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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2010 @ 10:06pm by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Commodore Quinn's Office


The morning had been very busy, although not terribly stressful. Maiek had organized his people into their 'adequate' new residence and workplace and had a brief yet informative meeting with the Klingon Ambassador. Inevitably however he would need to present his credentials to and receive an official welcome from the stations commanding officer. He hadn't wanted to disrupt the man early in the day as Maiek was sure he had plenty to accomplish, and as such had waited until the early afternoon.

As he strolled towards the man's office Maiek was overtaken by a nostalgic feeling, he hadn't been amongst Starfleet officers for some time, yet sadly he could not share said nostalgia with anyone here as it would greatly destroy his cover. Maiek's mind jumped back to the task at hand as he found himself at the CO's office. He buzzed the door and waited for a response.

Jason had made it back to the office after his meeting with Councilor Star, and to a lesser degree than before, was still trying to gain complete control over his emotions and the ebbing tide that still lapped at the edge of his conscious mind.
Instead he had dedicated himself to the reports and so forth that had accumulated on his desk over the last few hours. The first he had plucked out of the pile was the wastage report for the station and his jaw dropped open when he saw the figures. This really wasn't a starship.
The door chimed and roused him from his reading, "Enter!", he called absently still reading.

Maiek entered the room and nodded his head at the Commodore, "Greetings Commodore Quinn, my name is Maiek tr' Kierianh and I am here to take on the position of Ambassador for the Romulan Star Empire to the Federation."

At this, Jason abandoned the reports, leaving the still active PADD on his desk. He circled around and came to stand infront of the Romulan Ambassador. "A pleasure to meet you. I didn't realize the Romulan Government had already selected a Representative to sit at this table?"

He had after all only assigned the local Federation Ambassador the task of tracking one down through the contacts he had gathered for her.

Maiek extended his hand to offer a handshake, "To be honest I had been slated as the next potential Ambassador in line for duty with the Federation, it just so happened that your fine starbase here was the one I was assigned to. I have been briefed on the recent situation with the Gorn invasion and sympathize with your people. If their is anything that I can do to provide assistance, do not hesitate to ask."

Jason smiled. Who would have thought that a Romulan could be so accommodating.
"I'm sure the Medical center could use whatever medical assistance you could get your hands on. we still have a lot of wounded and we are short certain medical supply's that have been routed to the hotter battle zones."

As he said this, Jason steered himself around to the seats under the window and extended a hand, offering a chair the the Ambassador.

"Until we can get the refit finished as well, we could do with some air cover. The Stations weapons systems are down and the support ships are still undergoing repair.. If there is anything you could do?"

Maiek took a seat next to the commanding officer and thought for a moment before responding, "I should be able to acquire medical supplies with little resistance or difficulty. As for air cover that is beyond my authority but I will do my best to pass it along to my superiors."

Jason smiled, still not really believing that the Romulan was being as accommodating as he was. His last run in with a Romulan had been a very attractive women with crystal blue eyes and a Sharpe cut thatch of blond hair. She had been exceptionally intense, and given any other situation, Jason was convinced he would have found the women more than just captivating.
"Anything you can do to help will be more than we would have expected Ambassador. How are you settling in?", Jason asked, not realizing that Maiek had only recently arrived.

"Well I briefly viewed my office for the 5 minutes I was in it this morning and I will have to assume from the lack of complaints directed my way that my people have found their living accommodations adequate," Maiek responded in jest, "As for my own quarters I can only muse as to their appearance."

The smile that spread across Quinn's face was genuine. He had a funny feeling that he and the Romulan would be building a firm working relationship, if not even a rather unusual friendship.
"I'm sure there will be. The station may not be one of the biggest federation Starbase's, but she certainly makes up for that once you see her facilities".

"Speaking of facilities I do have a significant number of requests regarding alterations to the Romulan Embassy, which department would I speak to regarding such a request?"

"Depending on what type of alterations... But overall it would be the Station Operations Department, the deal with most structural and terminal maintenance and placement."
It was a surprisingly open and frank conversation, and too boot not an unpleasant one.

"Perfect, I will contact operations as soon as I have time," Maiek replied, "Now I wont take up too much more of your time, I do understand that with recent developments that your time is at a premium. However tomorrow evening the Romulan Embassy would like to host the senior staff and ambassadors in a dinner, meet and greet type event. I know that things have been stressful for your crew recently but I believe an event like this could help and would allow my staff and I to get to meet all of the senior staff in a pleasant, relaxed setting."

"Can I assume that Romulan Ale will be provided?", the question was posed as Jason had developed a taste for the electric blue liquid but very rarely got the chance to partake. Also with the Romulan Embassy being considered Romulan Land, they could follow their own rules and customers there, no Federation sanction to stop the consumption of the drink.

A smile crept across Maiek's face, "I had thought to serve Romulan Ale but if you prefer some other drink then it can be provided."

"I would be perfectly happy with Romulan Ale. I'm also hoping that we might be able to work out a trade agreement and maybe discuss the matter with the Federation Council at some point."

A wicked smile crept across Jason's face, but in the same token, the words of Admiral Baker fluttered back to him. Words about pain and how it had driven him to alcohol abuse and so forth.

"All things in time Commodore, all things in time, however my people may trust the Federation militarily it does not mean that they are ready to open themselves up to quadrant. I myself do have an idea which may act as a stepping stone towards the eventual opening of trade between our peoples. I propose we petition our mutual superiors for the purpose of acquiring a 'special economic zoning' on Starbase 611 which would allow for select merchants and distributors to sell Romulan goods."

It was an interesting idea, zoning off 611 in its own economic niche market, allowing trade between the three large governments.
"I will bring the proposal to my superiors and see what they say. I will also make a point of mentioning it to both Ambassador Harrison and our Klingon representative."

"An excellent notion and perhaps one that may be broached at dinner tomorrow evening. It may be difficult to come to terms regarding a trade agreement with all three groups, a better notion perhaps to negotiate each treaty separately, but again a topic which can be discussed tomorrow evening," Maiek finished.

"So be it!", Jason now stood, unable to dedicate any more time t the meeting, but still wanting to find a diplomatic manner in which to cease the exchange.
"Now if you will excuse me Ambassador. I have a great deal of work to finish before tonight and I'm sure you will welcome the time to settle into your quarters!"

Maiek stood and gave the CO a nod, "Until tomorrow evening," following his reply he exited the room.


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