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The First Step.

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2010 @ 6:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Jack was tired and irritated from another night of interrupted sleep, both from his own dreams and thoughts and from the aftermath of Helen's own nightmares so the call from Security had not been answered with his usual enthusiasm.

The trip had been mercifully quick, but even that had only served to sourer his mood more. Before the invasion the station would have been a hive of activity with someone stopping you every few minuets with a piece of gossip or business matter to share. Now 611 felt more like a ghost town, few civilians blocking your way through the open areas and even the remaining crew where more subdued.

Jack had been expecting to see Mason when he entered the Security holding area but instead he was greeted with a fresh faced Ensign who looked like he only just came out of the Academy. Already his mood had dropped another notch, just then the Ensign spotted him by the entrance "Lieutenant Daniels hi I'm Ensign Smith."

The young man was quick to jump up and extend his hand out to shake, Jack thought about snubbing the offer but remembered what it was like trying to ingratiate yourself with the Command staff. He took the offered hand only long enough to give it a quick shake before releasing it "Ensign, I got a call saying I was needed?"

"That's right" Smith said while moving closer to a back of monitors enlarging one to show a male Yridian at on one side of a large table "We picked this guy up while doing a basic security check".

Jack took a closer look "What exactly did he get flagged for?"

"Nothing major just a few warrants for smuggling that sort of stuff, but before we could let him know what he was arrested for he demanded to speak to a member of Starfleet Intelligence."

Jack stared hard at the image hoping maybe to Divine some type of understanding from the shifting pixels, in the end none came "In that case lets see what he has to say" moving away he hit the access panel to open the door to the interview room.


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