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Open for Business

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2010 @ 5:19am by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Romulan Embassy


Looking in the mirror, Maiek adjusted his formal attire once more. He wasn't yet comfortable with the semi-casual appearance of an ambassador's clothing, he was far too used to the sleek, sharp lines of the uniform of the Tal-Shiar or the simple dual colors of his Starfleet uniform all those years ago.

Deciding that no matter how long he looked and picked at the clothing it wouldn't make him any more used to them, he abandoned the nervous errand and instead decided to make his way to the Embassy a little early. Normally he thought he would rather be a little late to a function he was hosting, allow his aides and underlings to entertain the guests but in this case their were still many of the stations senior staff he had not met and he hoped that their first meeting with a Romulan at the evenings events would be him.

Thankfully his quarters were adjacent to the embassy and thus the walk took but a moment. Upon his arrival he was pleased to note that in the short time they had been aboard the station that some of the aesthetic adjustments he had wanted the stations operations staff to make had been taken care of, though more would be needed in time to give the embassy a distinctly Romulan feel. His staff had taken care of all the little things, the food appeared of a pleasing quality and two of the embassy staff had taken up positions on opposing sides of the banquet room as bartenders, poised to dispense Romulan ale and other alcoholic beverages as guests required.

Maiek hoped that at least a few of the people he had met in his lone day on the station would show up early so as to allow for introductions. The Federation Ambassador would probably not be the best to request amiable pleasantries but the Klingon Ambassador and the Commodore would do nicely. Grabbing himself a Romulan Ale, Maiek made his way to the entrance of the Romulan Embassy and awaited his guests.


Come one come all, all senior staff, noteable people and officers invited.


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