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A simple away mission

Posted on Sat Apr 3rd, 2010 @ 5:48pm by Lieutenant Amber Winters & Lieutenant Eloise Star & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: 611/MacArthur
Timeline: Day after "Diplomatic Dances"


Sara entered the bridge, the lighting was low and the bridge consoles were off, it was an odd sensation seeing somewhere that is normally so active silent and deserted. She walked over to the Ops station and tapped in her access code, "Computer, release Bridge lockout authorisation Lam two-seven-omega-omega", it was all it took for the screen to be activated and as the nerve centre of the ship started to come to life she walked to the centre of the bridge and stared at the Captain's chair, she was a Lieutenant Commander but Command was far from her area of expertise, taking a deep breath she sat down before opening a comm channel, "MacArthur crew please report aboard and prepare for departure in one hour."

Amber was in her quarters when she head the comm. She grabbed her items she needed and headed off to the MacArthur. She walked onto the ship and headed to the bridge where Sara was. "Commander, I am reporting for duty," said Amber.

"Good to have you aboard Amber, not sure what state sickbay is in though" Sara said with a quick smile, she felt rude not spending more time with her but as the departments got ready there were more and more reports, it was a miracle that commanding officers had time to command she thought.

Amber nodded and headed off to sickbay.

The commbadge chirruped at an especially inconvenient time. How the...are we going to get this functional again. At times like these, Jrez wished he was Klingon – they have such an expressive language. Neither Trill nor Federation Standard did justice to the emotions he was currently experiencing.

Then the call came through to join the Vault Squad. No-one could tell him what it was about; no-one could tell him where he fitted into the team; most importantly, no-one could tell him what would happen in the Science Labs. He’d only been in charge for a matter of days and he was already being dragged away. And you wanted to join Starfleet? one of the former hosts asked. You knew this sort of thing would happen; you knew you’d be compromised sooner, rather than later.

“Shut up!” he spat.

Eloise was more than a bit surprised when she got the call to go on an away mission. What happened to settling in. To being in one spot? Seemed like she was running off already. She had to laugh at the irony of it. She hadnt even learnt much of the station let alone its occupants. Now she would be going on an away mission with people she didnt know or trust yet. She knew they had to be good or they would not hold the positions that they were occuping. But still she would feel the odd person out. She definately wasnt used to this. She wondered how exactly she was meant to be fitting in. They would tell her soon enough. She packed lightly and left for the MacArthur. Time for an adventure, she just hoped she wouldnt let them down.

As the last of the crew came aboard Sara once again made her way to the centre of the bridge, "Helm, lay in course to the H'Vrai system and prepare to engage at Warp 7." She then turned to the Operations station where another crew member whose name she did not know stood, "Ensign open a channel to the Korolev" her requests replied to with a quick "aye sir" from the Conn and a nod from Ops.

"Korolev this is the MacArthur is ready to go, we'll follow your lead", for some unknown reason she was looking up towards the ceiling, she knew that's where the speaker was but as the Korolev couldn't see here it just seemed strange, she would work on it, if she remembered.

Avo sat on one of the side consoles to Commander Borcor's left and right and saw her nodd to respond. Avo pressed the button labled "K'v'rintiri" or Open Channel. "Okay Commander, pulling out of Templar's space."

Avo saw the screen move from a view of Templar and the MacArthur to the fast wide open field of stars and saw Commander Borcor turn to her.

"Lieutenant, are Starfleet vessels capable......." She started.

Avo predicted what she was going to say. "No commander."

Borcor sighed. "Alright, bring conventional warp engines online and set course for the H'vrai system, warp seven."

As both vessels cleared the outer defence perimeter they slipped out of the system at warp speed, almost unnoticed by nearby ships and the Templar herself. As Lam received some reassuring nods from the various departments that the ship was holding together she stood next to the conn looking at a console showing the flight path, "Agara can you confirm that our ETA should be within 91 hours?"

Avo nodded on her end, "Correct Commander, ETA at warp seven ninety one hours."

Sara sat down and took in the perfect harmony of the crew around her, she checked the status reports and various crewmen and officers brought her PADD's of data. It was several minutes before she realised she was commanding, without any real expertise things were going smoothly and centre seat finally felt like her post, she smiled to herself as she read another report. As things settled she knew the crew would be eager to know where they were going and why it was in the tow of a large alien battleship, 'one day I'll get to sit down for more than five minutes' she thought. "Mister Jrez, can you please arrange a staff meeting for all senior officers in one hour" she said looking over to the Science station.

“Aye, M’am,” Jrez replied, despite wondering why he’d been nominated for this particular task. He could only think it was assumed that as Command Chief on 611 he had experience in such duty. He immediately put out a general call to all senior officers.

Gathering the mission information Sara made her way to the Ready Room, it was time to prepare in this mission of blind leading the blind, she just hope that she would be convincing in the meeting and that a quick run through would do her a world of good. MacArthur's conn had been taken over by a member of the Engineering department, a Lieutenant Davian, and as the only other officers name she knew she decided to leave him charge, "You have the bridge Lieutenant" she said while thinking it was time to break out the crew manifest.


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