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Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2009 @ 6:56pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Planet

The scouting party was returning to camp after witnessing the gruesome scene of carnage in the old ruins. Everyone was silent, retreating inward, trying to deal with what they had seen. Some said prayers for the fallen, others made silent oaths to punish those responsible, but among the entire group barely two or three words had been spoken since leaving. It was only when, coming back around towards the "front" of the pyramid, Vos noticed someone dash into the woods and away from the imposing black structure. The runner looked panicked, not in enough state of mind to be mindful of tree branches or brush, just running flat out as hard as he could away from the scene. He also looked familiar.

"Oh, damn." Commander Lorran swore as he recognized Mr. Henk O'Brien. He ran a quick check of the situation before making a decision, then turned to K'Tan. "Mr. K'Tan, I don't suppose you're up for some hunting? Please retrieve Mr. O'Brien before he hurts himself. It's getting darker and I don't want him out by himself. He's probably not in his right mind, but use force only if necessary. Just bring him back to camp." Vos ordered, taking an armful of the Klingon weapons K'Tan had been carrying in order to lighten his load.

K'Tan nodded "Right away Sir". The Klingon turned in the direction Henk went into, moving swiftly, yet with the precision of a Hunting Targ or Wolf after his quarry. Setting his disruptor to stun he advanced, using the bushes as cover. His senses went into overdrive as he advanced, the thrill of the hunt overtaking the Klingon. Raising his rifle, he looked through the night vision mode scope, then proceeded to advance, without giving indication of his actions of whereabouts as he hunted Mr. O'Brien.

Vos watched K'Tan disappear into the brush like a seasoned hunter stalking prey. As much as the Klingon irritated him at times he had to respect the warrior's skill. The hulking Klingon had become so quiet as he left that Vos was hard-pressed to hear a single footfall or disturbed branch once he'd gone out of sight. He could feel Krissy's eyes boring into his back, feeling her disapproval of his decision, but one of the ways he'd learned to deal with K'Tan was to always keep him busy. A bored Klingon was a destructive one after all, and to be perfectly honest, K'Tan was the best person to go hunting after Henk. Vos just hoped that he'd bring back the frightened human more or less in one piece.

Henk was running like he was chased by some wild dogs. The feeling that he was watched was still with him. All his reasoning was gone, now there where only the primal instinct, survival. He made a sharp turn and ran to an abyss. It was still a good 10 minutes run. When he reached it he saw the tree still lying over the abyss. It took some effort to climb onto it in his panic but he finally succeeded. Slowly, making sure he held his balance, he walked to the other side. When he was on the other side he quickly jumped off and began to run again.

K'Tan stopped as Henk was just reaching the other side of the log. He took a few seconds to aim through the scope and fired six stun setting disruptor bolts in a close spread, making sure at least one setting. He did not make a noise as he approached his quarry, a grin taking over his face.

Henk was lying behind the log taking deep breaths. The shots missed him by just a millimeter. Taking short breaths Henk looked around to find out who shot him. When he saw a shadow appear above him he took off again into a dense forest. His panic was still controlling him, but his mind was now also working with him to help him escape. He took a long piece of wood from the ground. As he rushed through a dense piece of forest he then quickly turned and hid behind some trees. From this position he had an good view of where he came from.

When Henk saw the shadow he swung with all his might and the again took of with haste. He ran until he dropped.

(Takes place after Henk's previous post.)

After what seemed like some hours Henk woke up. He picked up the teddy bear and began to walk back to the ship. He saw that the clouds where almost on him. Suddenly he was looking at the wrong end of a disruptor.

K'Tan grinned, aimed and fired six shots on stun again, directly at Henk. The Klingon aimed for his upper body, making sure he hit this time. With the burst spread even more now one of the shots was bound to hit.

"Oh crap." Was the only think Henk could say before he saw the disruptor fire.
He was hit and went to the ground. The teddy bear still in his hands.


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