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Old Ties

Posted on Thu Mar 4th, 2010 @ 12:40am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Klingon Ambasador's office

The outside of the Klingon Ambasador's office looked much like every other Federation office door throughout the station. Someone had thought it would be cute to paint the door edging red. Maiek doubted it was the Klingon's who suggested it.

The door opened easily upon his approach. Inside were a pair of Klingons; Vartog and Haqtaj. The later was not hard to pick, even if he hadn't been studying her bio. She stood well over 6', and it was obvious from the body language that the other Klingon held her in high regard. The pair appeared to be looking over plans of the station. Both turned to look at the Romulan when he entered.

"Can we help you, Rihannsu?" She asked quietly.

Vartog stepped slightly to his right to place himself between the Romulan and the papers. With unhurried ease he tidied them up, folded them into a neat bundle and picked them up. Then he moved to his left, out of the way of the footsteps he heard approaching behind him. He walked over to the rear wall where he stood loosely at attention. While not appearing to be anything other than an aide, he kept his ears and eyes open. He knew Matlh would quiz him later on his impressions and would expect precision and reasoned arguments to back his judgements.

Maiek smiled a wry smile at the Klingon woman, "I am Maiek tr' Kierianh, newly appointed Ambassador to the starbase," he strolled into the office and sat casually across the desk from the Klingon, "And you are Ambassador Matlh, forgive me it is my first time meeting a Klingon female. I had heard that they were skilled warriors but it had escaped others to inform me of their sexual appeal. Truly a deadly combination if I may say so."

Haqtaj crossed her arms and looked carefully at the man, "You may. You would not be the first Romulan to do so. Nor would you be the first diplomat to say such a thing in the hope of stroking my ego."

"But enough of the prattling of a snivelling Romulan," Maiek laughed, "I am here to exchange credentials, get acquainted and to invite you to a party that we Rihannsu are holding in the next few days."

Haqtaj uncrossed her arms, "Credentials? You seem to have mistaken me for a Federation officer. I know the Romulans well enough to say that any credentials you present tome will either be accurate, or so carefully forged I will never be able to tell, so let us not bother."

"Tell me instead, Maiek of Romulus, of your attitude to the Klingons and the Federation. Let me name three historic moments and tell me what you take on them is."

"Nardera II Masacre by Romulans in 2344?"

Maiek's charming non-chalant smile turned into an evil knowing one, "The Narendra III 'attack' was brilliantly planned and superbly executed militarily. In one swift blow the Romulan Empire dealt a black eye to the Klingons and crippled the Federation by destroying its flagship. A truly proud encounter for the Imperial Star Navy, however one with a potentially disasterous outcome. Firstly by allowing the Federation to attempt to assist the Klingons and then destroying said ship, showed the Klingon Empire that the Federation was a potential ally. Such short sightedness could have cost Romulus dearly."

Haqtaj nodded, "Just as well it was House Matlh who were first on the scene to help recover the Federation survivours for you. Khitomer Masacre by Romulans in 2346?"

"A short sighted offensive which should have been coordinated with a number of other assaults simultaneously to maximize effect and leave the Klingons in disarray. Instead by picking a single, insignificant colony such as Khitomer with only a few thousand colonists we Romulans tipped our hand too early and for very little gain. Once again poor planning allowed for the Federation to intercede, albeit only in a minor fashion and slowly endear themselves to the Klingon Empire," Maiek responded while he reclined in the chair, locking eyes with the Klingon Ambassador.

"You under estimate, Ambassador. The sacrifice of Durass on Khitomer allowed his family to demonstrate its commitment to your people. If it had not done so they would not have forged the storng bond which led to the latter alliance."

"The Romulan/Duras alliance and the Klingon Civil War of 2368?"

"Now here is a legitimate attempt to undo the foolishness of the previous attacks which only served to unite the Klingons and the Federation. In theory it was a genius move, support a pro-Romulan faction to take power, dually serving to switch Klingon allegiance from the Federation to the Star Empire and indebting the Klingon Empire to Romulus. The choice or rather unfortunate situation of having to support Duras was the only drawback to this plan. In my opinion Duras was weak, unprepared and unfit for the position of Chancellor. Had another legitimate option been available I firmly believe that both the Klingon and Romulan Empires would have flourished under an alliance and the Federation would be a footnote," Maiek shrugged as he finished, "But such speculation serves no purpose other than to guide our actions...... and our blades in the future."

"House Matlh backed Duras also, until the Romulan support lines were blocked by the USS Sutherland. You see we have a long history between your people and mine. Even now, the flagship of house Matlh, teh IKC FHew has a Romulan Tal Shiar as her first officer. Currently they are running a supply of Federation medicines to a Romulan Colony on the near sign of your Neutral Zone. Now that we have established our real credentials, shall we discuss our real motives?"

"By all means Ambassador, as for myself I have no hidden agenda. I am here for two reasons alone, to help the Empire and my family. If those goals happen to coincide with those of the Federation or Klingon Empire then so be it," Maiek replied.

"You said the events of the past will act to guide our actions and our blades in the future. Do you anticipate using blades against the Federation or Klingons in the future? Are you for or against a Romulan Federation treaty?"

Maiek nodded and smiled as she spoke, she was a woman who missed nothing, "Both and neither, if I may be so cryptic. I support ties to both the Federation and Klingons, so long as those ties are beneficial to the Romulan Star Empire. The moment they are not, then such alliances are not worth the paper they are written upon so to speak. As for my blade, I am not so foolish to rule out the possibility of the Federation or Klingons doublecrossing the Romulans. If they did not at least consider betraying us if a better opportunity came along then they lack the will to dominate the galaxy."

Typical Romulan, Haqtaj thought, believeing the only path to dominance is treachery rather than honour and strength, "For my part I am here initially against my will, but I have found a place here that suits my tastes and am able to bring a part of the empire here. My people will behave themselves or they will answer to me.

"My people will behave in a similar manner, as for the two of us, I am pleased to hear that we Rihannsu have an ally onboard. Do remember that we will honor the commitments of the past as well should you require ANYTHING," Maiek stood and straightened his jacket, "for now I must take my leave. I have many introductions to make, an office to organize and a celebration to plan. Do you have dinner plans tomorrow night? I rarely dine with company but I would enjoy yours and your families history with the Romulans."

Haqtaj grinned, not entirely pleasantly, "It has been a long time since I was invited to a diplomatic function. I will make sure my knives are sharp and see you tomorrow evening."


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