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Checking in

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 @ 12:35am by Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: tbc

As Sara left Zeek and the rest of the team she thought it best to head down to sickbay, she always put it off but visiting the doctor was never as bad as she remembered. She had studied the design of the Jupiter class at the Academy but never really appreciated the sheer size of it until she went for what she thought would be a short walk.

She entered the medical complex and it was a complex, far more sophisticated than any starship, calling it a sickbay was almost an insult. The activity was almost mind boggling, then again she was aboard a space borne community.

Amber was in her office reading over medical files of everyone on the starbase. Being new to the base, she had to get up to speed with everyone on base. A nurse knocked at her office to let her know that someone had arrived. She thanked her. She grabbed her medical coat and walked out to meet with Sara. "Hello, commander," said Amber. "I am doctor Winters. How can I help you?"

Sara smiled, "Hi, I'm Lieutenant Commander Lam, I've just transferred over from Starbase 400 and thought I'd drop off my medical records before you come chasing me for them" she remained calm as she spoke, perhaps even relaxed, the young doctor putting her at ease with her friendly demeanour.

"Thank you," said Amber with a smile.

"So what's this place like, nice and quiet or do I need to carry a Phaser at all time?" said Sara with a joking smile.

Amber smiled. "I really can't say. I have not been on starbase to long myself. I was only on here for a day and then was sent off to war and then now I am catching up on what is going on here," said Amber. "From what I can tell, this place is tons of fun."

"Fun I can deal with" laughed Sara, "thank you for putting my mind at ease, well unless you need me for anything I have to shoot off, an engineers work is never done"

"Nope," said Amber "Unless you want me to run a physical."

"Perhaps another time, unless you need to for something of course?" asked Sara as she edged towards the door.


"Okay then," said Amber. "Hey if you want and if you have no plans tonight, maybe we could go to the prominade and eat at one of the restaurants there. I still new to the base myself so I really don't know many other than some in medical here."

The tension she had been feeling completely dissipated, "I'd like that, how about we meet here at 1800 hours?"

"Sure thing," said Amber with a smile which Sara returned as she left sickbay.


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