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The Devils Deal.

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2010 @ 10:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Security Holding Area.
Timeline: Follows 'The First Step'

As soon as he entered the small room he was hit by a wall of smell, unfortunately that smell was of BO. The Yridian Captain had the look of someone who'd not seen a working shower in some time, hydro or sonic.

Taking a deep breath he entered "I'm Lieutenant Daniels, you wanted to speak to me?"

The Yridian scanned him from head to foot "Your an intelligence officer?"

Sitting in the unoccupied seat across the table "That's what the uniform says" taking out a PADD he opened up a new document "Now any more stupid questions or can we get down to business?"

The Captain starred at him for some time before seeming to come to a decision "I wish to make a trade".

Jack was unimpressed "Hmm trade what, for what?"

"I have information, I trade to you for my freedom" that raised all kinds of flags in Jacks head, for a simple smuggler to go straight to bargaining just didn't add up.

Jack drew air in through his teeth "See that's gonna be a problem, for that deal to work your gonna need some very good information" Jack decided to see if he could fake this guy out a bit, maybe get an idea of what he's really been up to.

"Information is good, very good"

"Why don't you tell me what it is and I'll tell you how good it is?" Jack countered but the Yridian didn't reply, instead he pulled away from the table as if hesitant to commit.

"OK" Jack stood up and started for the door "Security will be here to get you soon".

"Cestus, and Gorn" the Yridian blurted out.

That brought him up short, turning back around his face was a mask of rage "Your a few weeks to trade on that".

"Not about invasion" he replied "About prisoners".

It took a moment for it all to sink in but finally he returned to his seat "OK if the information is good and can be verified, your presence here goes unrecorded".

Even before he was finish he was already shacking his wrinkled head "No, no, no".

"That's the best your gonna get from me, so decide what's the better deal her" Jacks face was completely blank, any levity that might have been in his voice was now gone. Finally the Captain made a decision and nodded his consent "Gorn take many prisoners, from Cestus".


"Slave force, hazardous work, dilithium mining and such".

"This isn't impressing me, what good is this information?"

"Know of a transport, carrying many to Gorn colonies. With Information can rescue" now he just looked smug, Jack hated that look.

"And just how did you get this information?" That wiped the look of the Captains face.

"Traded with transport" was his reply but Jack waited for him to supply more "And borrowed flight data" well thought Jack that would explain it sliding the PADD over to the Yridian.

"Details on how to get this information, if it checks out you've got your deal" he watched as the Captain entered the details into the PADD and for the first time in a while Jack felt hopeful hold on guys I'm coming for you.


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