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Just like when we were Interns...

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2010 @ 6:00am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: CMO's Office
Timeline: Several days after the Occupation

That was a complete shit of a day Helen Lyons thought as she slumped into a free chair in Leanne’s office. And people wonder why I like research, at least when my samples die, you don’t have to inform the family…. She hooked the walking stick on the chairs arm and then scrubbed hard at her face in an effort to try and get rid of the frown that had been a permanent presence there all day.

Leanne and Amber had already opened a bottle of red wine and Annabelle should be with them shortly.

Amber smiled at Helen. "So how was everyone's day?" asked Amber as she pour herself some wine.

"I've had better," Helen mumbled as she tried to make herself comfortable in the chair. No matter what she did, that damned back injury was always ready to remind her of what had happened. Helen made a mental note to proscribe herself some stronger painkillers...

"I was knee deep in some slime based creatures ectoplasam, he was complaining of coughing but I wasn't quite sure where his lungs were located at." Taking a sip of the wine she leaned back in her chair and smiled.

“Did you end up finding them Leanne? Or had he already coughed them up along with the ectoplasm?” Helen tried not to laugh, but could not help herself.

Ulonova laughed and smiled, "He had some kind of gill like organ that could have passed for lungs I suppose, it turns out that the food he ate at the replimat was not agreeing with him.

“As long as he was able to walk out of here, then that’s a win.” Helen turned to look at Amber. “How was your day?”

"Good. Can't complain," said Amber.

Wearily to the bone Annabella seemed to shuffle with antagonizing slowness across the subdued sickbay toward the battered office where the other women were waiting. She was working automatically barley thinking just concentrating on staying upright and her eyes open.
They had lost so many good people and hundreds more lay thought the station and supporting ships various states of injury it was hard to call this a victory. War always bore such a heavy price.

Without a word she sat heavily fall falling into the empty seat in Ulonova's office groaning with relief to take the weight off her feet and gratefully accepted the glass that was passed across to her.

"If someone has a phaser handy, they can put me out of my misery now..." Helen said as she poured herself a glass. "Or, even better I can just lose myself in drink. At least then I don't have to think." Or remember.

"If you insist," said Amber with a smile.

“It’s just something my father always offered to do whenever he heard me whinging to much,” Helen said before taking a sip from her glass. Her eyes widened as the liquid hit her tongue and she glanced at the bottle in surprise. “This stuff is pretty good.”

"I've just slowly start to learn how to turn everything off. It is much simpler that way, when I first got out of the academy, I was a worrier, so much so that I holed myself up in a back room at Mars Research." she took a sip, "Now, well I'm not sure but I've learned to just take a deep breath and realize that ultimately the end is one phaser blast or insectoids thorax away."

Bella's lips turned slightly as her colleagues spoke. Yes, separation oneself from the drama for their roles was not a easy task at best. Yet, somehow, some when they had all manged it. "It's the hardest thing to do, switching off. Occasionally it makes me shiver to think of the responsibilities that are placed in my care, the balance of a patients life rests in your skilled hands. 'Just remember your training' they saw at first. Personally I found that didn't work because as soon as your standing over your patient catching slight of their injuries of the first time all that training goes out of the window.
Still, we found a way. We'll still here, though more in body then mind or spirit,"

“I just deal with it by being blunt. I’m not much of a conversationalist – if I was I probably would have been a hairdresser,” Helen said giving the others a slight smile. “I also have a habit of dealing with patients like they are objects, which is good for me as I can distance myself emotionally but not so good for them…” Helen took a long drink from her glass.

Leanne drank her wine, listening to the other women tell their stories, it was nice that they had such a close knit team. "Lets talking about something less depressing. We all might need to march down to the psychologists office if we keep it up." She smiled at all of them.

Amber bursted out laughing

"Like what? I only have work and home, though I suppose we can talk about men..." Helen quickly took another drink from her glass.

Bella arched an eyebrow. "Something else me Helen would like to go first. I certianly can't remember the last time I was inolved with a man."

Helen snorted. "Neither can I. In the past I have actively avoided anything to do with them. But now?" she shrugged and finished what was left in her glass. "I just don't understand them. And worse still I've discovered that I don't really understand myself either."

Amber really didn't know what to say. She herself has not really been with anyone to speak of. "To be honest," said Amber. "I never really been with anyone. I suppose I was more interested in my career than settling down."

"I think we both fall into that boat. Which is a shame as our career's cannot keep us warm at night or comfort us when we need it." Bella said swirling the last dredges of her glass. "I think we need to help each other change this matter."

"We could start up our own little matchmaking agency for the Medical Department," Helen said with a grin and poured herself another glass of wine. "Or at least a support group to help poor saps like myself."

"What are we here talking about it," said Amber. "Why don't we do something about it instead."

"Like what? Put up an ad out front saying 'relationships wanted, decent men apply within?'" But the mention of finding decent men started Helen thinking on her own situation, she had found exactly that but as usual did not know how to play the follow through.

Bella smirked at the remark even though she knew Helen didn't mean it to come out the way it did.

After a few silent moments Helen sighed. "Sorry Amber, I'm just a bit cranky at the moment. What were you thinking of doing?"

"I thinking that maybe we should start mingling with some of the guys here. There is bound to be someone for each of us," said Amber.

Leanne smiled at them, she didn't want to bring up the fact that her center of her affection had been transferred out to the border to face god knows what. "We could become band of harpies, roving the station at night, taking who we please and doing only god knows what with them."

Helen let out another bark of laughter. “That's appropriate. I've been called a harpy on numerous occasions. Maybe that’s what we should have as 611 medicals symbol? A harpy…And our slogan can be something like….’Beware the Furies of Templar,’ Doesn’t sound very Hippocratic but it will warn others that we are not to be trifled with.”

"I think I can support this." Leanne smiled at her already envisioning the sign that they could put up.

Bella chuckled. "This could end in disater. Should we have a test run one night? If it works we'll go with it, though God save us."

“Sure, why not? No guts no glory. But no blood wine this time – Damn Klingon.” Helen suddenly scowled. “Leanne, did you know that she came down yesterday to ask if one of the med bays could be turned over for the exclusive use of Klingons? I told her that she had to speak to you and whoever is now in charge.” She paused, “Unfortunately Haqtaj seems to have taken a liking to me.” Helen could not help the grimace that came to her face.

Amber smiled. "At least you making friends," said Amber.

"There is that I suppose. Now, when do we want to do this?...."


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