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Taking A Break

Posted on Tue Mar 9th, 2010 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Sickbay/Prominade

Amber was finishing up her first real day in the medical complex when she had noticed that Sara had returned. She smiled and said, “I will be with you in a few.”

Sara walked round the medical console taking in the form and function of the room, her engineers eye never stopped working,"Not a problem, I'm probably early, always am" she said walking over to the waiting area.

"Yep." said Amber. Amber finished the last she had to do before she could leave. Then she said to Sara, "let's go."

As Sara and Amber mad their way to the main promenade they began talking, mainly the small talk of work and what they did to break the ice, Sara had already taken a liking to Amber, "so where you from anyway, I'm going to say West coast somewhere?"

"San Francisco, California," said Amber.

"No way, I've never met anyone from San Fran that went into Starfleet, they're usually sick of the links" Sara laughed, "so what made you join up?"

"I wanted to be a doctor and do something great with my life. I did not always know that I wanted to be, but my twin sister Renee did," said Amber.

"So sibling rivalry was it then? So where's your sister now?" Sara glanced over at Amber as they entered the Turbolift, "Promenade" she said quickly as the door closed behind Amber.

"No," said Amber. "I had an accident when I was younger which is why I became a doctor. Renee and I fight constantly. I last I knew, she was still on the USS Majestic. She's an engineer."

"Last you knew, I take it you don't talk regularly? I used to get into horrible arguments with my sister Melissa, she's a nightmare honestly." Sara tried a short laugh as she thought she may have gone to far.

"I talk to her," said Amber. "I was stationed with her. My last assignment was on the USS Majestic. Its just Renee and I always are fighting. You have no idea what its like to fight with your mirror image. We may look alike, but our personalities are so different."

As they entered the promenade Sara stopped, her eyebrows raised, oblivious to the spectacle around her "wait you're telling me you served on the same ship as your identical twin who you don't get on with, what are the odds of that happening, honestly."

Amber laughed. "Renee and I actually have a weird relationship. We do love each, but we have a weird way of showing. Our way is us fighting with each other. Renee is sort of a no it all type of person. Sometimes we've been stationed together and other ones we have not been stationed together. So where shall we go. What do you have a taste for?" Amber asked.

At the mention of eating Sara suddenly felt hungry,"hmm, what we got" she asked rhetorically, "I'd like something with noodles, how about Bolian?"

"Sounds good to me." Amber said.

The short Bolian waiter showed them to their table, "I haven't seen either of you lovely ladies in here before, are you new to the station? My name is Thot, I'll be your waiter, if you need anything, anything at all just let me know." almost without waiting for a reply he produced a notepad, "Buffet or menu, I would recommend the buffet if it's your first time with Bolian food, have you ever been to Bolarus, don't it's cold and miserable, that's why so many of us leave" his pace quickened as he continued to speak "sorry, I sometimes get carried away"

Sara glanced over to Amber, "I'm happy to go with the buffet, what about you?"

"Sure. Why not," said Amber.

"Two for the buffet it is, thank you Thot" said Sara, her smile infectious as the waiter grinned before excusing himself. "Well that was certainly different, I forgot how talkative Bolians could be"

"Yeah," said Amber. "Well shall we?"

As they went about their meal Sara and Amber continued their small talk, what holo stories they liked, the state of fashion and perhaps most importantly their favourite chocolates. It was a good evening and as the meal ended Sara couldn't help but feel she had made a friend, "We should do this again, I really enjoyed myself, thank you Amber"

Amber smiled at Sara. "We will do again," said Amber.


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