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Defensive Posture

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 @ 12:14pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6


Livia waited in her office for Lieutenant Mason to arrive. She was no lawyer, but with no one else willing to come to the Lieutenant's defense, Livia had no other option but to step up. Patiently she waited for Kristina to arrive.

Fortunately Livia did not need to wait much longer. For further down the corridor Kristina along with her two additional shadows were rounding the last several turns in their path to reach the Ambassador's office.

Although Zeek has suggested it Krissy was still surprised that the former Major actually took up her plea for help. It was always Beverly that gelled well with Liva and Zeek too while Krissy took a back seat. Fate, however threw these two women together in less then pleasant circumstances. Considering Mason's track record it was a miracle she had not faced charges before.

The escort stayed obediently on the outer side of the office as Krissy proceeded inside. Her softened gaze instantly fell upon the mature woman occupying the lavish office and cut a direct line toward her.
"Thank you Ambassador for you assistance." Krissy said approaching the table.

"Thats my job" She replied with a smile "But lets get to it. I've read the reports, both official and unofficial. I've received messages from multiple facets of the Klingon Government as well. Lets just say that things are less than peachy right now. That being said, we are not totally out of options. What I need from you is to give me your rendition of what happened. I've read what your report said, but I need to hear the unofficial story, straight from the source." Livia said, removing her comm badge and setting it on the desk. She motioned for Kristina to do the same, so that whatever was said, was off the record.

Livia was no fool, dealing with the Klingon empire in a political and judicial arena would be no small task, but she would be damned in a sneaky Klingon was going to send a struggling, but dedicated starfleet officer to some sort of Klingon penal colony.

It was only out of year of habit that Krissy still wore her badge having been relieved for duty there was no need to wear it, still it felt odd when the pin was finally detached and placed upon the table. She stared at the badge for a second thinking how such a force as the Federation had fueled her, shaped her into a woman, guarded and stern. Now with her life in the Federation on tender hooks those hardy assets of herself were washing away. The emblem was more than a symbol to her it was very much a part of her character, and without it her strength would be lost as if her spine would be snapped in two.

With a mental shake she lent back in her seat lifting her gaze toward the brave face of her hopeful savior. "Call it a sixth sense but I'm pretty good at judging people and as soon as I met Haqtaj Matlh with her fist fist around Crewmen Slawson throat lifting cleanly off the ground I knew she wasn't going to be an easy customer. At the time of her arrival Beverly was fighting the alien infection and had been too unwell to great the Ambassador in person, and Commander Lorran had been called away also. Naturally that left the meeting and greeting to myself as at the point I was station's Second officer.
Instantly she began to throw her weight around, make demands and proceeded to order me around as if I was her personal assistant. Aside form Beverly's illness the station was still in a state of disrepair and the Hatqaj's arrival was most unexpected we were not in a a position to accept quests of importance so we accommodated her as best as possible.
That was the tone of every encounter that followed included assault and infringing justice upon the station, and violating privacy. I found out recently that she had been accessing private and personal data on my security team with particular interest in myself."

By this stage Krissy had folded her arms cross her chest. "I had thought previously we had passed the master and dog set up as Haqtaj was helpful in recapturing and containing Beverly but now I'm left wondering if this was just another way to worm into the crew and break it apart from the inside.
Now, the event in question here came three days after the Kodiak vanished, and after a brief arrival from the SS Warden, a known illegal smuggler and boat load of Mercuries. A member of the crew, a Klingon hybrid grew aggressive having argued with several others on the promenade. A fight ensued which ended with most of the perpetrates being taken to the brig and several security personal injured, one whom has to have regular treatment for even now.
However the Klingon from the Warden had vanished.
In this 'recording' Haqtaj boasts that she had apprehended this character and made him swear not to cause a ruckus again upon the station, and she claimed to have persuaded the Captain, one Walter Jones to give me an apology in person which he had done so much to my surprise."

"It felt is if this meeting was completely in her control and too it seemed was the station since she informed me that due to her presence more Klingon's would be arriving from her house. I was suspicious of her charity which comes with the job. I questioned her motives considering this move wasn't about honor or respect it was solely driven by power and putting the hard work of my team into the gutter. I felt like I had been backed into a corner but this, hell she was threatening me but mincing it with the gift of the gab.
I remember she said; 'I know you don't have many friends on the staion..." and I knew then that she had finally broken the security codes placed upon my personal files, and I wasn't going to stand for that. I lost my temper, I was already highly stung about having lost the Kodiak previously. I can't tell you honestly what I said but I know for certain I was not directing my rage at the Klingon race or its Empire it was solely aimed at her and her idealism that her house and my team could co-exist up until the point he would be useless."

Livia sat there and took in all the information. This was not going to be an easy case, but there was a chance it would come out in Lieutenant Mason's favor "Interesting. It seems like my Klingon counterpart has some hidden agendas. Thats typical from what I've seen about Klingons. They spout hate for the Romulans and their seedier ways, but they themselves practice those ways as well. I'm going to do a bit of digging and see if I can't uncover any sort of digital fingerprint of her unauthorized access. From what I've been told, foreign governments, even allied ones, are not allowed access to Starfleet personal files."

Livia tapped a few notes into her PADD, reminding herself to get a sweep of all personal files for odd access. "The fact that you were recorded on a Starfleet installation without your permission is also a violation of Federation code, so we'll use that against her as well. Trust me, I'm not gonne let her walk all over you or anyone else aboard this station. Last time I checked, this station was under Starfleet control, not Klingon."

"Thank you," Krissy sighed. "I really appreciate your efforts. I only hope they are listened to by the committee instead of taking the hard road to protect the treaty from fracture. I still can't help feel like I've been backed into a corner without escape."

"The interesting thing about a treaty is it works both ways, and I intend to use that against her." She paused for a moment "One last question. Did Haqtaj or any of her associates ever put their hands on you? I know you recounted the events of that one crewman, but I'm more interested about you in particular."

Krissy paused thinking for a moment. "No, expect the one occasion on the day of Haqtaj's arrival. It was more like an act of sizing one another. She exchanged blows in the replimate, just the each a bit like a demonstration of our powers but thats all."

Livia nodded "Well I think thats all I need for now. Any questions for me?"

"No, not for now," Krissy sighed feeling more and more helpless. "I just wish it was all over, no matter what the outcome. It's weighing me down already even before its started."

Livia knew the Lieutenant's pain all to well. "I know hoe you feel. My trial was over before it began, but I'll make sure thats not the case with you. Get some rest Kristina, I have a feeling you're going to need it."



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