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The Gathering

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2010 @ 8:18am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Major General Richard Poteat & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Finally Quinn had finished reading over the recent reports for the station, from waste reclamation to requisition requests. One thing was certain about the station, it was a unique beast to Command. More over, several rather sizable changes had happened in the past few days. Commander Lorran had been promoted to Captain and sent to assume Command of the Ticonderoga patrolling the boarder. A Commander Aerelon had been promoted to the rank of Captain and now was assuming the Executive Officers role and many other small changes. In his mind, he needed a situation report from all departments so he could get his head around what was happening on the station.

With swift movements he tapped his Combadge and with an authority that seemed to suit him he started to summon the senior officers to a briefing, Lieutenant Mason excluded due to her situation.
"Commodore Quinn to all senior officers. Report to the ward room for a meeting of all department heads".

Once the call was made, he pulled himself from his seat and with a confidence that was swelling with everystep, he moved across his office and towards the ward room on one of the mid decks of core two.

Leanne quickly found her way up to the ward room and entered, she looked like she hadn't really slept in days. She had a cup of coffee in her hand that could pass as a pot. She quickly sat down at the far end of the table from the door.

David had been reading a report when the call came for the Senior Officers to assemble in the Ward Room. Asking the computer for directions, he followed the convenient lights until he arrived at the door. He entered, nodding to the officers already present and took a seat out of the way.

'Great, just what I need', Sara thought, "Bellamy take over here, I'll be in the staff meeting" she said with a hint of frustration in her voice. She was new to the position and knew she'd have to go to such meetings regularly but why did they always happen without notice and when she was doing an experiment. It only took a few minutes for her to make her way to the Ward Room where she saw a group of largely unfamiliar officers, only Quinn was known to her, she took her seat silently and waited to report in.

Avo was still asembling the crew for the McAuthur for the mission to the Iconian planet when the ever present sound of her COMM badge. But then again she now speant most of her days druming her fingers against her desk in her office and looking at the various ships and planets on the holographic map on the right wall. She slowly got up and drumed her fingers one last time before gracefully power walking down the stairs and out the door several engineering personel were putting in.

Arriving in the turbo lift she calmly ordered it to the ward room and then strolled down the corridor until she arrived at the door and waited for the motion sensors to hiss open the door. Stepping inside she nodded at the Commodore, Doctor Ulonova and first Lieutenant Laurie and took a seat next to the Commodore.

Jack strolled in just after and grabbed the nearest available chair, his useral habit of scanning the crowd of faces to get a hint of the upcoming announcements and such all but forgotten. Sleep was still an ellusive beast and was weighing him down in exhaustion.

Zeek was rubbing his forehead as he walked into the room. He had been taking on Vos's responsibilities in his absence, on top of running an entire department, and it was starting to wear on him. Zeek took his seat next to Jason and awaited the start of the meeting.

Max entered and nodded to the Commodore and the others assembled there. He'd just finished his duty on communications and it had been a busy shift. Before that was doing his stint in Sickbay, he felt tired and he needed some food and hoped this wouldn't take very long. He found a seat, sat down and waited.

The shrill beep of his commbadge caught Jrez on the hop. He was about to enter Engineering, the next stop on his rounds of the enlisted crew.

The call to assemble all senior officers came as no great surprise – a new commander, a new captain, new heads of departments; this promised to be a high-powered meeting. Lucky I got that report into Lorran before he was transferred, he thought. Only verbal but it’ll do for the moment; or, at least, until I can get my rounds completed and find time to write it up. He laughed caustically. That was a joke! Find time! Clean-up of the science facilities had begun but a shambles was still a reasonable description of the mess he’d left behind there.

When he entered the meeting room it appeared as if he was one of the last to arrive. He noticed Kriss Max looked strung out and he wondered.... This might be a good opportunity to watch and learn. I might be completely wrong about Max but, then again, he might slip up inadvertently.

Richard walked in. having been on the atation all of 30 minutes. He turned and saw a myriad of officers in the confrence room. " Ltjg Richard Poteat, reporting." he said.

Quinn waved him in totally disinterested in the formal arrival and handover of orders speech.
"Sit down Lieutenant. Welcome to the station". Quinn caste his eye over the gathering of officers, checking to see if he had everyone present but having not seen any of these officers except in passing during the last meeting. "Is everyone here now?", he asked the room at large.

"I believe so Sir." Zeek replied

Quinn nodded to the officer who's name escaped him at the moment before once again glancing around the gathered faces. Each one new to him and unable to read their state just by the expression on their face which he had been able to do with his officers on the Ticonderoga, even his Vulcan Science officer.
"Firstly, there was no formal introduction. I'm Commodore Jason Quinn, new commanding Officer of 611. I am sorry about that oversight. Secondly", and this was were the group would either rebel or remain the consummate professionals he hoped they were. "Commander Lorran has been reassigned by Command. He will be assuming Command of the USS Ticonderoga, and promoted to the rank of Captain".

Leanne was just about to stand up and throw something at this new commanding officer when her better judgment got the better of her. Vos was fairly cryptic when he said he had to leave immediately and didn't give her much information. She instead sunk lower down into her chair, with her arms wrapped tightly around her.

David frowned ever so slightly as he noticed one of the women shift in her seat. He'd not had a chance to meet Lorran, but it would seem there was an issue with his reassignment. It was, however, not his concern, cold as it may seem.

Jrez considered this piece of information and found he was not concerned either way. He’d had little time to build a relationship with Lorran as Command Chief to XO, what with the Borg incursion and settling in himself then the disappearance of the Kodiak then the Gorn boarding party. Anyway, when it came down to it, one XO was much like another – you either got along with them and built a professional relationship or you didn’t. He wondered who the new XO would be. He had his own thoughts on the matter but they were private. He didn’t dwell on them in case that person was not the anointed one.

Quinn observed the room and it looked as if a striking young women with the teal uniform and pips of a Lieutenant Commander might speak up, but just as quickly she slunk down into her chair again. No one else seemed inclined to reply, so he continued on.
"I would like to extend the position of Executive Officer to Commander Aerelon, and if he agreed then he...", Quinn smiled and faced the Commander realizing that he was talking about him in the third person. "You would receive a promotion to Captain of course. It has already been arranged with Command".

Zeek was stunned. He didn't expect to see a fourth pip on his collar...ever. But who was he to disagree with faith "Thank you sir, I'd be honored." He replied. Typically the chatty man would have had more to say, but the reality of this had yet to sink in.

Quinn nodded at the new Executive Officer, more than please at first impressions with his right hand man. Next came the difficult job of plowing through the tumultuous job of damage reports.
"Status and damage reports from all sections please!", His tone sounded strained, as he knew this would be the most difficult part hearing how long it would take to bring systems back online and the casualty reports as so on. "I need to know were the station is at the moment!"

Lam wasn't sure when her turn to speak was so tentatively moved forward in her seat, "Well as far as support ships the MacArthur is operational again, mostly cosmetic work but several Phaser coils need replaced the torpedo compliment is still to be replenished, besides that R&D is fully operational and we've now begun work on producing new defence platforms which should be deployed over the next three weeks." It was all she knew but figured it was best to get her bit out of the way, perhaps the news would be seen as a positive start.

“Putting on my Command Chief hat,” Jrez began, taking a lead from Lam, “I can only give a preliminary report. There are the expected instances of trauma among the enlisted crew, Sir, but not as much as I might have expected. All in all, the crew is holding together well. It is my impression that repeated adversity is bringing out the best in the crew. Mind you,” he added in an attempt at levity, “I wouldn’t advise any more action in the near future.” He scanned the faces around him; his attempt had gone down like a lead balloon. “That having been said,” he continued on a more sober note, “I am only part way through my rounds. Engineering is the next department on my list – I was just about to review it when your call came through.” He paused to let that sink in. “As for Chief Science Officer...the labs are a complete shambles and many experiments are off-line. Thankfully, none of them were vital. Clean-up is under way but it will be many days before we can expect to resume operations at anything like normal capacity.”

David shuffled slightly in his seat. "The Marines are in reasonable order. Approximately 90% of the men are in good condition, however, much of our equipment is in a poor state after the attack. I have yet to be given a full report on every weapon and piece of kit." He paused for a second. "At a push, the Marines could easily fulfill their battle duties. Currently they are coping with normal duties."

Jack was the next to throw his two cents in "Stations command systems are back online, giving us full control again. From an Intelligence point of view we got off lucky, the Starfleets codes and frequency where automatically secured using the latest encryption algorithms preventing the Gorn from securing more information than what was in the active memory".

Zeek nodded as he listened to the reports "Make sure you all are forwarding any requisitions you need to me. We need to get repaired and resupplied as soon as possible."

Quinn shifted in his seat looking the Doctor square. He could see she was hurting about something, but he couldn't put his finger on it yet. Making a mental not to have a conversation with her in the near future he finally spoke to her.
"Doctor, how is medical holding up?"

"We are finally getting caught up, actually had a moment to breathe and actually do some lab work. I'm still short staffed but what can you do. The EMH is threatening to rebel with the amount of work I'm making him do. I threatened to turn him into a receptionist and that seems to be working so far." She said this still slumped in her chair , her eyes showing signs of exhaustion and worry.

"I have had a word with Captain Jones of the warden to try and haggle some extra help from the civilian traders in the area. It might not be much, but its something. The same for Engineering as well", Quinn cast a glance over at the Cardassian that had been silent the whole time.
"What is the status of the communications array?"

"Communications has taken quite a bit of a battering as we all know." began Max "But we are almost back to normal, or what ever counts for normal around here. Old relays are being replaced by new but some of the departments and ships coming in might experience 'ghosting' or feedback loops, a bit like an old radio crystal set or a transistor."
Max was tempted to make old radio sounds but thought better of it. "All of us will be fighting for air space but please be patient, these should disappear as the new systems take over. Were working around the clock to finish off, so I apologise to all if we haven't got to you yet. The Array itself is taking a little longer and at the moment is only operating at a maximum of 60% but should be up to 80% in another six to seven hours. We might have to build this up slowly to 100% as too much power to soon could result in a system wide failure. This could take anything between three to seven days."

"If you can get it up and running any sooner Ensign then what ever resources we Can spare will go t you", Quinn nodded. "For what its worth, I can see why Commodore DeVuor speaks so highly of each of you. Under some of the most difficult circumstances you have the station still operating. This effort has not gone unnoticed. Now...", his tone turned darker as he started to broach the matter that was plaguing the stations rumour mills. "Lieutenant Mason is due to stand trial for some cultural deformation charges or some such. Because of this I will not be available for the next few days as such, neither will Captain Aerelon. Because of this I will be assigning Commander Ulonova to second officer. Can I ask you to keep an eye on the station until this mess is cleaned up and both myself and Zeek here are back to business as usual?"

"Of... of course, I'll make sure the old girl doesn't fall apart." Leanne was snapped out of her trance and looked kind of blankly at Quinn. "I'll get to my duties as soon as possible."

Quinn could barley contain the smile as he finally managed to get a rise from the somber women. "Well, is there anyother business?"

Noone seemed to have anything further so Quinn gave one last look around the room before again nodding at them. It really had hit him what DeVuor had been on about when she said they were some of the best officers she had worked with.
"If there is nothing else, dismissed!"


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