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Azure Omen

Posted on Sat Mar 7th, 2009 @ 11:48pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Ensign Helen Shire running as rear guard slide to a halt, her jaw dropping open at the sight before her.

"Commander Lorran," she called. "I think you should look at this."

Over the treeline she could see the tip of the temple, the obelisk and the unusual blue light that was being emitted from it. That wasn't there earlier, the unearthly sight made her shiver.

Vos had just sent off K'Tan to retrieve Henk and as a result had fallen slightly behind. So when he caught up he was treated to the same sight that now held Shire dumbstruck. The other security officer let out a low, impressed whistle and Vos couldn't help but echo the man's sentiments. "I see what the Commander said about having their own problems. Let's get back to base camp and regroup...The Commander will want to give us new orders." he said, not taking his eyes off of the glowing, blue obelisk and the light spearing into the sky. He seemed wary, like he was watching an enemy whose hand happened to be hovering over his holstered weapon, ready to blast him as soon as his back was turned. He flicked an apprehensive look Krissy's way, warning non-verbally for her to be ready for anything. He drew his own sidearm, setting it to heavy stun.

Nodding at the Commander's silent gaze Kristina drew closer to Franklin her gaze briefly turning to the strange blue beam vanishing into the dark clouds above the ruins.
She lead the way back through the deserted building carrying the extra weaponry and across the meadow. A cold breeze had started up and with it came several heavy rain drops that spattered across her cheek and the distant sound of thunder. The on coming weather front they had been following from orbit was closing in around them.
Their time on the planet surface was nearly up, and it seemed they were no closer to finding out what had happened to the West Ridge then they were before.


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