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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly still couldn't ease her mind, and so as not to reveal her thoughts to Vos, she slowed up, allowing him to stride of across the meadow before her. It wasn't a nice feeling, the sort of feeling that would cause someone to abandon hope and descend into darkness because of a mistake. A mistake so dyer, the lives of six hundred people were riding on it. Her crew looked to her for guidance and hope, and all she handed them on this occasion was a good chance of death.

She stopped at base camp to grab a small bite to eat and something to drink, also to enjoy the feeling of the falling rain and the light wind on her skin. Despite the situation, it was still nice to be planet side for a change. To feel the elements, the grass underfoot and the scent of the flowers, and it it hadn't been for the planets dark secret, she may have considered moving here. Build herself a small cabin in the forest, near the waterfall that was less than a kilometer from the base. Still that was nothing but a daydream now.

She was pulled back to the here and now with a word. What was it? Someone had called her name. She looked around and found the squat but indomitable Kathy standing behind her, clutching her phaser.
"Sorry Kathy, you said something?"

The older woman handed Beverly a towel. "You look frozen sweet. Are you alright? What's happening out there?"

Beverly shrugged, "I don't know. But I think its my fault. Were pulling back to the West Ridge. Do you need some help clearing the camp?"
She was distant, berating herself for her judgment. This wasn't something she would do again, not make a mistake on this level.

"I'm sure you're not to blame," Kathy soothed gently rubbing Beverly's damp shoulders. "Whatever it was you're find a way of fixing it." She straightening with a sigh. "Don't worry about helping there is a team already breaking things down, Tim's around her somewhere..."

Out of the corner of her eye she saw something. It moved so swift, and was in the blackness of the forest.
"Did you see that Kathy?"

Kathy almost dropped the phaser she was holding at the change in Beverly's tone and the chill that rippled down her spine. "I..I don't know."

Beverly slowly pulled her phser, setting it to stun. She had seen something.
She could sense Kathy behind her, still terrified, but by the looks of it, her Starfleet training from all those years ago was kicking back in, despite the trembling hands.
"Stay behind me Kath".
She entered the treeline, as the bright sunlight vanished behind the ensuing storm.

Swallowing hard Kathy followed Bev out of the camp into the forest feeling her heart pound in her ears and her hands quake. Why, did she argue to go down?

It was dark in the forest, even so close to the meadow. It was like a veil that blotted out all light. Something behind them rustled the fallen twigs and leaves, Bev spun to see nothing. She was about to give up her search when she heard a deep, guttural whisper.
"Here is the time... Now is the reckoning".
Something was breathing down her neck. Deep warm breath. An arm was around her waist, clutching her near and moving with inhuman speed. Kathy beside her, trying to scream, but the sheer speed of the... whatever it was, dampened down the sound to nothing.
Was this her penance for sentencing her crew to death?


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