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The Official Party

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2010 @ 9:58pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6


The USS Victory dropped out of warp just inside of the Station's sensor range. The Galaxy class ship made good time from Cestus III, all so that Rear Admiral Ethan Baker could officiate over some sort of trial. This was one of his least favorite responsibilities as a flag officer, but it was one he intended to carry out nonetheless. "Ensign Martinez, hail the station and have Commodore Quinn meet me at whatever transporter room I'll be beaming in to." Ethan said as he rose from the seat he was in. The Ensign nodded and began to make the call. He nodded to the vessel's Captain "This shouldn't take more than three or four days, so I'll see you when its over." The man nodded, leaving Ethan to head for the transporter room.

==Starbase 611==

Jason had been called by Ops and advised of the arrival of this unexpected admiralty. Someone on his staff had cocked up, and he would make sure they suffered for it. His first day had been so far very eventful. From duplicitous Klingon's, to amiable Romulans and now senior Federation Officials arriving unannounced. A small voice in the back of his head was telling him to return to bed and not get up until the universe started making more sense.

Jason burst into the transporter room, having run full pelt most of the way, to find the transporter operator just engaging the matter transporter device.

The shimmering beam of light that came through materialized into the form of Rear Admiral Baker and his two aides. "Commodore Quinn I presume?" He asked.

"Yes sir!", Quinn answered, standing rigid, not sure how this Admiral would receive him. Most had found Jason very difficult to control and order so they had assigned him to the back water sectors along the Gorn boarder. Now he was running one of the most important instillations in this region of space. He assumed the Admiral had been sent to assess his ability or worst case remove him from this command. "How was your journey sir!"

"Uneventful, aside from a slight hangover." Ethan replied. The bottle of scotch that was left on the floor in his quarters aboard the Victory had not been kind to him the night prior, and he was still reeling from the effects. He nodded to his aides, who picked up his luggage and followed a junior officer to the VIP quarters. "Lets walk and talk Commodore, I've been cooped up on the bridge of a starship all morning." He was sure Jason was burning with questions about his arrival, so he tried not to keep him waiting

"Yes sir!".
Jason fell into step at the side of teh Admiral and kept pace with him. he seemed a forthright man, but had a ruddinsh to his cheeks and nose that were a tell tale symptom of an aquite drink problem, or that of someone who was suffering from a cold.

"I do apologize for arriving so suddenly, but with recent events that have been set into motion I felt my presence was needed here now, rather than later." He nodded at an Ensign who stood at attention as they passed "This station has changed command numerous times in such a short time span, which causes me a bit of concern for the crew here. General Harrison...excuse me, Ambassador Harrison assured me that there was nothing to worry about, but as the gaining Task Force CO, this is something I needed to investigate for myself. That, however, is not my only reason for visiting." He said "This business with one of your Lieutenants...Mason I believe her name is. Command has assigned me to oversee her trial. Since both you and Commodore DeVuor have a conflict of interest in the case, I was the only other available flag officer in the region."

"I did not realize that Lieutenant Mason's issue had so wide an audience". Surprise cast across Jason's face like text in a book. "I have had a meeting with one of the involved parties, the Klingon Ambassador. She attempted to manipulate the situation to her advantage in such a way that a good section of the station would be signed over to the Klingon Government for their soul use. I did of course refuse the matter and I intend to speak with Ambassador Harrison about the matter".
Jason pushed his lengthening light brown hair away from his face, finding that the loose hair was falling infront of his eyes.

"The Klingons are not happy with this. Starfleet was made aware of the situation, and while they feel that it may have been a misunderstanding, they are not ready to chance relations with one of our closest allies based on that. To be honest, neither am I. We're sitting on the edge of the Klingon border, and if things go south we'll be the first ones to feel it. Its not an easy thing juggling thousands of peoples lives like this." Ethan sighed "That being said, I intend to give Lieutenant Mason a fair trial, an no one, Klingon or otherwise, will throw their weight around with me. Tell me Jason, what do you know of Lieutenant Mason? I know you haven't been here long, but I'd rather know what I'm dealing with ahead of time."

Jason fought down his flash of anger at the name of the women, still boiling from their meeting in the chapel, over the body of his loved one.
"She is a warrior Admiral. Deeply regretful of what happened to Captain Crawford. Anymore than that I cannot provide. I cannot... I...", the words he sought were not forthcoming. He wanted to express his feelings to the Admiral, but found what ever he said sounded as if it was an excuse. "I am unable to talk to Lieutenant Mason without allowing my anger to take over!"

Ethan stopped walking "A man by the name of Marshal Korvan, a Starfleet Commander at the time, was involved in the incident that claimed the life of my wife. She was a member on an away team he assigned, knowing it was a suicide mission. He assigned her there because he was upset over my promotion to Captain." Ethan struggled to fight back tears, it had been years since he thought of that day "She was dedicated though, and although she knew it was a suicide mission, she did her duty nonetheless. Needless to say she and the rest of that away team died. I was furious, I nearly beat the man to death at the funeral. I carried that anger with me for years, leading to alcohol abuse, and other not so pleasant things. That was until he ended up as a member of my crew aboard the IRV Torrell. I learned very quickly that the anger I was holding within was slowly destroying the person I was. It nearly destroyed the relationship with my daughters. My wife wouldn't have wanted that, so I forced myself to let that anger go, and it has made me feel more at peace. Granted, Korvan died a few months later when the Torrell was lost, but thats besides the point."

He put a hand on Jason's shoulder "Nothing I can say will heal your pain right now, but what you need to remember is that you are in charge here now. These people look up to you, especially as a flag officer. Lieutenant Mason looks up to you, whether either of you realize it or not. Turn that anger and pain into something positive, use that energy to make this station a better place."

Jason forced back tears that collected in the corner of his eyes. He had yet to fully confront the emotion of the situation but again, he couldn't do that infront of a flag officer. As with Commodore DeVuor, he couldn't show weakness or it could jeopardies his new position within the fleet, and both Commodore DeVuor and Admiral Baker had shown enough faith in him to warrant taking command of this vital outpost.
"Yes sir!", was all he could manage before starting to walk again, keep pace with the Admiral.

"Good." Ethan replied "Now, I'm going to go get a bit or rest before this trial. Once I've had some rest and I've reviewed the case a bit further, we'll get this thing going."

"Yes sir", again Jason, unable to find anything more to say because of the raw emotion he was fighting had been stirred, said robotically.
He came to a stop and motioned for the Admiral to enter a set of quarters that had come to stand infront off. "You VIP guest room sir!"

"Thanks you Commodore. I'll see you in a while." Ethan said as he entered the quarters.

Jason watched the unique man enter his quarters, feeling a swelling of relief after the doors had closed. He had never found it easy dealing with the Flag Officers, but unfortunately given his new position, he was going to have to adapt.
Once the doors had closed, he started for his office having yet more reports to flick through before he could finish his day.



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