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No, You're Not Dreaming

Posted on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 @ 5:54am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Counsellor's Office
Timeline: Present Time

Elise knew one thing, offices didn’t change much from ship to ship. This office was pretty much the same as the last 4 ships. Same design, same set out. Maybe the dimensions differed a little but it was pretty much the same. So much so she could walk around with her eyes blindfolded and find everything she needed within moments.

They all felt so sanitary. So devoid of personality. So empty. Very bland and not very welcoming. She wondered if she should put in some of her personal effects. She still wasn’t sure if this really would be permanent or whether it was another case of it just not being the right fit or the right time. Still there were things she could do to brighten up the room. She went to the replicator and asked for a fresh pot of flowers, and when asked to specify she hummed and harrred/ Eventually she chose Geraniums from Earth mid 20th century. When they appeared before her she knew she made the right choice. Placing them carefully on one of the two desks in the room, it gave the room some spark at least. She wanted some paintings too but that would be a bigger decision. She had no more time to waste. Soon she was going to have company and really she needed to look at the files about her first appointment.

Not far away was Thomas Jenkins. The Lieutenant was walking down a corridor, slowly. Very slowly. The events of the fleet’s battle and the events leading up to it played over and over in his mind. Never had he been more distracted; thinking had never been his strong suit. Whenever he got to thinking, he’d blur it away into the back of his mind with sex, violence, and alcohol. He couldn’t get Beverly out of his mind, and each time he thought of her he’d unknowingly reach his right arm across his chest and hold onto the opposite side – the scars from the Gorn were still fresh; he’d never risked his life for someone before, and he’d nearly died doing it.

As he neared his destination, he stopped, and turned to head back. Seconds later he stopped again, and turned to continue to his destination. This continued a few times, with Thomas slowly inching further down the corridor. At one point he noticed a passing officer staring at him strangely – he thought he recognized them as someone he’d yelled at the night of the Tunic Incident, but the officer sped up and darted away before he got a chance to be sure. Turning back to his course, he realized he was at his destination. Sighing, he turned to leave, but ended up facing the door again.

“Damnit, Thomas. It’s for your own good.” He mumbled under his breath, and with a deep breath tapped the button next to the door.

The chimes for her door startled her. She had started to read the file making notes along the way. To say complicated was a huge underestimate. She wondered if they were trying to throw her off the deep end and see if she sank or swam went through her mind. This was going to take a bit to get her head around. She even wondered if she was up for it. After all she was only a counsellor and had only been a trained one at that for a few years. Still she liked a challenge. She placed her notes away in her draw before saying "Come in" and wondered what she had before her. As she looked up the man entering looked nothing like the one that was attached to the file she had just been reading. She rose quickly approaching, not her appointment but someone completely different.

"Are you lost? Can I help you with something" Eloise didn’t want to send the man before her away if he was truly troubled but she was also aware that there would be more chimes at her door at any moment.

As Tom warily stepped into the office, he found himself confused and slightly embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong office; I was looking for Diego – err, Counsellor Echevarria.” The woman was definitely better looking than the old man, he thought, but kept the comment to himself in an attempt to behave. His trademark grin surfaced, hopefully not giving his thoughts away.

Putting out her hand she introduced herself "I’m Lt (jg) Eloise Star. Sorry but I’m not familiar with that name but I’m new here.. In fact just settling in. This must be his old office. I can try to look him up for you, unless there is something I can help you with?"

She couldn’t help herself. She always had to help in some shape or form. It wasn’t her problem really. The man in front of her could easily access the same information that she could. She looked him up and down while trying to give him a genuine smile. It was something she did whenever she met someone, she tried to figure them out. He looked vaguely familiar. Meh she thought to herself I have met so many people now from so many ships that’s probably why. Dismissing her thoughts, she refocussed herself, and tried to gleam even the smallest of information. Some might call it nosey, she just thought it was part of the job.

“It figures.” Tom muttered. “Lieutenant Jenkins, Chief of Strategic Operations.” His introduction stopped there as the irony hit him and he rolled his eyes. “The old man tries for months to talk me into paying him a visit, and he goes and transfers just as I decide to take him up on it.” Tom sighed. He still couldn’t believe he was in a counsellor’s office – he hated shrinks, and after a session or two the feeling was usually mutual. At least he’d gotten to know Diego; trusted him, even.

“Never mind.” He decided. “I’m sorry to bother you, Ms. Star. I’ll leave you to your work.” He turned to leave.

"Wait, don’t go Mr Jenkins. He might not be transferred off the ship but to another office. I can look for you please take a seat" She waved her hands at the closest seat and hoped he would take one. She continued to talk as she went back to her computer "Its obvious you need to talk to someone or you wouldn’t be here. So please don’t go. If I can’t find who you are looking for maybe I can help. We can be as formal or as informal as you like."

The screen flashed up with news that a transfer had indeed happened. Also a message flashed upon her screen her appointment had cancelled on her. Her brow furrowed a bit about that for a brief second. "It seems my calendar has just freed up and your right, he has transferred."

Tom had made his way to the chair and sat down quietly. Diego wasn’t the type to change offices; he wasn’t surprised by the confirmation that he’d indeed been transferred. He wasn’t sure how he felt about divulging his past to strangers – actually, he knew exactly how he felt – he didn’t like it. But with Diego gone, he didn’t have many options. If he left it any longer, it was likely he’d never return.

“Alright then, Counsellor.” He paused, still unsure if he was up for it. “If we’re going to do this, you’d better get comfortable – we’re going to be here for a while.”


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