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Reap the whirlwind

Posted on Sun Apr 4th, 2010 @ 6:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: High Havarian Ship Korolev and Main Opps
Timeline: Day after "Diplomatic Dances"

HSS Korolev

Supreme Commander of the Havarian Fleet Seleya Borcor sat in the large center chair of the massive militaristic blue and white bridge of the High Havarian Ship Korolev. As it dropped to normal space she could feel the four massive drive engines and the eight support engines muse to a steady impulse speed even though there was no sound or feel of the engines, but she'd like to think so. The two massive shuttle bays on either side of the large triangular primary hull glowed to life on the two fighter bay opps panels behind her and the large deflector at the bottom of the bulky, large, secondary hull right below the primary hull spring to life.

Before her and the other twenty odd people on the bridge, glowed the mid sized Federation Space Station Templar Station. The bastion of Starfleet military force in the region with a dozen or so Klingon and Federation vessels surrounding it.

She then rotated her chair to the COMM officer in back of her and smiled slightly. "Open a channel to Templar and inform them we are ready to dock." She instructed.

Main Opps

As Lam dropped off a report for Commodore Quinn she saw the large Havarian ship on the view screen in Ops, 'this should be fun' she thought as she hovered next to the exit, waiting to see what was going on.

I can't believe this was all Jack could think, he'd been working late in Ops before deciding he could do his work just as well in his quarters and had left a very important PADD near his work station. Typically he'd been practically there before he'd remembered, so here he was rushing back to Ops and straight into Lt. Commander Lam.

Quickly he reached out to grab her arm to keep her upright "Sorry about that" strangely she seemed to pay him little mind "What's got you so distracted?"

"No need to apologize, I probably shouldn't be staring at large view screens" replied Sara with a nervous laugh.

At that Jack glanced up at the view screen and did a double take before letting out a low whistle "That's one big ship, do we know what their here for?"

"There here to escort us to some backwater planet, I need to get the away team to the MacArthur, good luck" replied Sara ass she made her way to the turbolift.

"Sir, the Havarian ship is hailing us" said a young Betazoid crewman, looking directly at Daniels as he was the ranking officer on duty.

Walking more to the center of the command deck he muttered to himself "so much for an early finish" before telling the young officer in a louder voice to open the channel. The moment the star field was replaced with the authoritative face of the Havarian Captain Jack was in his game letting no emotion show "Welcome to Starbase 611 I'm Lieutenant Jack Daniels".

Borcor stared at the man and the woman behind him for a moment. "Yes of course, I am Supreme Commander Seleya Borcor of the Havarian fleet and captain of the High Havarian Ship Korolev. I trust we are expected?" She asked.

"You are, I'm afraid we don't have any facilities big enough to house your vessel. If you'll maintain a standard orbit of the station we'll provide transporter coordinates for you to beam over."

"Of course, Korolev out."

Once the the view screen returned to its usual view Daniels turned to the nearest officer "Transmit the coordinates" waiting to get a confirmation from the crewman before he headed over to pick up the forgotten PADD, he was just heading out the door when he gave the dominating vessel on the screen one last look I think things are about to get interesting here.


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