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Romulan Debut

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2010 @ 11:11pm by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: IRV J'Kar

[IRV J'Kar]
[Ambassadors Bedroom]


She pressed her lips to his as he pulled her towards him. Their two bodies intertwined, Maiek eased her onto his bed. In the midst of their embrace the two lovers systematically removed each others clothing. As their romance reached it peak....... he awoke to the sound of his alarm; mixed feelings of lament for missing the final aspect of his dream and anticipation for the day to come. It was his last day amidst the Romulan Empire, and surprisingly he was excited at the possibility of returning to the Federation.

Old memories flooded back to Maiek as he rose from his bed and made his way to the bathroom to ready himself for the day to come. It had been almost 3 years since he left the Federation to return to his native Romulus, not a decision he had made lightly. At the time he had never thought he would find himself in Federation territory EVER again. The resignation of such a decorated Intelligence officer was suspicious at best, but when that officer effectively defects to the Romulan Star Empire the words treason and espionage reign down like fire from the sky. The one consolation to Maiek was that both the Federation and Romulan Star Empire had covered up all evidence that he had ever been a Starfleet Officer, or that he had ever left Romulus. As it sat he was afforded a unique perspective on the Federation without any of the fallout of having once been a Starfleet Officer.

As he stepped out of the shower his thoughts turned to his father and brother. Terrh had been assigned as the "figurehead" of the Tal Shiar, effectively gaining him a promotion and ending his military career at the same time. At first Terrh was furious, fighting the "promotion" with all of his being, however when their father explained to Terrh that though the position was merely a title, and a useless one at that for what use was the head of a secret intelligence organization that everyone knew about, that this position would afford him a stepping stone to becoming a Senator, just as his father was. It was rare for a family to boast two Senators amongst its members but not uncalled for. Much to Maiek's chagrine they would never have three, for despite being an extremely valued member of the Star Empire, he was not a pureblood Romulan and therefore would never be considered as a Senator. Following his acceptance of his fate he had found it quite liberating knowing that he did not need to strive to be a Senator or be seen as a failure. As a child of both worlds anything he did which strengthened the Empire was seen as a decisive victory for him.

He fastened the last button on his formal attire and double checked his appearance in the mirror. The opportunity for political victories on Starbase 611 were endless. Not only would he be liasing with the Federationm but with the Klingons as well. His dealings with the Klingons had been extremely limited to a few counter-intelligence operations while working for the Federation. As such he had spent as much time as possible informing himself about all things Klingon. In truth of all things on his agenda for the first few days he was most looking forward to meeting Ambassador Matlh.

Maiek's aide droned on and on regarding the protocols to come for the day and the agenda once he arrived on Starbase 611. Maiek paid little attention to the young woman, he had gone over the items dozens of times in anticipation, he could of recited them in his sleep, and in truth more than a few nights he had found himself thinking of nothing else. When his aide had finished he refocused his mind on task at hand, "Sanr'a I would like you to double check that our diplomatic credentials are in order, they need to be acceptable to both the Federation and Klingons. Confer with the quartermaster regarding the gifts for the ambassadors and the Commodore. Also once we dock I will need you to book us a banquet hall, a caterer and anyone else I will need in order to throw a party in honor of our arrival on Starbase 611, invite all senior staff, ambassadors and any other people of note," Maiek stood from his desk walked towards the door of his office and pulled a double take back to his aide, "Ohh and make absolutely sure to invite the media."

Taking a few moments to assemble the last of his things he recieved a message from the ships captain that the J'Kar had arrived at Starbase 611 and would be docking within minutes, Making his way towards the docking port he found his entire staff assembled and ready to depart the J'Kar, the Romulan Empire and the life that they had known. As the airlock opened Maiek tr' Kierianh lead his staff off of the J'Kar and onto Starbase 611, the Romulans had arrived.


Ambassador Maiek tr' Kierianh
Romulan Ambassador to Starbase 611

TAG CO and all Ambassadors for JP


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