever force that is beyond us allows these same mistakes to come forward. Many centuries ago the same language was used to launch a war against another power that had not done anything to warrant it. Many would argue that this nation was not most stable or democratic nation but at the time it had not served a real threat to 21st century Earth for at least two decades.

The President of this economic and military superpower said that they would not wait for the mushroom cloud to descend on their cities. Everyone marched behind this man and his nation that lead to the death of thousands and nearly destroyed its economy.

People of the Federation, we all hate war but it seems that Starfleet and her gang of thieves will be launching a military campaign to destroy our enemies real or imaginary.

Today let it be remembered just like so many other men who stood up against the war and attempted to shake the foundation of humanity to steer clear of the coming apocalypse. I will try and shake humanity to change its course, I will be vilified and hated for the next year or so but I do this work so that mistakes that have been made today will not be repeated. I now leave to join the USS Genesis as a Senior War Correspondent. This is Anthony Cardel for the Federation News Service.


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