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Here Comes Trouble

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2010 @ 11:39pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Laurie's Office

David weaved through the Marines as he headed for his office. Several stopped and saluted, others merely nodded. This didn't bother David, he hated when people stood on attention to him when it wasn't necessary.

He walked through the outer doors into the small outer office with its three chairs and Toombs' desk. Sandra Toombs was sat at her desk chatting to a tall woman very casually. David didn't care to pry, especially when the unknown woman quickly pulled away from the desk.

"Corporal Rossi to see you, Sir," Sandra said, her face reddening ever so slightly.

"What do you want to see me about, Corporal?" David asked.

Elizabeth snorted ever so slightly. "HQ requires I speak to ever CO I serve under."

David motioned for her to enter his office and shot a curious glance at Sandra, which made her go redder. She shrunk into her seat and focused on her computer.

In the office, Elizabeth had taken a seat and was waiting for David. He took a seat behind desk and called up her service record. The number of commendations paled only due to the number of demerits. Trouble was something she had no problem finding and trying to blow to bits.

"Why are you here?" he asked abruptly.

"Like I said, HQ...."

David shook his head. "Not in this office, on this Station. Your record would suggest you'd rather have a nice cushy job on Earth, not a frontier base at risk of attack from the Gorn. Why are you on Starbase 611."

Elizabeth shifted in her seat. She wasn't used to a grilling like this; most officers merely told her to get on with things and left it at that. Now she was faced with a question she didn't want to answer at all. Of course, there was the fall back answer that she'd used on the one general that had questioned her move.

"I got sick of looking after fat old men and women that couldn't find their way to the toilet with out a yeoman to guide them. Give me something to shoot, and I'll shoot it," she replied, lounging back comfortable.

A short laugh escaped David. "Bull and you know it. That job meant you barely had any duties, rarely had to arrive on time and could do pretty much what you like, bar get in a fist fight with a bunch of Fleeters enjoying a quiet drink. The record says one of them made an inappropriate comment about Corporal Toombs. Make a habit of right hooking every man that tries to complement her. I ask just in case I say she looks good when your about; I'd rather not have to discipline you for hitting me."

He noted the furious look that crossed Elizabeth's face before she buried it. "I protect my friends."

The clear warning laced her comment, so David dropped it. It wasn't worth the hassle.

"Well, I prefer to keep an open mind about people. I'm willing to wipe the slate and give you a chance. I'll warn you right now though, that if you muck up, I'll use you for target practice. Dismissed."

He didn't watch her leave, but called up a few files on his computer. There was an old note recommending the Master-at-Arms, Vartog, for holoprogramme creation. David decided it might be worth sending him a message asking for a bit of help. The more people worked on the project to create a programme for the Marines vs Security training the better.

Having decided to do that, he went out to ask Sandra to send the message.

"Corporal Rossi! Don't you have duties?" he snapped seeing Elizabeth perched on the edge of Sandra's desk. The young woman slunk off without a word. David decided there was no point trying to get her to be polite or salute, it would only be sarcastic. She would be dealt with later.

"Toombs, contact Mr Vartog, Security Master-at-Arms and ask if he would be able to help create a holoprogramme for joint Marine and Security training." He paused for a second. "What do you see in her?"

Sandra looked up at her CO. "I'll get that message to Mr Vartog, Sir," she replied before putting her head down to work, knowing David couldn't force personal information from her. David knew it too and simply went back into his office to carry on with paperwork.


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