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The End of the Beginning

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2010 @ 5:50am by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Romulan Embassy, Ambassador's Office


Thumbing the last page of the book, reading the last word, of the last sentence, of the last paragraph, Maiek closed the book and placed it on the side table in his study. "How very appropriate," he mused to himself aloud as he finished the book on the very day he was beginning his new career on the starbase.

Most people read their books via datapad, they were more convenient and significantly cheaper, not to mention widely available. Maiek preferred the feel of the printed word, the bending of the paper, having something substantial in your hands. He felt old-fashioned in that way, but in the end more often than not he was forced to read via datapad.

Finished with the book he stood and walked from his study into his office. Instead of taking a seat at his desk he moved to his alcohol cabinet, opened it, retrieved a glass from the adjacent tray filling the glass with ice, then filling the glass 3/4 of the way full with Romulan Ale. Upon finished with the bottle he closed it and spun it around, reading the label. He never tired of seeing his families name on the bottle, one of the more prominent breweries on Romulus, although too commercial for the more blue blooded in taste.

Glass in hand, Maiek moved behind his desk and reclined in his chair. He nursed the ale as he reviewed the days intelligence and diplomatic reports. Their was nothing within the reports unsuspected or out of the ordinary, and as such he paid no special attention to any one of them. He turned his attention to his own report, not yet begun the blank screen stared back at him. He finished what was left of his ale and poured himself another before getting back to the days report.

At first glance his own report was nothing more than a standard first days assessment. He wrote his evaluations of the Federation Ambassador, the Klingon Ambassador and the CO. He was unsurprised of the reaction of the Federation Ambassador, she had had some rough dealings with the Romulans and as a result wanted nothing more than to ship them out of the nearest airlock. Maiek could handle that, in truth he had expected a less than amiable reception.

The Klingons however worried him. Their ambassador appeared pleasant, even willing to work with the Romulans. The problem came with her families experience with the Romulans, they knew exactly what to expect from his people, how they operated and what they wanted. If worked correctly she could be an invaluable ally, if improperly she could help bury any hope Maiek had of gaining influence on the station.

And then their was the stations commanding officer. All things considered the man appeared extremely eager to have the Romulans here, it increased his stations importance and offered numerous opportunities. At first glance Quinn could be a great ally, he even seemed to genuinely want to work with Maiek, and had a liking for Romulan Ale, something the two could build a friendship on.

As for the rest of the staff Maiek knew he would have to tread lightly, many of the stations inhabitants were still traumatized from the Gorn invasion. That would make them extremely xenophobic and patriotic, a combination which required a soft hand from the Romulans. He had gotten his hands on some information regarding an altercation between a Federation officer and the Klingon Ambassador. Clearly many were cracking under the stress, it was easy to act out against those not of the Federation, much easier than dealing with the underlying feelings from the Gorn attack.

He wrote a memo advising his personnel to limit their interactions with Federation personnel to only that which is required and to tread extremely lightly. He hoped that the light-hearted meet and greet the following evening would allow for an informal way for the newcomers to get to know the men and women of the Federation. Sending off the memo his attention turned to the meet and greet.

His staff had already made the vast majority of the arrangements, even sent out invitations to all of the senior staff and Ambassadors. Glancing over the to do list, Maiek was not shocked to see the smallest details had been taken care of. The staff the Romulan Star Empire had attached to him were second to none, and were definitely earning their keep already.

With all of his official business for the day completed, Maiek's attention turned to personal business. His conversation with the CO had turned to opening up business ties with Romulus. Maiek knew that if he sent said suggestion up the diplomatic pipeline it would take months if not years to get anything done, instead he used his own political authority; Maiek sent a message to his father. Having a Senator back your opinions did wonders for their effectiveness.

His message was brief and to the point. He explained that the prospect of opening trade via Starbase 611 had been broached with the stations commanding officer. Such a thing could be lucrative for the Romulans, the Federation, and most importantly to Maiek's family. The message sent off, Maiek downed the rest of his ale, shut off his computer and strode towards his bedroom.

As he removed his clothing, took a shower and prepared for bed, Maiek's mind turned to the dream he had had the previous evening. The woman, he couldn't quite place her, but nonetheless he couldn't help but anticipate that evenings dream.



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