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Change of Plans

Posted on Tue Feb 23rd, 2010 @ 10:33am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

===Starfleet Command, Earth===
The panel of Admiral's and General's stared down at Livia atop their podiums in the central justice chamber. The trial had gone on for more than two weeks, dissecting every word and action taken by Livia and her crew the day Project Phoenix was stopped.

"Major General Livia Harrison" Admiral O'Neil started "You are here today to answer for the crimes you have been accused of. Destruction of four unauthorized Romulan vessels, Negligence in the line of duty that not only led to the deaths of many of your crew including the late Commodore Ethan Baker, but the deaths of 1.3 billion Romulan civilians on the planet Tuxun IV." The image of a planet that was once an M class was brought up on the screen on the wall. The planet was covered in flames, and no signs that this planet once supported life could be seen. "So General, how do you plead to these charges?" Felix asked.

Those words seemed so far away now. The trial of one of Starfleet's most decorated General's would undoubtedly go down as one of the most trumped up trials of the decade. Defending the Federation from a deadly threat was being met with accusations of foul play and gross mismanagement. The price of loyalty isn't always trust and gratitude, more often than naught it ends up in a tarnished reputation.

As the panel read their findings on the case, Livia just sat and smiled. Unknown to them, Livia had already filed her retirement from Starfleet and accepted a job as a Federation Ambassador onboard a station surrounded by friends. The fools sit there with those smug looks, thinking they have her all figured out and that they are about to trash her career.

"Major General Harrison." Admiral O'Neil began "This panel finds you guilty of all charges. In light of your spotless career record, it is this panels decision not to imprison you. You will however be stripped of all rank and discharged from Starfleet. Do you have any closing remarks?"

Livia stood up, and slowly removed the two boxed stars of her collar. She also removed her comm badge and set in on the table next to her. "I appreciate all the hard work you have done to try and solve the case of someone doing what she needed to do to secure freedom for all the Federation's peoples. So you are aware, I tenured my resignation before charges were filed, so technically you can't take any action against me. I'll also have you know that the Starfleet diplomatic corps has taken me on as an Ambassador for the Federation, so I would appreciate it if you referred to me as Ambassador from now on. Now, if you don't mind, I've got a runabout to catch." With that, Livia rose and walked out of the room, leaving a stunned crowd in her wake.

'Next stop, home.' She thought as she made her way to the runabout pad.



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