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Court Room Drama (pt 1)

Posted on Mon Apr 12th, 2010 @ 6:04am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Major General Aio Agara [PNPC]

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

The room in which Lieutenant Mason's was fairly small, but would suit the purpose that was needed. A desk that sat at the front of the room was lifted so as to look out below onto a smaller desk. The other desk, was to seat the defendant The small assembly were seated in their places as Ethan entered the room. Some made attempts to stand, but he quickly waved them down as he took his seat. "Alright let’s get this underway, the sooner this mess is sorted out the better. I'm Rear Admiral Ethan Baker, and I'll be presiding over today's court martial. I've been told Ambassador Livia Harrison will be acting as the accused defence. Commodore Jason Quinn, Commander Zeek Aerelon, and Ambassador Haqtaj Matlh will be presented as witnesses. Mr. Anthony Cardel is here to provide record of this trial. Mr. Cardel, for the record, would you care to explain the charges being brought against Lieutenant Mason."

Cardel sat in the witness stand the chair and table also had been raised but was slightly lower than that of the judges. He sat in this chair because he had been subpoenaed the federation (in all its wisdom) thought it better to issue a subpoena rather than take the chance he may try and get out of the trial. It was unnecessary but like the Federation not unexpected. His mood was sour because instead of a more proper trial in a civilian court a military tribunal had been chosen as the best place for a trial. He saw things differently this Rear Admiral was unknown to him and might as well have been a plant for all he knew. He was here to give testimony and he would indeed give it.

“I do not share your feelings for expedience in this trial Rear Admiral” Anthony said adjusting himself in his seat.

“As for the matter of the charges” he said looking at Lt. Mason.

“I am not currently apprised of the charges that Lieutenant Mason is charged with, I am however familiar with what she said to Ambassador lagh Haqtaj Matlh.” He stated looking at the prosecution and defense lawyers looking for which would subject him a round of questions.

Mason's jaw was clenched as Cardel spoke. His elder voice resounded around the small room, several heads moved to speak with the persons around them. Kristina however wasn't looking, instead she sat rigidly staring fixed upon the leg of Baker's desk feeling utterly hopeless.

Aio whispered in Richard's ear and stood up to address the admiral. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Aio Agara for the court's record." She nodded to master Cardel. "The charges are, Insulting the Klingon people and undermining our relations with them in a way unbecoming of a Starfleet officer and racial slander. Specifically; defamation of cultural identify, endangering public and diplomatic relations with foreign government." Aio said and quickly sat down.

Commodore Quinn sat in a chair behind the two tables with defense and prosecution, burning a stare into the back of Mason's head trying to figure out if she really did deserve this, or if it was a witch hunt. So far the whole thing made little sense to him as the words printed by Cardel seemed like something she would have said, be it in anger or not. Yet what the Ambassador had said to him made him pause. She had appeared to be trying to manipulate the situation to suit the Klingon governments needs stating the Mason issue as 'not wanting another'.
So far all he could decide on was that he didn't like her one bit, but she did not deserve this if it really was an innocent comment that she had made.

Ethan sighed "I was under the impression that this station's JAG department had their act together. What came across my desk was something about endangering relations with the Klingon's. No matter, we'll get it sorted out. I need to state this before we begin, this is a military tribunal, and I will have order here. I know some of you are not Starfleet, but do not forget where you currently reside." Ethan nodded for Livia to begin

"Thank you Admiral." Livia said as she stood and moved to the witness stand "The first witness I wish to call is Lieutenant Mason herself."

Drawing in a steadying breath Krissy rose feeling every eye in the room falling upon her as she crossed to the witness stand. Turning to save the mixed crowd of friends and foes spotting the familiar faces of Quinn, and Zeek among them she dug deep into her inner strength to mask her pending fears for their stake as much as her own. She couldn't allow herself to fall apart.

"Lieutenant, would you in your own words, explain for this tribunal the incident that has brought us here today?" Livia asked

Straightening her shoulders Krissy spoke. "For supposedly under cutting and inevitably insulting the Klingon people during arguments with Haqtaj Matlh."

Livia rounded the small table and approached the blond women now sat in the dock. "Can you elaborate on that more please Lieutenant?"

"To be honest I don't rightly know myself." Krissy answered. "I could tell from the off that her and I were not exactly friends for the way she looked down her nose at my comrades and I, but other then on this one occasion during an argument have I said anything that could have been seen as slander against the Klingon people. I know I speak out of place at times but I would not be so foolish to cross the lines drawn so deeply in the sand."

Livia rounded the room, taking the moment to glance at the Klingon Ambassador sat at the back of the room. "Lieutenant Mason. Before this incident how would you have described your relationship with Ambassador Matlh, and could you recount your first encounter with her?"

Mason too gave the Klingon a swift passing glance. "Our relationship should be described as thorny. Our first encounter came during a small pocket of venerability on the station. Commodore DeVour was unwell fighting off a highly violent and fierce intruder within her own body and Commander Lorran had been assigned on to additional training exercises." Krissy began. "At that time following the natural chain of Command that left myself the most senior officer, who's duties to addition to overseeing the repairs to the station following the Borg inhabitation was to greet VIP's such as Ambassador Malth who's arrival was unexpected.
The first time my eyes fell upon the Ambassador she had crewmen Slawson held clearly off the ground by his throat. It appeared Slawson had attempted to remove her d'k tahg. As you can imagine this wasn't quite the scene I was expecting to see dealing with an Ambassador.
Bluntly she refused to accept the fact that Commodore DeVour was unable to great her in person, and that I was the senior person, in addition she was hostile to every crew member we passed as I lead her around the station. She could not understand nor comprehend why repairs were being made despite my best efforts to explain the situation."

Livia now turned to face Mason eye to eye. "But Lieutenant. A Klingon's Honor would preclude the fact of non acceptance of a situation. Are you claiming otherwise?"

"Yes, Haqtaj was refusing to accept 611 situation at that time," Mason nodded in reply.

Livia wondered around slightly on the spot as Mason gave the information over to the group and found that with Mason's testimony her case was looking stronger all the more. Still, she now had to hand her client over to the prosecutors. The bulk of her case would come from the witnesses they had to call.
"No further questions your honor...", she pointed over to Agara and the new White clad officer she had not yet met in person. "Your witness".

Jones had managed to sneak in the back of the room and listened to all of the testimony. He had somehow managed to keep quiet during all of the pageantry that accompanied these kinds of proceedings. It was odd to be on the other side of the bench in the audience for once. He wasn't even sure why he decided to come.

Quinn listened all the more after the testimony of the blond women, marveling at the calm and cool exterior she seemed to be exuding having believed her to be a hot head. Obviously looks could be deceiving.
He leaned into his executive officer who was sat next to him. "This is nothing but a witch hunt!"

Zeek was fuming as Jason leaned in "Agreed Sir. Can't wait until this is all over and done with."

Aio shoot her glance at the two officers talking, she had great hearing and even though it was obvious one could here them talking, Aio could actually make it out clearly.

Aio nodded and stood up to address Mason, she silently aproached the podium. "Lieutenant Mason, why do you think Starfleet considers bringing this 'minor' arguement to trial?" She asked.

"I would imagine this is only a squall before the storm.," Mason's gaze narrowed slightly. "Obviously Starfleet do not believe these discussions between Haqtaj and I are far from minor, a chance perhaps to show willing to enforce an unstable treaty by flogging dedicated officers."

Aio smiled a bit. "I can assure you Starfleet does not resort to such extremes." Aio explained. "But why do you think you are on trial for your own personal oppinion?" She asked.

"Clearly my strong opinion hit neves incided the editied verions of our converstation was made public recently." Krissy was fiding it much harder now to keep a lid on her anger, she twisted her hands beneath the dock working the tension free.

"So then you do think your comments where out of line then?" Aio asked.

"In hindsight, perhaps. But behind closed doors they were nessacary at the time, for I strongly believe that Haqtaj is scheming. I cannot be more precise that that." Mason answered honestly an ounce of bitterness creeping into her voice.

After listening to the trial and watching the Lieutenant, Jones was reminded of something similar from his past, and watching someone else get run out on trumped up charged. Standing up and almost knocking his chair over he bellowed out towards the woman.

"If you want a character witness to the lengths that the federation will go to keep their shiny bright appearance and facade of being the boyscouts of the galaxy I'd be more then happy to throw some Targ Dung at that argument." Jones was pretty proud at himself. "And it is a travesty to watch you damn near burn that poor girl at the stake so you can sleep at night."

Haqtaj put a hand on Jones shoulder, "Patience, Captain. Don't tip your hand too early."

"Sometimes my dear lady when you are playing poker you need to show them a little to lull them into a false sense of security." Jones smiled.

The room rippled as they populars turned staring openly at Jones. From her position in the dock Mason was surprised by Jone's words they were ever so slightly reassuring in strange way coming from a man who knew nothing about her. However her gaze turned sour at Haqtaj as she reined him back as if he truly was eating out her hands.
The notation made Krissy sick.

Quinn stifled a laugh by covering his mouth with a hand. Maybe it was the right thing to do to allow Captain Jones into the room after all. He would make a mockery of the situation reinforcing the fact that this trial was nothing more than a joke.

"No further objections at this time your honor, I'll sit down for a bit." Jones sat down smiling and winked at Krissy.

Aio glared at Captain Jones. "Admiral may I suggest that Captain Jones be removed from this court room because of his ambiguous position as a civilan freighter captain, and there for not explicitly cleared to be present here?" Aio asked Admiral Baker.

Baker did not look impressed at the Lieutenant request. "This is an open trial Lieutenant. Do you really want to put me in a position were I appear to be closing this trial so as to sweep it under the carpet? As the saying goes!"

Aio didnt agree with that statement, this was a military court martial, but Baker was the Admiral, she was the Lieutenant, nothing was worth arguing about.

Baker now looked at Mason and in turn dissmissed her fraom the stand. "Ambassador Harrison, please call your next witness

Feeling as if this trail was spriling out of control like a falling comet on a crash course for diaster Krissy stepped down and retook her seat as Liva stood to call her next witness. She couldn't decribe how she felt right now there was such a jumble of emotions and feelings running through her. Thought right now she was certain now that this was a big, sick and creul joke at her expensive.

Livia stood and moved around the table having finally decided to go on the offensive with this battle. Instead of playing the political war she dicided it was time to turn law into a Klingon bat'leth and start swinging away with it.
"I would like to call Doctor Lyons to the stand".

Helen was a little startled at being called to the stand. What did she know about what occurred between Mason and Haqtaj? But she made her way quickly to the witness box, stood calmly as she was sworn in and then took her seat, ready for whatever questions where to be thrown her way.

Livia moved lazily across the courtroom to stand infront of the new witness.
"Doctor. Could you recount the conversation you had with Ambassador Haqtaj several days again in your sickbay!"
She was of course referring to the exchange between to the two that had been directed at switching usage from Starfleet to Klingon, something to which Commodore Quinn would not allow while he commanded the station.

Helen scowled. "She wanted to annex one of our medical bays for the treatment of Klingons and she wanted me to run it. I didn't take her seriously at the time, I just told her she had to talk to Doctor Ulovona and the new CO."

"Could you elaborate more on the please Doctor!", Livia asked, trying to coax more information out of the witness before turning her over to the prosecution, but in essence, the point she wished to make had been made.

Helen sat a moment in thought.

"Ambassador Haqtaj approached me as I was cleaning out one of the damaged sickbays. She said that she wanted to use one of the sickbays and also wanted the use of my particular 'skills'. I asked who she had injured this time. She laughed and said that she wanted somewhere to treat Klingons to which I replied that 'this is a medical bay – of course we would treat Klingons here.' I then told her that I wasn't in the mood for word games and to get straight to the point."

Helen grimaced. "Haqtaj then told me that she was going to ask Commodore Quinn if she could annex the medical bay I was cleaning up and have me put in charge of the treatment of the Klingons who came in here. She asked if I would do it. As I said, I didn't take her seriously. I said that if the new CO and Doctor Ulonova said yes, and that these Klingons of hers could arrange to have their fights when I am having a bad day, and they don’t mind my 'memorable' bedside manner, then sure I'd do it. I'd have no choice in the matter anyway if the Commodore and Doctor Ulonova agreed with it."

"So you insulted her with your words. The who have you injured now! Could that not be described as a racial slur Doctor?"
Livia was most please with herself as the line of questioning had brought up exactly the nutshell she was searching for.

"It all depends in what context those words were spoken - she has presented to sickbay at least four times with injuries and has also escorted two injured personnel in with her on two occassions - Lt Mason being one of them, the other was Nurse Vrell. Ambassador Haqtaj insults me just as much as I insult her. It's like a friendly competition to see who can come up with the best comeback."

Livia once again retreated to her seat somewhat pleased with the line of questioning she had just followed and the result has bared fruit. "No further questions. Your witness!", she flashed a finger in the direction of Lieutenant Agara.

Aio smiled a bit as she approached the stand where doctor Lylons was sitting squemishly. "Oh and for the record Doctor Lylons would you please state your name, rank and position for the court." Aio said, turning to a slightly annoyed Liva. "Protocol Ambassador, please remember it next time." She said quietly returning to Helen.

"I am Lieutenant Helen Michelle Lyons, Assistant Chief Medical Officer in charge of Medical Research."

"Thank you doctor." Avo nodded. "Now Doctor do you make it a habit of participating in what can be considered "Suggestive" conversations, like the one you just described."

Helen's head jerked up at that. "Please define what you mean by 'suggestive' Lieutenant Agara."

Baker's temper flared wanting nothing more than to find that bar he had heard about on the station, but sadly such would not be the case. He had to depart for another location of the fleet and rapidly. The bickering between the gathered witnesses and lawyers was also grating on his nerves. Already the case was presenting itself and he had finally had enough.
"That is enough!", he boomed across the room. "This is an open and close case. Why did you bring this infront of me?", he pointed the question to Lieutenant Agara.

Aio snapped to look at the admiral. "Admiral this case was brought to trial at the wishes of the Klingon Government and at the request of Vice Admiral Xenaria of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General for the reason that this could have completely underminded our relations with the Klingons and could have cau....." Aio was interupted by the Admiral's temper.

"That is an unacceptable answer Lieutenant. I hear by rule that this was nothing more than a cultural misunderstanding and the case is dismissed without prejudice to either side. Do I make myself clear!"

Aio glared at the Admiral for a moment and quickly grabbed a peice of paper from her brief case before locking it up. She then quickly wrote something down on it and delivered it to the admiral before storming out of the room.

In her seat Krissy couldn't beleive what she was hearing. Baker was throwing this all out of the window! A great whell of releif bubbled up under her skin, a sudden exit was being presented to her. It was over, yet still she couldn't bring herself to smile like Liva was beside her.

"Well said!" Haqtaj called.

Baker eyeballed the room, passing his gaze from one person to the next. "Dismissed!"

Haqtaj moved to Mason, grinning, "Congratulations, Lt Mason. I trust this means you will be exonerated and able to return to active duty?"

Krissy eyes moved to the Klingon still standing a good foot taller then herself at Mason's full height. "It would seem so," she answered woodily replacing the vacant seat and followed the throng of persons as they left the room feeling several hands slap her shoulders in glee.
Yet she didn't feel it. She had prepareing herself for a dire sentance, and to have been expent from that hadn't sunk in. Though was remaining upon the station, to feel the daily daggers from those around her - wasn't that a sentance in itself?


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