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Recapture Truths

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Henk felt like a rag doll being carried roughly slung over someone's shoulder. He made a soft noise, wriggled slightly and turn his head forcing his tired eyes to work. He heard voices and then felt strong arms lower him down on something soft.
After a few minutes Henk opened his eyes and looked around. He saw a face that was not looking happy at all.

Nodding at the guard Mason squatted down next to Henk with a grim face. "So," she said softly but dangerously. "Where were you intending to run to?"

Henk looked at Mason and slowly stood up.
“Somewhere safe.” Henk said. “I need to speak with the Captain. We have to get back to the colony ship.”

She rose with him, one hand hovering over her side arm. "The Commander is unavailable at present, but whatever it is you wish to say you can tell me. I relay the message if I think it worth while. Considering how pathetic your efforts have been recently your not worth the clothes on your back."
Her views that Henk was a killer had been dismissed replaced instead by the belief he was a coward and unstable person.

“Well let tel you this, if we do not get back to the colony ship every person who is here is dead by the time the storm ends.” Henk explained. “I hope you had a good look at those Klingon's, because you are going to be pushing up daisies”

"How do you know about the Klingon corpses?" She shivered unable to forget what she and the team had discovered in the ruins. Not just the Klingon bodies but the heartbreaking sight of the colonists too.

“I’ve been here around three weeks. The Klingon's came about a week after The massacre of the colony ship. I don’t know why they came to the planet. But I knew the next day they where dead. I was scavenging through the village, then I saw the bodies. It made me sick to my stomach, that’s for sure.”

"What makes you so certain Commander DeVour would allow the same thing to happen to us? How can I trust what you say is truthful and that is not a trap you've been planning since we discovered you?"

“Like you have a choice?” Henk said forcefully. “I have survived here for three weeks. And because you are still here I can assume you have no contact with your ship. Now, as far as I know you have no eyes in you back, and these creatures behave like lions, and we are the zebra’s. Do you know how to handle lions? I do, I've worked with them, they will hunt you down and not stop until everyone has been hunted. The safest place to hide is in the colony ship and wait until the storm is over.”

Kristina chewed her tongue for a moment contemplating his words. "Alright, let's say I believe you how do we escape from being hunted once the storm has passed?"

“When the storm is passed the sun will shine again.” Henk said. “Then we can go out. It’s safer then walking around here and not see further than 5 meters in front of you.”

A sudden rustle behind them made Kristina snap around and level her weapon. Apologetically the security guard held out his hands, his face blushing red.
Lowering her weapon Kristina turned back to Henk giving him a firm stare. "I still don't trust you O'Brien, but it seems Commander Lorran agrees with your thoughts we are regroup at the West Ridge. However," she cut across him cold stepping closer that their faces were only inches apart. "If you try anything like this again I will shoot you and it won't be on stun. Do you understand?"

“Sure, When do I get my gun?” Henk asked.

Snorting she withdrew. "Tenyson lead the way, I'll keep an eye on our slippery friend. Come on," she prodded Henk with her weapon nodding to the security officer . "Move yourself."

Henk turned around and looked at Mason.
“Trust me I will go to the ship. But I need a gun. How could I help if I need to throw rocks at them?”

"You will have to think of something else won't you?" she responded giving him another nudge. "You won't be needing a weapon Tenyson and I will provide the cover needed."

Henk sighted and just walked into the direction pointed.
“Hope you got a good life insurance.” henk muttered.
~This doesn’t look good. ~ He thought


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