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A march of dark thoughts..

Posted on Wed Mar 11th, 2009 @ 8:01pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: On the way to the ship
Timeline: Current

Leanne had moved with the others back to the base camp. She instructed her medical team to pack up and head with the others towards the colony ship and that they where going to set a new base of operations up there. The doctor was physically and emotionally drained from the events so far but she tried not to show it. As she was packing up one of the biogenic sensors that they had deployed one of the nurses came over to her.

"Dr. Ulonova, let me treat those gashes for you. Now sit down..." Before Leanne could object the nurse grabbed a dermal regenerator and started to pass it over her neck.

"Emily, I could have done this myself... besides.. they are closed up... we need to save our equipment in case of another emergency." The warm feeling of her skin repairing itself did feel good.

"All done.. you'll probably want to do some touch up when we get back to the Genesis but at least it doesn't look like a lion jumped out and tried to eat you." Nurse Emily smiled at Leanne and went back to packing up the supplies.

After everything was packed up, her team and a few marines headed out towards the colony ship. As they walked her mind drifted back to the temple and the little girl, the look in her eyes, the pure anger that was present when she leaped at her, and there was nothing that she could have done for her. The sky was getting darker, and if what Henk was saying was true? She could feel herself start to panic a bit...
-Was this the right choice to join a starship?- She could hear her mind racing -If I hadn't listen to Menze I'd be safe back on Jupiter.. I wouldn't have to worry about not waking up tomorrow.. watching my friends die... what if I end up like that girl... lifeless, possessed...- She took a deep breath to calm herself. -It is going to be ok... we are going to make it out of this- She looked around at her medical team, she had to keep her wits for them, most of her crew where just as scared as she was.. she decided to try and joke around with them.

"When we get back to the ship, I'll make you all dinner... no never mind that would be a bad idea... I don't want to give the entire ships medical crew food poisoning." They all laughed a little bit and she could feel the tension break a bit. She looked up to see the looming shadow of the ship, standing like an ancient tomb. "Lets get over there and set up before it starts to rain."


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