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Encounter with the Havarians

Posted on Sun Apr 4th, 2010 @ 6:04pm by

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Timeline: Day before "Diplomatic Dances"


Avo sat at the table in the middle of the Vault, similar to the one in OPPS but slightly larger and sleeker, as was everything in the room. She then looked at Commander Lam as they went over crew files to decided who to bring along. "So any ideas yet?" Avo asked.

Sara continued to scroll through the information displayed on the large screen in the centre table as she replied to Avo, "Well, the way I see it we'll need a basic medical staff, engineers, bridge officers and if the Gorn do show up someone to watch our backs", as she looked up she pushed the hair behind her ears, "To be honest I want to keep the crew levels to a minimum to ensure 611 has everyone she needs to continue the repairs and see to the injured." She paused for a moment before sighing, "Screw it, add Winters and Star for now, we'll double check about Jrez, Kriss and Lyons" she let a smile creep across her face before shaking her head as she continued to speak " I've got a funny feeling quite a few people will be pulling double duties."

"Oh?" Avo asked. Sara didnt get a chance to answer before a beep at the console made them both drop their heads down at the caller ID on the message. Havaria Prime.....
"Speak of the devil." Avo began. "Commander Borcor wants to speak!"

Avo tapped the accept button and Commander Borcor and the spunky Micon director of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps appeared on the screen. "Lieutenant Agara?" Ambassador Ocuni asked.

Avo nodded. "Yes Director, and this is Commander Lam, she'll be leading our ship." Avo explained to Commander Borcor who simply nodded.

"Yes Lieutenant we know who you are." Borcor spoke up. "I am onboard our ship the Korolev, it is on route to Templar to escort you to the planet named H'Vrai."

Avo had a sudden perk at the name of the ship. "Commander Korolev is Russian, is it not?" Avo asked.

Commander Borcor nodded. "Yes it is, but the name is fitting." Borcor explained bluntly. "And now to buisness! As you know we are setting course for the Iconian planet after we leave Templar, and first we want to know what you both know personally about the Iconians."

"Greetings Commander, speaking for myself I know everything Starfleet has on the portal technology, that said it's not much, just a few scans, theories and various officer reports." Sara realised that the tension was gone and she now felt filled with confidence.

Avo nodded. "The same, but I did evcavate an Iconian gateway on Vanguard with the Vault team there, but what we learned was minimal." Avo explained.

Borcor nodded. "I see, well I need Lieutenant Agara as liason to the Korolev seeing as she knows the most by a margin, but we do need an intermediary to act between us." Borcor added. "Is this alright Commander?"

Lam didn't like the idea of an officer going it alone, it was probably against some sort of regulation but in the interests of diplomacy she thought it best to agree, "Very well Commander but I ask that we have regular updates from the Lieutenant, protocol and all that sadly, I'm sure you understand."

Borcor nodded. "Of course. So which ship will be acompanying the Korolev?" She asked.

"I will be commanding the MacArthur, she's all we've got available at the moment but I'm confident she's more than up to the task" replied Lam

"Excellent!" Borcor exclaimed. "We'll be at Templar in two days, see you then, Commander, Lieutenant." Borcor nodded as the transmission faded.

"Two days to get everything sorted, here's hoping that'll be enough time." said Sara looking round to Avo before collecting a few PADD's, "if you need me I'll be on the MacArthur getting a few bits and pieces sorted." As she made for the door she looked back at Avo who was already gathering her equipment in preparation for the away mission, "good job Avo, I'm sure this away mission will lead us to bigger and better things." With a quick smile Sara left Avo to finish sorting out her lab, in a few days though she'd be plunged into a completely different world.


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