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Here Comes The Rain

Posted on Mon Mar 9th, 2009 @ 3:27pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly was frantically trying to convince her tricorder to work, and find a way, or something to be able to stop what ever this pulse was.
She turned her head and caught sight of the Doctor doing the same, where as Jorvin looked helpless. He wasn't a whiz with the sciences and was looking stunned and helpless.

Leanne was still in a haze from the attack, the numbers running across her tricorder didn't seem to make any sense. She brushed her hair away from her face and moved closer to Jorvin. The situation was going from bad to worse and it didn't seem like there was anything she could do about it. She put her tricorder away and sat down on the ground. Cracking open the medkit, she took out a hypospray and injected herself. She started to feel better and was able to focus more on the situation.

Jorvin was unsure of what to do. Sure he had been through the academy, but he had specialized in tactical not science. He pretty much just watched the Captain work.

Beverly looked back to her tricorder, still nothing. She had also gotten so close to the Obelisk that she could feel the static energy pulsating from the Obelisk, making the hairs stand on end. She was barley keeping her panic in check, her ship, had she stranded her crew, and so many other questions running through her mind.

In her peripheral vision she caught sight of three more officers running up to there location, she didn't have the time to stop and find out who it was.

"Commander! We checked in at base camp and they told us you were still out here!" Vos yelled over the bass thrum of the obelisk as he led Kristina and Ardeth over. He held one hand up to shield his eyes and had his phaser drawn with the other. "Ma'am, may I suggest that we return to the ship?" he shouted, squinting his eyes to adjust them to the strobing flashes of blue energy.

Ardeth followed the commander, staring at the obelisk, his eyes as big as plates.
'Dam right we return to the ship now, whats wrong with that thing?' Ardeth added, forgetting about protocol as his fear increased. He didn't like this planet at all.

What ever was going on with the ancient structure it was making Kristina deeply uncomfortable. Lorran was right they should return to the ship as soon as possible.

Bev's fingers where now a blur of motion on the small handheld scanner, but it was all in vain, she was about to give up when suddenly, with an eerie silence, the Obelisk went dark, and the pulsing energy ceased.
Wide eyed she stared at the Obelisk, feeling the rain on her face for the first time, and black clouds now re-forming around the hole that had been created by the beam.

She had to regain some semblance of order, despite her misgivings. She had made a mistake, and now her crew may pay the price.
"Report", snapping her useless tricorder shut, and replacing it on her belt.

Vos approached the obelisk, getting very close, within arm's reach. Then, showing caution, he held his free hand up so his palm was pointing towards the flat surface. He held his hand there for a moment before placing it flat on the black rock. He smoothed his hand over it experimentally a few times before turning back. "There's no heat, not even a residual static charge. It's like the obelisk is nothing but dead rock again." he reported, puzzled. He looked up toward the top of the obelisk and the blackening sky beyond. What the hell was that light? Could the same energy source that had powered the obelisk be responsible for the biogenic field interfering with their tricorders?

With a sudden wave of unyielding terror, Bev hit her com-badge.
"DeVuor to Genesis, come in...", her voice with met with silence.
She tried a second and a third time, and still nothing. "Try yours, Vos."

Looking quietly concerned, Vos tapped his comm badge. "Lorran to Genesis." he tried, receiving only a buzzing negative beep from the small device. "Lorran to Genesis, do you read?" Another negative. He looked back at the commander. He didn't say anything, but set his jaw, letting the silence speak for itself.

Ardeth tried his own combadge, desperately hoping it would work, he got the same results as the others.
'Alright Ardeth, remain calm, think about what you learned on the academy,' he muttered to himself.
"Maybe there is some sort of dampening field active?" he suggested out loud, really speaking for the first time since they had arrived on the surface.

While the others began to discuss what may have happened Kristina was moving stealthy around the knot of officers to stand beside Captain Jorvin. Normally she detested Marines feeling they were undermining her work and striving to shoulder her out of her own department.
Now, however she was glad to have a seasoned fighter alongside them especially now it appeared they were trapped on the surface for some length of time.
Like Jorvin, Kristina's eyes roamed through the falling rain curtain trying to penetrate the gather darkness and surrounding area, if there was anything out there they would find it.

Leanne stood up and straightened her uniform she was feeling alot better. "Maybe we should head back and group up with everyone, those clouds that are rolling in don't look too friendly."

Already seeing the ghosts of her decisions echoed in her eyes, she turned to the Doctor. "Get everyone together Doctor, Ardeth you help her".
She rubbed the sweat from her forehead, slowing her breathing, bringing it back under control, "Krissy, Jorvin. You two scout the area, take a group of Marines with you".
She watched her officers spring into action, and then turned and walked over to the steps at the base of the pyramid. She sat and placed her face in her hands and whispered to herself, "What have I done?", not realizing her First Officer was still watching her.

Vos exchanged another glance with Kristina, seeing her desire to comfort her friend warring with the orders she'd just been given. He empathized with her, but they both knew that they had jobs to do first. He gave her a brief nod before turning and walking to where the Commander was sitting. On the way, he took a water packet out of his bag and ripped it open. He sat down next to Beverly and took a sip before passing the water to her. "Stop second-guessing yourself. You did what you thought was right. It's not your past decisions you should be concerned with, it's what we're going to do next. We have a camp in the middle of a meadow with a storm front coming up fast. We need to move into a defensible, sheltered position. We need you with us, Beverly. They need you to be a leader. I know this is your first challenge and this planet's thrown us one hell of a...what's the human expression...curve...bat? Curve glide? Curve...ball! It's a test, and the way you handle this, for better or for worse, is how they will see you as a Captain." he advised calmly. "You have good people who are *very* good at their jobs here with you, all you have to do is give the order."

Vos shifted around until he was kneeling on the ground in front of his Commander and took her hands in his, keeping them away from her face. "We're with you, Commander. Let's get this crew back to the ship so we can laugh about it in ten-forward later. Okay?"

Kristina was a touch revealed that if she couldn't help her friend the next best thing Commander Lorran could. He had a natural ability with people, he had soothed her anger, understood how K'Tan ticks and knew the best way to comfort Beverly short of wrapping his arms around her.
Jerking back to her sense she followed Jorvin and tore her eyes away from the scene.

As Kristina came over Jorvin finished assigning the Marines to their scout team. He had split them up into 3 pairs of 2 leaving Kristina to go with him. The Marines headed out in opposite directions. Jorvin looked at Kristina and said "your with me" and began to head off in the direction that had been left by the other teams, not waiting for the Lt. to follow, guessing that she didn't like him for his job he decided to play the role of the typical Marine and act better then the 'fleeties'.

Turning away resuming her normal hard facade Kristina tightening the grip on her weapon and followed the arrogant Marine Captain forcibly stomping through the wet grass.

Beverly tried to hide her face as an errant tear slipped down her cheek. How could he be so confident. She might have condemned them all.
She took the water packet, and wiped away the tears before taking a sip. "You missed your calling Vos. You should have been a counselor", she gave a small chuckle, no humor, just a chuckle.
"What do you suggest?", she had to turn to her greatest resource, her first officer, "You've had experience with this sort of thing in the resistance".

Vos grinned, sitting back on the step next to her, and spared a glance up at the sky. He gave it a small, disapproving frown and looked in the direction of the ruins he'd been exploring. "The way I see it, we have two options. The best option would be to move everyone to the S.S. West Ridge and have Mike and Podi get at least its communications system running. With a stronger signal we might be able to break through whatever is interfering with the comm badges and contact with Genesis. With enough time and work they might even be able to get the ship off of the ground and into orbit so we can rendezvous with the Genesis up there. Otherwise, the only defensible shelter this planet provides would be these ruins. We can probably find a building with thick walls and a roof and wait out the storm there, but all things considered I'd prefer the colony ship. Whatever choice we make, we should get moving quickly. It's already starting to rain."

She handed Vos the water pouch again, and brushed away some of the dust that was peppering her black tunic. "The colony ship it is", she stood, glancing back at Vos. Suddenly everything melted away, all that she could see was his face, his eyes. Physically she shook herself, bringing herself back to the here and now. What was the matter with her.
"Lets make a move shall we?"


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