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"Can we talk..." pt 2 (Back Post)

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2010 @ 3:04pm by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Counsellor's Office/Promenade

”Depends on what you are after? The Replimat is pretty good and it’s open 24 hours a day – but if you ever want something special then the Orion Bar would be the place to go…” Helen paused and her fingers tapped on the head of her cane as she thought. She knew what it was like to be new and not know anyone, and from the sounds of it Eloise had been thrown in the deep end on her first day just as she had been. Plus being with Eloise might help to keep her morbid thoughts at bay.

“Actually, I could do with something to eat. Do you want to go and grab a meal with me and then I can show you around the promenade, then at least you will be guaranteed not to be the only one eating?”

"You know that sounds perfectly wonderful if you have the time and Im not imposing too much"

Eloise looked at the piles of work on her desk didnt seem to be getting any smaller. It could all wait for now. It had waited thus far and the department hadnt completely fallen apart now. Besides she had worked way past her rostered time anyway. All work and no play made for a very snappy and not very chipper Eloise. A break, some sleep, lather, rinse and repeat. Thats all life would be about for awhile.

“No imposition at all, in fact you would be doing me a favour. I hate to eat alone.” Helen then gave another small smile. “Lately I just hate to be alone full stop.” She shook her head, trying to shake away her morbid thoughts. “But, that is neither here nor there. Let’s go, I’m starving.”

With a few quick movements her computer was shut down so no one else could access it if they successfully entered her office. One of Helens comments made her pause for thought. She noted and filed away in her brain the comment of her not wanting to be alone. It was an unusual one to make, something was definately behind it. She was off the clock for now but it was definately worth bringing up. Maybe over dinner she might elaborate more but she wasnt going to push her just yet. However, if she wanted to talk, Eloise would be there for her. "Ready, lead on McDuff.

Eloise locked the door behind them as they left and wondered where this adventure would lead them. She was more than greatful to have company and not waste valuable time getting lost.

Helen led the way to the promenade and immediately took Eloise to the Replimat. It was the best way to introduce any new person to this part of the station. Not as stuffy as the Orion could be and not as rough as Toka’s. And the meals were decent. Plus from the Replimat you could see most of the goings on of the promenade.

They managed to get a table where they had a good view and a waiter bought them a set of menus to peruse.

“So, what brings you to 611?” Helen asked, a little curious.

"To be perfectly honest, this is the first permanent position offered to me in a long time. I have been on vairous assignments filling in from ship to ship. It was great for awhile but I am starting to feel the need to put down some permanent roots. To actually properly unpack, to have a home again."

The last part made her give a nervous laugh. It made her think of old times. When she had felt loved and secure. That was long gone. Something she really couldnt bare to go over again. It had been the main reason she had taken so many fill in jobs. After the Dominion War it seemed to be the easiest thing to do, go where needed. She needed to be needed. She needed to focus elsewhere instead of being constantly reminded. She still felt a sting of pain. She hoped Helen didnt realise it was a false laugh. She didnt want to scare her away, as she was delightful company.

"You seem to have gotten us a great table. Do you have connections here..... You know I think Im having trouble choosing.... any help would be welcome at this stage!"

"No - no connections. I'm just lucky I guess. But as to deciding....just do what I do when I can't decide - just close your eyes and point and where ever your finger lands on the menu is what you have to order. It's an excellent way of trying new things." Helen then gave a demonstration. "Oh bugga. Fish....can't stand fish....oh well, the rules are the rules. I'll just ask for a lot of Ketsup Mannis to go with it," she then looked at Eloise. "Now you try....but make sure you don't point at the Klingon selections -ugggh," Helen pulled a face.

Eloise closed her eyes and pointed, when she opened them she gulped at her random choice. "Bolian green soup with chunks". She felt her face grimace at the thought of it. "What does it say about trading?". The thought of it made her stomach feel a bit queezy. It was probably really good. It was the chunks part that made her feel a bit worried about it not to mention the part about chunks.....

Helen smiled. "Just make sure that you tell them you want the meat chunks to be fresh....I accidently forgot that once and got a bit of a surprise when I bit into the first rancid meat chunk out of the dish."

Eloise smelt the food before it arrived at the table. Even though it sounded horrible the smell of it made her stomach rumble. She couldnt even remember when she ate last. She suddenly felt really hungry She had no doubt that she would be ordering desert tonight. Maybe a double portion. Live for today, diet tomorrow was always her motto.

Before she even had a chance to ask for a refill of her drink, her glass was taken away and prompty returned filled to the brim. So much so the creamy substance that was on top flowed down the side of the glass. She wasnt sure what it was and was too afraid to ask in case she didnt like the answer. Either way it tasted good, and that was what really mattered.

"So," Helen said as she started to flood her fish dish with a mass of Ketcup Mannis. "Do you have any family? I mean..." she suddenly paused, realising how rude that sounded. "I know, husband, boyfriend, children?" She quickly put the sauce bottle down. "I don't have any of the above myself....." Helen let her voice trail away.

Eloise paused at the questions. How much should she tell? Could she keep her voice even and not cry? That would be the big question. "There is no one, now. There was someone before the dominion war. That was a long time ago. So no children, no boyfriend, no hustband." She hoped that would be enough to satisfy Helen. She hoped changing the subject would distract her for now. It was however bound to come up again. Especially if they were to be friends.

She quickly took a bite of one of the chunks and was greatful for the warning. "So how did you come to be at the base? She sipped at the soup, while waiting for an answer, She stopped before Helen could answer "and what do you do for fun around here?"

Helen quickly sidestepped the 'Why are you here' question. "Well, we usually make our own fun here - though that really depends on what you like to do. Maybe we should go out one night and I can show you what passes for fun for most people on base." She then grimaced as she took a bite of her fish. "You really need to come out with the others from medical...The next time we arrange to go out you must come too." Helen then gave Eloise a sheepish grin. "Though we have arranged tonight to make our next outing a kind of 'man hunt' for us lonely doctors."

Elose noticed that Helen skipped the question, just like she had. She wouldnt press her on it, it was only fair. She saw the grimace with the fish. "YOu know its not too late to swap. I like fish. Well mostly, there was this one time.." Her attention went back to the subject of man hunt. "I hope you can include lonely counsellors in on the "Man hunt". Though I must admit, I have already spotted one lovely man I would love to know more. But Im afraid I believe he is out of bounds". She smiled as the thought of the Commodore flashed into her mind then out again. Mmmm, your boss was usually definately taboo. Pity though.

"It really sounds like fun and I would love to come. Im sure counselling counts under medical" It was a little bit of stretch but anyways. A laugh escaped her, louder than she meant and a few heads turned. Tonight she didnt care. If she had been ssitting alone it would have been a completely different matter.

"Well, there is one man that I kind doesn't matter. He's not a big fan of mine anyway. And I wasn't a big fan of his until recently." Helen poked again at her fish. "Okay, let's swap - the food that is not our untouchable men," she said trying not to laugh. "I don't think I could stomach another forkful."

"And Counselling does count under medical. The more the merrier I say anyway. It will also be a good way for you to get to know the rest of the Medical department heads. And we lonely harridans need to stick together."

Eloise took the plate from Helen and found the fish more appealing that what she had. It was a good swap, lucky one too she thought. "Okay spill who is it, not that I would probably know them anyway. Just curious to see if they would be good enough for you.... tell you what I will tell you who I thought was mighty interesting but Im gonna have to whisper it in your ear"

She leant forward and expected Helen to be mighily surprised when she whispered "I know its bad, but its the boss, the Commodore and he is most definately taboo!" She moved back before giggling. She felt like a naughty schoolgirl professing a crush. "I found him to be both interesting and very charming. Very wrong I know. So the sooner we have the man hunt the sooner I can get him off my mind. Now spill!"

Helen tried not to smile. "I've not met the new CO as yet. He doesn't seem to want to come and mingle with us commoners. That sounds a little mean doesn't it." Helen shook her head. "That's one of my problems right there. I have a big mouth that just can't help spill out exactly what I'm thinking, be it naughty or nice."

Helen's face then grew serious. "Just ask Lieutenant Daniels, he'll tell you. Jack and I have not been on the best of terms from the first moment we met, but now...things have changed, for me anyway." Helen tried a spoonful of the soup, definately much better than the fish. "Although, for someone who hates me, he had been very...." Helen jiggled her spoon trying to find the right word, "attentive to me since the attack." She took another sip of her soup, it was the first time she had said anything about the attack without faltering. "Having Jack feel sorry for me is just as bad as having him hate me."

"I could see how that could get you into trouble not knowing when to keep mum....not to worry Im sure you havent gotten yourself into too much trouble. After all you are here. They wouldnt keep you around if it was a concern. As for Lt Daniells, Im not sure that I have met him. Im stilll trying to get a handle on names to faces. Are you quite sure its sorry that he is feeling for you?" She raised an eyebrow. Helen was a delighful companion and she couldnt help but think that anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend or more. "Besides that you are so not a commoner. Im sure you meet the CO soon. He has a lot to deal with. I, well I only met him by accident really. Im nothing or no one special."

Desert arrived. It was something that was warm and smelt like it was chocolate based. Or at least that was what Eloise hoped it was. She loved chocolate. If she could just live on it without any consequences, she would. Her weakness for chocolate was evident to anyone that ever knew her. If a date brought her chocolates she was puty in his hands. Though it had been a long time since she had been put in anyones hands. Was she ready to be again? She hoped so. The only way to know would be to jump in feet first.

Helen was looking forward to her dessert. And she was enjoying herself as well. Eloise was very enjoyable company and Helen was surprised to find herself relaxing. Maybe the two of them could make time to eat together regularly like this, she found herself thinking.

"So what did you order? I didnt recognise the name and it sure looks interesting!" She looked at her desert, it was so tempting. She would take it slow or she really would be ordering a second helping. Must..... be..... good.... she kept chanting in her head. Savour the desert, not eat it like its about to be stolen from under her nose......

"It’s something that a friend introduced me to the other day - Revellian chocolate soufflé with dutch cream and marshmallows - very decadent and very addictive. Seriously, Revellian chocolate has to be taken in moderation as it has a psychotropic affect on the mind." Helen suddenly gave Eloise a wicked smile, "You should try some."

After dessert was finished the two women made their way across the promenade back to their respective quarters and making a firm promise to have lunch together tomorrow.


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