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Bruises and wine (Backpost)

Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2010 @ 6:58am by

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

The hours dragged by for Mason between Quinn's exit and the count down to Zeek's evening meal. She had paced restlessly around her room, thinning the hard wearing carpet in several places. She couldn't stand this being cooped up like this was driving her insane, waiting on tender hooks to hear what remained of her future.

Would she stay, if she was saved? Quinn had dangled a life line before her very eyes like a tempting tibit, could she regain some of that lost footing?

She crossed to the lonely desk and sat drumming her fingers upon the desk idly. She needed to talk to someone that wasn't a growing lover, commanding officer or otherwise. What she really needed was a friend. With Henk and Vos now gone her friend list had been halved. Still she keyed the monitor to sickbay.

Leanne heard the console beep in her office. She had no idea who it could be or why anyone would want to talk to her. Sitting down and closing the door behind her. Pressing the button on the monitor and Mason appeared on the screen.

"Leanne, can we talk?" she asked when Ulonova's faced filled the screen.

"Yeah, I'm done with my shift for the night. What can I do for you?" Krissy looked frazzled, and at wits end. She hadn't really talked to her much since they had gotten back from the mission, they had kept her under lock and key.

The blond woman sighed. "I just need to talk to someone before I can crazy or something. I...I need a friend, someone to help me think of something else other then the trail."

"Do you want me to come over?" She could tell that something was really bothering Kristina. "I can be over in a few minutes if you'd like, I'll just say Doctor Patient privilege." She smiled at her trying to make her feel better.

"If you can sweet talk your way past the goons standing guard, that would be much appreciated"

"I'll be there in a few minutes." Leanne clicked off the screen and grabbed a medical kit. She had a plan to get past the guards but it was going to mean that she was going to have to have to pull rank which she hated to do but it sounded like she needed her.

A few moments later Leanne appeared in front of the room that housed Kristina, two security personal stood in her way and eyed her suspiciously when she approached. She straightened her uniform and looked steely eyed.

"I'm here to see Lieutenant Mason, I need to do a medical checkup on her."

"I'm sorry you can't come in here doctor." the security creewmember looked down at her. "These quarters are off limits."


"Ma'am I uh."

"You what... you are going to let me in?" or am I going to have to go and get the Commodore.."

"I umm right away ma'am." The crewman stepped aside and Leanne walked into the room looking angry, then as soon as the door closed, her frown turned into a grin and with both arms up she looked at Krissy. "Tah dah!"

"I didn't doubt you for a moment," Krissy actually smiled the fist time in some hours. Unexpected her eyes paused at the additional pip on Leanne's collar. A quick flare of envy arose, but in a display of sensibility she was able to dismiss it. "Congratulations on your promotion. Certainly well deserved."

"Thanks, I appreciate it, I don't think that I do but the powers that be do." She sat the medical case down and walked over to Mason. "So what can I do for you? You sounded pretty miserable."

Mason smirked. "A fine observation, that's it I suppose I am." She moved restlessly around her quarters. " I can't stand this waiting, I'm tearing myself a part with it all. It wouldn't be so bad if I could do something, but I'm trapped here under guard as if I've been sentenced already."

"I understand, the not knowing, people already assuming.... especially over a Klingon." Leanne frowned a little bit. "Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Especially here in Starfleet, it seems like they are just out for blood on anyone they can get to make an example of."

"Perhaps that's just it, they want to set an example by making over stating trivial things. But that's not what I want to talk about. I just... well I need a friend. I'm I know I've got Zeek but I can't keep bothering him. Beverly, Henk. Vos there'll all gone... I'm sorry for you I know the two of you were close."

"We both knew it was only a matter of time." She stopped for a moment, looking a little sad then snapped out of it. "Well I've got something here for you that I've been saving for a time like this." She reached down to the med kit that she brought, when she opened it up, instead of several medical instruments and scanners, a large bottle of red wine. "This is an especially old bottle of wine... we'll probably go blind from drinking it but it will be worth it."

Unexpectedly Krissy laughed. "Are you sure you want to open it if its that potent? Might burn a hole right through you're light weight stomach." She remembered from Beverly's dinner months ago who they struggled to hold down the powerful wine Beverly has allowed them to deluged having been summoned away mid course.

"I think you're need it my dear." She grabbed the bottle and the corkscrew next to it and walked over to one of the couches in the room and sat down and started to open it. "Let's just forget about everything for a while."

Krissy shook her head with disbelief as Leanne struggled to uncork the stubborn bottle. While the cork squeaked against the glass Krissy rummaged around for a pair of glasses. Sadly her search came up short with a a pair of mismatched tumblers.
But they weren't on parade so what the hell.

Returning back to the couch she popped the glass down, watching Leanne struggle further with the cork. Would you like me to pull the bottle?" Mason asked arching a brow with humor,

"Please" She sheepishly handed the bottle over to Mason. "I'm sorry I'm not very good at that kind of thing, and not a good way to start the night out eh?"

"You're simply out of practice, which is a good think really." Krissy took the glass bottle from the Doc twisted the corkscrew in further and tugged. Setting her jaw with the strain the cork finally squeaked free of the neck with a resounding pop

"Thank you." Leanne held the glasses down on the small coffee table near the couch and watched as Krissy poured the wine into the cups. "I'm glad I can be here for you on this. You know that if there is anything I can do for you that you shouldn't hesitate to ask." She smiled up at the other woman. "Even if it is to replicate some chocolate or something."

"Normally I would just submerge myself into work or work up a sweat in the holodeck..." Krissy trailed off sitting down beside Leanne. "Of course right now I don't have that luxury."

"Yeah.. it could be worse..." She took a sip of wine. "They could have you in the brig." She smiled at Krissy to let her know she was trying to cheer her up.

"Ture, in that regards I'm quite safe," Mason nodded. "There is something else I would like to ask if possible." ahe continued sinking down beside Leanne clutching her glass.

"I am all ears" She nudged Krissy as she sat down. "What is on your mind?"

"Well Zeek's asked me to come along with him to formally greet the Romulan Ambassador, and quite frankly I don't know what to wear. I mean... uniform of any kind wouldn't feel right and...well... I'm in need of some fashion advice really." Krissy finished awkwardly.

"Fashion advice huh?" She looked over at her and smiled. "I'd probably recommend a cute, little black cocktail dress. Classic, timeless, and sexy without being slutty, wear a nice necklace with that, I think you'd look good, and I think it would be appropriate to meet the Ambassador. What do you think?"

"Really? I don't know how about something longer? I mean I don't really want to scare Zeek with the sudden appearance of my legs. Don't think they've seen much daylight in a long time."

"That is the point, you've got them! Show them off." Leanne giggled and took another sip of the wine and winced a little. "Well if you don't I've got a couple of other ideas. Nice longer black velvet dress down to about your shins.... I could take you shopping, make up an excuse that the air in here is making you stuffy or something."

Krissy too took a heavy sip of wine and grimaced though part of that was due Leanne's readily attitude to lie. "I think we've made a bad impression on you Leanne, or is the prospect of throwing around some weight appealing now?" She winked.

"I wouldn't call it lying, I'd equate it more to fabricated truthing.. besides.. I hate to see a friend get run up as much as they have been doing to you. I'm just worried that something is going to happen and they are going to throw you in a brig for the rest of your life." Leanne looked over at Krissy... "I actually hate being in charge, I'd rather be stuck back in a lab running tests or something, it is a lot of pressure... and frankly I don't know how to deal with it."

Mason lowered her glass. "You're be fine, you've already proven you have the skills you require. You're a good officer as well as a brilliant Doctor more then what most could manage. And thank you for its nice to know that I'm not alone on this station."

"Your welcome." Leanne smiled at her and then downed the last bit of wine in her cup. "It is the least I can do for you my dear." She smiled again at her and leaned back into the couch. "But enough about me, we should be having fun or something."

"What did you have in mind?" Krissy asked twisting the glass restlessly in her hands.

She started giggling, and then laughing. "I don't know I was hoping that you'd be able to come up with something, I supplied the wine. I don't think much farther in the future then that."

Mason's lips turned with humour. "Well sorry to dissapoint you I'm not really very good that these type of things either."

Leanne laughed. "Well I'm just fine sitting here with you and finishing off this bottle. It might be good for both of us, besides we don't want to get into too much trouble." Leanne winked at her and poured herself another glass of the wine.

"Why, what other unheealthy habits do you have?" Krissy asked hold out her glass for a refill.

"Smoking is probably my secret habit, well you know about that one already." Leanne smiled and filled up Mason's glass again. "As for other unhealthy habits...." She sat the bottle down on the table and fell back down on the couch next to her. "You aren't going to believe this, but I got talked into a mud wrestling contest once... But I guess that isn't really a habit." She giggled a bit. "What about you?"

"Mud wrestling?" Krissy smirked over ther glass. "How well did you do?"

"Not very, they had me pinned in like a minute and a half... it was too much blue stuff in me that I'm not even sure what it was." She smiled at Krissy. "I've gotten most of that out of my system I think."

"Blue stuff?" Mason repeated. "You don't mean Andorin Ale? That's strong stuff. If you were that drunk I'm impressed you lasted that long!" The blond woman chuckled. "Should you every feel the urge to do it again let me know and I can show you some moves that could help."

Leanne laughed and turned towards Mason. "That sounds like fun though you'd probably hurt me. God forbid starfleet asked me to do a PT. I barely passed it ten years ago."

"No, hoenst it won't be that bad." Krissy laughed gulping down a large mouthful of heavy wine and rose to her feet. "Come on, get up I'll show you some easy one's." She gestered Leanne to rise. "I'll be gentle."

Standing up and being a bit wobbly, Leanne smiled and put her glass down on the table. "I can only imagine what you are going to show me."

"Normally I do this to weed out the babies among the new crew, not that I'm implying anything...Anyway say someone was going to attack you like this," Krissy explained moving swiftly toward Leanne pulling at the Doctor's left arm until Krissy had it pinned behind the other women. "How would you escape?"

Leanne winced a little bit and tried flipping Krissy over but it didn't work. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip. "Cry and beg for mercy?" She tried remembering her hand to hand combat tried pushing heavily back into the woman.

"Don't think that would hold very well," Mason chuckled dryly. "You could as you tried to throw me over your shoulder, but thats quite hard isn't? Instead use your feet, their power houses. Let me talk you through it. Switch you balance over and hook your ankle around my shin and pull quickly. That will unbalance me, loosen my hold enough for you to turn and retailiate."

Leanne carefully followed what Krissy told her and quickly broke free from her grasp and spun around returning the favor to Krissy "This... this is hard.. I guess this is why we keep you guys around." Leanne smiled while she was panting heavily.

"Its only hard if you make it so," Krissy called shifting her weight slightly. "Practice makes perfect." Then, as if to prove her point she moved switly into action dropping her shoulders and scooped up the slighter woman lifting her off the ground, then rotated causing the Doctor to toppled over Mason's shoulders.

With Leanne on the floor looking dazed Krissy chuckled offering the other women a hand. "Perhaps, to save burises we should do this in the holosuite another time without the wine." I've devleoped quite a taste for it."
That was very near the truth, anything that had genuine alcholol she drank down greedily ignoring the warning signs that something was wrong. She would never admit to drinking addiction, only to the duty of her postion.
Though right now, that hanged in the balance. Suddenly facing the emptiness the red wine was far more appealing then before.

Leanne smiled grabbed Krissys hand then quickly swept her legs out from under her pulling the woman to the ground next to her. "Yeah the holodeck would probably be a better place for this kind of sillyness." She reached up and grabbed the half empty bottle of wine and took a swig of it then handed to it to Mason. "But for now, we are here, and already bruised and have the wine." The doctor smiled at the woman "This has been fun so fun so far."

The swift move from the Doc was unexpected and caught Mason off gaurd toppling her onto the floor beside Leanne with a pale of laughter. The accpeted the bottle and took a heavy glup: "Well, I think that calls for more wine." Krissy scrambled up and slipped into the neighbouring rooms, reappearing moments later with another bottle.

"Shall we?"

"I'm keen on another bottle with you." Leanne smiled and adjusted herself on the floor against the couch and looked up at Krissy. "this will be the last one though, I have to show up in ops at some point tomorrow." Sitting there feeling the buzz of the last bottle of wine intensified by the work out she just had she started giggling and continued for a few minutes until she composed herself. "I'm glad you are my friend Krissy, and I'm glad I can be here for you tonight."

Pulling the cork switfly from the bottle, scooping up the glasses Krissy made herself comfortable next to Leanne and poured them each a fresh glass while the other woman continued to giggle gleefully.
"Me too, its no fun drinking on your own..."


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