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The Final Round of Who's Who

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2010 @ 6:36am by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh & Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Ambassador Harrison's Office


Following his brief meeting with the stations CO, Maiek thought it prudent to finish his introductory meetings on the station that day and made his way towards the office of the Federation Ambassador. Maiek was unsure how to prepare for the woman as she was not the traditional choice for a Federation Ambassador, although in the end such a thing could be beneficial to both sides.

Having arrived at the Ambassador's office Maiek entered, noticing an aide sitting at a desk and walked up to the woman, "Good afternoon, could you inform Ambassador Harrison that the Ambassador for the Romulan Star Empire is here to see her."

The woman at the desk smiled "Of course." She hit a small button on the desk "Ambassador, the Ambassador from Romulus is here to see you."

=="Send him in."=/= came the reply.

"Ambassador Harrison will see you now." The aide replied.

Maiek gave the young woman a curt nod, "Thank you," and proceeded into the Ambassador's office.

Livia stood as the Romulan entered the room. After the events on Tuxun, Livia did not think highly of the Romulan people, but her new role required her to have an open mind "Greetings Ambassador. Something I can do for you?"

"Right to the point, I had expected as much from a former soldier, quite refreshing actually. My name is Maiek tr' Kierianh, and I am the newly appointed Romulan Ambassador for Starbase 611. I have come to present you with my official credentials and to get acquainted," Maiek replied as he took the seat across from Livia.

"Indeed." She replied as she took her seat "My office ran credentials on you when the message first came across about your assignment, so that is unnecessary. As for getting aquainted, what did you have in mind?"

"I can see that you aren't one for small talk so why don't we delay our getting to know one another for tomorrow evening. The Romulan Embassy will be holding a small introductory party, of which you and the rest of the senior staff are invited," Maiek offered as he stood from his seat.

"Might be fun" She mused "I'll be there. And please don't interpret my actions the wrong way. If I had the time we could sit here and chat, I'm just very busy at the moment." Livia was trying to put her diplomat face back on, but the thought of going to a Romulan event made her ill inside. The Romulan's were the cause of her being forced to step down from her Starfleet career, so whether just or not, the grudge was there.

He responded with a curt nod, "Of course, I will take up no more of your valuable time," Maiek stood and made as if to exit the Ambassador's office, "I do hope that when things have slowed down for you that we will get an opportunity to get to know one another."

"As do I. Good day Ambassador." Livia replied

Leaving the office Maiek felt thoroughly unsatisfied with the meeting, although he hadnt been entirely surprised given the Ambassador's background. He would have to keep an eye on her in the future. Not long after leaving the office Maiek's mind turned to more pressing matters, he had a reception for the officers of the station to organize and reports to send to the High Command.



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