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Pinpoint Depth

Posted on Thu Mar 12th, 2009 @ 8:20am by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: USS Genesis

Stadi looked over her console, nothing was happening. She had run countless diagnostics on her console and propulsion systems in the past two hours and the only thing of interest was the storm front, and how it had increased its pace towards the landing site. She let out a sigh, and instantly wincing as she could feel that Lieutenant Jackson had heard it. All she needed, her first chance to pilot the ship, and she sounded bored.

Across the bridge Kezza Trinn was equally as bored but had her body language as normal as possible as she rescanned the planet looking for a break in the bio field something big enough for the scans to penetrate through.

"The low pressure system has begun to accelerate. It is moving rapidly toward the base camp. It would be logical to begin transporting the crew back to the ship, Lieutenant Jackson." Ensign Lovak advised dispassionately. His eyebrow shot skyward. He still maintained that Commander DeVuor's decision to deposit over half of the Genesis crew on the planet in search of the colonists was reckless and inefficient. It had not been his place as a junior officer to question the Commander. Now acting as Chief of the Science department, however, he felt he would be remiss not to share his logic with the acting CO. "The search will have to be delayed due to harsh weather conditions. Logic dictates that it would be prudent to remove the teams from the planet so as to avoid any casualties."

Tori looked up at Lovak "Have you received orders I don't know about?" she sighed "We will not beam anyone up unless we are given the order to."

"I am simply making an observation, sir. The away teams cannot continue to search for survivors during a severe storm. I would never suggest you go against orders, but perhaps contacting the Commander about beaming her back to the ship would be appropriate at this time." Lovak replied, steepling his fingers at his belt line. "There is no apparent reason to risk unnecessary loss of life by remaining on the planet."

Stadi's board sprang to life. She was reading a local highly charged energy distortion emitting from the planet, but her sensors were only strong enough to tell her that much. She leaned across to the Ops station, not wanting to interrupt Lieutenant Jackson and Ensign Lovak.
"Kezza, take a look at this, what do you make of it", she whispered. There was no point reporting something until she had more information.

Smoothly Kezza rose from her seat and stood over Stadi's shoulder squinting at her console. The readings were erratic at first but as the two watching they energy levels began to rise and fast.
The ops officer frowned, "I have no idea," leaning closer. "It can't be the storm its too accurate because the energy spike is located here withing the landing site and the storm is all over the continent...."

Tori sat in silence for a moment "Mr. Lovak, as they would say in the 21st century, chill."

Ensign Lovak looked puzzled, his brows knitting above his dark eyes as he mulled over the possible meanings of this twenty-first century slang word. "I do not understand, Lieutenant. What would you like me to reduce in temperature?" Humans... Lovak had never met another species that more purposefully and willfully shrouded their words behind imprecise phrasings and different meanings.

"Excuse me sir", Stadi had no other option but to interrupt the interchange between the science officer, and Lieutenant Jackson. "We have an unusual energy spike at the landing site, and its growing in intensity. Its only readable as its exceeding the energy output of the biogenic field"

Lovak immediately returned to his station at the rear of the bridge and began looking over the scans himself. They were most fascinating, but he was very concerned that the search teams on the planet may somehow be affected. "There is an odd spike in the subspace bandwidths affecting communications and transporters. The ambient temperature in the area around the source of the energy buildup has risen six degrees and is continuing to climb." he reported stoically.

CPO Keys who had been left in sickbay to watch over Dr. Ulonova's "Projects" was half asleep when the indicator light on his screen came on. He looked over the data that was coming from the ships sensors. For a moment he contemplated going back to sleep and forgetting that he ever saw it, but he knew that he would never hear the end of it when the boss got back. He took his feet off the desk and called the bridge. "Keys to the bridge, I noticed something was going on up there, well down on the planet.. huge energy build up. I still can't pull up any bio signs so I'm not sure how the away team is. Is there anything I can assist with?"

"Its Lt Jackson, I will leave it up to you to come up here." she said, getting out of the chair and heading over to Stadi. She paused for a moment and analyzed her panel "Its pretty." she said quietly.

The blood drained from Stadi's face, "Its also heading right for us at high speed, twenty seconds to impact!"

Tori was snapped out of her little trance "Sorry?!?"

She had already started to manipulate the controls, turning the mighty starship away from the planet and back into space, it seems a slow process, too slow.

Brian walked off of the turbolift in time to see the blue streak coming at the ship. He rushed over and grabbed a seat at one of the ops stations and held on. He hoped that Stadi would be able to pull the ship away from it in time.

"Ohhh..!" the curse word didn't make it out Kezza's lips as she fought to keep had balance as Stadi banking the ship steeply to avoid the on coming anomaly. Staggering she pulled herself back to her station and gripped onto the console edge for dear life.

Tori held onto Stadi's seat and was thrown off onto the floor. She was thrown around a little and eventually rolled and flipped over to the command chair.

It wasn't enough, the ship had started to bank around and leave orbit, just not fast enough. The charged blue beam of energy hit the aft section of the Genesis, the sensor pod, a good portion of the engineering hull and the port side nacelle. Sparks and flickering lights erupted across the bridge, and a fire had ignited by the science station. Crimson light filled the room as the main lights died, along with most functions on the bridge.
Stadi lay motionless on the floor, her left leg twisted at an inhuman angle, and a sizable pool of blood gathering around her from the gash on her forehead.

In the confusion and dying lighting Kezza became disorientated, but stubbornly held her grip. Once the the ship began to steady again she looked around the damaged bridge and rose to her shaky feet: "Is anyone hurt?" she called out. Then caught the sight of Stadi lying motionless close by. "Keys!" she shouted kneeling beside the conn officer.

Lovak had been thrown from where he'd been standing at the back of the bridge, smacked the ceiling when the deck lurched underneath him, then fell just short of cracking his skull on the tactical arch. Groggily, he pulled himself to his feet and staggered back to the Science console, a trickle of green blood running from somewhere beneath his hairline down between his eyes. He could taste it's bitterness on his tongue. Lovak skipped over Science Station 1 and went straight to 2 as 1 had blown out when the ship was hit. His brief flight had actually saved him from being killed by the explosion. "I am functional, Lieutenant. Energy beam was of unknown composition. I am still running scans on the residual signature, but the primary sensor grid seems to be offline."

Keys picked himself up off the floor, his head was in a fog from the explosions and rocking of the ship, he quickly looked around the bridge to see what was going on then turned his attention to Kezza. Quickly running over to the storage cabinet, Brian grabbed the medical kit and knelt down next to Stadi. Giving her a quick inspection showed that she wasn't going to make it very long. Keys opened up the kit and produced a tricorder from inside. He started to scan the ensign, her vitals where low and she had lost a lot of blood. He grabbed a laser suture from the kit and started to seal the gash in her head when the tricorder squealed, he looked down and the weak vitals that she had a moment ago where now nonexistent. Keys leaned down to check for breathing and found nothing. He looked up at Kezza, and shook his head. "She lost way to much blood. There's nothing I could have done for her." He grabbed the medkit and moved over to Lovak who was bleeding as well. "Hold still while I seal this wound for you." Keys carefully moved the laser suture across the wound, sealing it up and stopping the bleeding.

Lovak knew better than to argue with the determined CPO, but continued to try and bring a few things back online as well as figure out just what exactly happened a moment ago, his hands flying over the science station even as he held his head motionless so the medic could work.

Kezza leaned back and sat on her heels numb by what had just happened. The planet just attacked them back, knocked them around silly and stolen the life of Ensign Stadi... why?

A unconscious Lt Jackson laid motionless on the floor. she had no broken bones, but she had cuts, bruises and grazes all over her hands and face. A small amount of blood streamed from her nose down the line to her mouth and her eyelid was bigger than life. She had a hopeless grip on the base of the command chair and looked a little lifeless herself.

Snapping out of her trance Kezza came back to reality as a console to her right shot about a plume of sparks that illuminated Lieutenant Jackson laying still at the foot of the command chair. A fearful moan came out of Kezza she and slide towards the temporary commanding officer gently rolling her onto her own lap wiping the blood from her face.
"Keys!" she called out again clutching the woman tightly. This couldn't be happening, they had already lost Stadi, the ship had suffered mayor damage and now their CO was in a critical state leaving only a hand full of Ensign's to man the bridge.
She bit her bottom lip and felt her body begin to tremble.

Tori can around quickly "Get your hands off me." she said quietly, opening her eyes and pulling herself up "Jesus, I'm fine... Stadi?"

Shocked Kezza withdrew jumping out of her skin. "She's dead, Ma'am," she answered before anyone else could. "Communications, transports and sensors are down. We've taken heavy damage."

Tori fell back onto her chair and put her head in her hands. After a moment she pulled her head from their previous position "When I took command I never would've thought this would happen." a small tear escaped her eye "OK, lets get going. Lovak what can you pull from sensors?"

"From what limited capacity that remains, I am reading no indication of the energy pattern we have just encountered anywhere in the atmosphere or on the planet's surface. There is no heat bloom, no disturbances in the atmosphere, even amongst the cloud cover. It is most intriguing. I will study this more in depth." Lovak reported from the back of the bridge.

Tori nodded "OK, from what we have available to us here, lets get a damage report."

Scrambling back to her post Kezza waved her hand frantically to clear the smoke to read the console. "We taken a direct hit to the aft, disabling the port nacelle, engines, transports are offline." she squinted.

Tori rolled her eyes "What else could go wrong. Ok, we have an injured tactical officer. Crewman Nipp, would you replace Petty Officer Boyle?" she asked to the Bolian at tactical.

"All too happy to." The Bolian shuffled over to the tactical station and entered some information onto the panel.

Tori nodded "Ok... time to get this ship back in ship shape." she said


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