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Reaching an Understanding

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2010 @ 9:22pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Klingon Ambasador's Office

The outside of the Klingon Ambasador's office looked much like every other Federation office door throughout the station. Someone had thought it would be cute to paint the door edging red. Livia doubted it was the Klingon's who suggested it.

Livia had dealt with Klingon Commander's on the battlefield before, but never in a political arena. She tapped on the door chime and waited to be let in

When the door opened the scene inside was quite different. The walls had been splashed with red lighting and Klingon banners and weaponry. There were black and red symbols of the Klingon people and House Matlh on most surfaces. Livia knew in her gut that this was all for show, for the benefit of visitors.

Haqtaj was seated behind a large table looking over plans for the station. When she looked up and saw the ambasador she rose and waited for her to come closer. "NuqneH, Ambasador? I have been at the station for nearly a month without visitors, and suddenly I have two distinguished guests in the space of as many hours. I can't help but wonder if your visit isn't stimulated by the arrival of the Romulan delegate?"

"Business actually." Livia replied extending her hand "Pleasure to finally meet you." She knew that the gesture was more of a formality. The business at hand was not a pleasant one, though she was hopeful it would go smoothly.

Haqtaj glanced at the hand, confused for a moment, but then remembered the Human tradition to show they were not carrying a weapon. She returned the firm handshake. This woman had a steel reputation and Haqtaj was wary of her.

"Business and pleasure in the same visit? A rare thing. How can the Klingon people be of service to our allies the Federation, Ambassador?"

"Well its actually about how we can be of service to each other" Livia replied "I'm here about the business with Lieutenant Mason." She sighed for a moment "I've read the reports about the incident with Lieutenant Mason, and while I understand how it might have been interpreted, I think overall its a rather large misunderstanding. Similar misunderstandings have started wars. Personally, I'd rather not look at another war for a long time, especially between such long standing allies." She folded her hands behind her back in a relaxed stance "As reasonable individuals, and representatives of our respective peoples, I'm hoping that there is a much more peaceful way we can handle this situation."

Haqtaj nodded her head, "I agree, madame ambassador. I was hoping to find a way to place my testimony in defense of lt Mason, but I fear it may not be heard."

Livia was shocked at Haqtaj's statement "May I ask why?"

Haqtaj sighed at the surprise in the other woman's face, "Ambassador... Livia, why is it everyone on this station thinks I am planning a coup? When I first arrived I allowed Mason to hit me in the replimat so it was understood who was in charge while I was on the station. You will find the medical logs of that event with Dr Lyons. When it became apparent that Beverly was infected and uncontrolable, I riksed my life to face her, not once but twice without injuring her. When the Gorn attacked I protected most of the people who are still here alive, when I could easily have backed the Gorn and walked away unscathed. When Mason unwittingly insulted the Klingon people who do you think it was who leaked the information back to the Federation, allowing them to act and take the bite out of my own people's anger. When Klingons showed your people, specifically Mason, disrespect, who was it who made sure that the appropriate appologies were made?"

"Tell me, what else must I do to find friends on this station?"

Livia was sympathetic to the other woman's position "Seems like I really have my work cut out for me. The absence of a true Federation ambassador on this station seems to have had an impact on those non federation citizens. You have my assurance that that will end today, so long as your people uphold the rules and regulations in place here. That however, does not really help the current situation at hand though."

Haqtaj sniffed, "Honour, Ambassador, is a greater prize to my people than military prowess. I have never broken my word, never lied, and never gone back on an agreement. If you find a Klingon who has, then he is not truely of my people."

"I do not want to see Mason's carrer end in prison, but if the JAG had not got involved the Klingons would be howling for blood. I was hoping I could stand witness and suggest that I had encouraged her to act the way she did, though in truth I do not know how I could have."

Livia perked up a bit at that statement "Well as Lieutenant Mason's defense counselor, I can call on any witness I wish to. Would you be willing to testify at her trial?"

"Perhaps..." Haqtaj hesitated, "Perhaps you would be able to have a word with Commodore Quinn? I am worried that the extra Klingons that have been invited to the station by DeVour will be too much for the current administration. In fact, Mason is probably the most capable person in that regards. I had a proposal to seperate the Klingons into reserved sections, but it was dismissed out of hand. I fear this will be a harder insult to wash over."

"In truth Ambassador, as it stands now, I have no role on this station. I have lifted the protecton of House Matlh and I am expecting Commodore Quinn to invite me to leave at any point. I do not believe they are interested in an alliance with us."

"I have yet to speak with Commodore Quinn, but rest assured I'll get the point across. I have a good deal of influence from my former Starfleet days. I would like nothing more then to see good cooperation between Klingon and Federation personnel." She paused for a moment "So if you'll agree to testify in Lieutenant Mason's favor, I'll ensure that Klingons are treated fairly and are recognized for all that you have one for this station, and for the Federation." Livia was no diplomat, but that was a skill she was hoping to gain in time.

Haqtaj shook her head, "Livia, I was prepared to testify already. There is no need to offer me a trade. I will testify because it is the right and honourable thing to do. You will see the Klingons are given their right respect as befits a people of honour and courage because it is also the right thing to do. I know from your service record that you believe in doing what is right, even when others do not support you in it."

Livia nodded "Well I need to go find the good Commodore before this trial begins. I've heard the officer presiding over the trial will be arriving soon, and the sooner I can get things ironed out with Jason the better."



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