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Never Alone

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 @ 2:56am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Helen's Quarters
Timeline: After the Gorn Occupation

Helen’s dreams were filled with fear and madness, haunted by an evil that teased and mocked her. She woke to darkness with the bed sheets twisted about her body and damp with sweat. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she stared at the night filled room.

Something about the stillness told her that she was alone, and her heart skipped several beats. But that was not what she feared. No, there was something else…

Like a siren’s song, the memories whispered through her mind. They were fresh, hard and terrifying. Frightened, Helen threw aside the sheets and rose. Walking unsteadily across the room, she cursed her weakness. The injuries she could live with, but the mental scars…that was a different matter. Though things could have been much worse if it wasn’t for Jack…

She leaned against the bedroom entrance and stared into the darkness of the living area. Unlike her bedroom, this room was occupied. Helen could hear the steady breathing coming from her couch. She did not want to be alone and was surprised that Jack offered to stay with her, especially since it meant sleeping on her uncomfortable couch.

Jack was tired, really tired the kind of tired where you wanted to smash your head in just to get a little sleep. But instead he was laying on this lumpy couch trying not to think so much in the hope of nodding off, but instead every time his head cleared an image of Helen would pop up instead.

Helen? When the hell did she stop being that annoying cow Doctor Lyons? The answer came quickly about a few days ago when the station was going through hell with the Gorn stalking the corridors gathering up all the crew members they could find.

Eventually Jack became aware of another presence close by, angling his head around to he spotted Helen standing in the door way to her sleeping quarters "Hey?"

“Hey. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Helen hoped that her voice did not betray to Jack the fear that had driven her awake. She knew that it was nothing to be ashamed of – but she was. Helen prided herself on being strong and independent, but the mere fact that she needed Jack close by to even get that small amount of sleep showed just how wrong she was about herself.

Helen moved slowly in to the room, feeling the slight pull from the healing muscles of her back. Her nerve damage will be completely healed in time; there were many others that were not so lucky.

Carefully seating herself in one of the lounge chairs Helen immediately caught up a lock of her hair and began to twist and worry at it between her fingers. Her eyes automatically settled on the dim form of Jack lying on the couch, just seeing him made the fear retreat back from her thoughts.

Jack watched as she continued to play with her hair the way she did it made him think that it might well be a nervous habit from her childhood.

As the silence continued to stretch out he started to get worried comforting people had never came naturally to him, which could explain why security was such a good fit for him. But the long he watched the more he wanted to take the worry away for her, how was a totally different matter.

Finally he couldn't stand the silence any more "You know" he gestured to her hair between her fingers "If you keep doing that it will eventually fall out right?" It was a poor joke but the best he could come up with this late in the day.

“And get split ends,” Helen absently replied. “Or so mum always told me.” She released the lock and let it fall back to her shoulder. She then let another moment of silence pass.

“I’m sorry I called you a patronising bastard the other day in Ops.” It was a complete change in conversation but it was better than what was currently running through her mind. And after recent events, her bad behaviour towards Jack was beginning to weigh on her mind. The man detested her and he still saved her life and was even now making an effort to make sure she was okay. It was more than she deserved.

And it turned out that he was a better man than she initially thought. Much better.

Jack would have laughed if wouldn't have caused him so much pain instead he offered her a crose between a grin and a grimace "Actually you where pretty much on target with that one".

“Yeah…but I still regret saying it aloud.” Helen felt the smile tug at her lips. “That’s one thing I’m in need of, a buffer system for my mouth,” she leaned forward in her chair, trying to find a more comfortable position. “It’s one of my many faults, I’m sure you’ve made yourself a list of them.”

Moving again in her chair and still not finding a comfortable position, she gave it up for a lost cause and pushed her self out of the seat. Helen stood wobbling on her feet a moment wishing that she had remembered to bring that damned stick with her. And then found herself falling.

Jack saw her knees start to go and reacted instinctively moving to grab her before she hit the ground, unfortunately his instincts didn't take into account his own injuries so when he did get his arms around her a sharp pain starting in his legs and going all the way up to his lower back meant that both of them instead landed on the floor.

Jack was now draped half over Helen and the couch and at that moment the only thing he could think to do was laugh, so he did.

Helen was embarrassed and furious, though more with her own body than the situation. "What are you laughing at?" Helen snapped as she moved to push Jack off of her. But as she glared at him she realised just how ridiculous they must look and she suddenly found her voice joining his. The man’s laughter was infectious.

But eventually pain and the hard floor bought Helen back to reality. "Don't make me laugh. It hurts too much," she said. But even with the physical pain the laughter had felt good.

After they both picked themselves up from the floor, Helen smiled at Jack. "I think I'm alright now. I will leave you in peace and try and let us both get some more sleep."

Helen then turned and shuffled back to her room, leaving Jack standing by the lumpy couch. As she lay back down on her bed, Helen thought that only a few days ago she would have preferred to go ten rounds with a Klingon than to have Jack Daniels sitting in her living room...


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