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The Mission

Posted on Sat Mar 27th, 2010 @ 4:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Jack had been waiting for at least 10 minuets outside the private office of Commodore Quinn waiting for him to return, the Ops center was in it's usual hectic state with junior officers and crewman running about passing on reports and such.

He barely noticed any of it though he was far to busy polishing his pitch to Quinn, speaking of the Devil, as if willed from thin air Quinn entered Ops from the near by turbo lift.

Taking a fortifying breath he moved in to intercept him "Commodore Quinn, can I have a word" Jack nodded to wards the door of his office "In private?"

Quinn didn't slow his pace but kept moving and indicted his office just off of the main Operations room. With confident steps he moved across the expansive room, waving off two junior officers with reports before entering his office and rounding his desk.
"What can I do for you Lieutenant. Its not very often I have Intel asking to see me in private so can I assume this is something serious?"

Following the Commodore into his office he paused on the other side of the large desk that dominated the area "I wouldn't waste your time if it wasn't" with that he placed the PADD on the desk that he'd been carrying.

"Several hours ago a Yridian trader was detained by security, this trader demanded to speak to a member of Starfleet Intelligence to negotiate a trade of information, the information was about of Federation and Starfleet prisoners being transported to Gorn colonies as slave labor".

Quinn had absolutely no idea where Daniels was going with this, and the confusion must have been plain to read on his face if he was gaging Daniels smirk correctly.
"And this means what exactly Lieutenant?"

A look passed over Jacks face but he was quick to cover what ever it might have been "It means sir that we have the opportunity to rescue a number of Federation citizens while their being transported to the new location".

Tapping a few commands into the remaining PADD in his hand Jack brought up a stellar cartography map of a region of space "The Transport will pass by this nebular in 3 days time the radiation can cover a small vessel making it undetectable, with the element of surprise we can disable and board the transport."

Again Jack waited for the Commodore to process the information.

The enormity of the proposal hit Quinn like a freighter at maximum warp, but the idea was not without some merit.
"What type of vessel will you be needing Lieutenant. Both the Genesis and Hope are still out of commission and I have assigned the MacArthur to another assignment temporarily!"

Jack shook his head "Their all to big for the radiation to fully shield us we can't use anything really bigger than a Runabout, which means that this will be more of a surgical strike. Speaking of surgical I do have a recommendation for the away team".

"Take who you need. You leave as soon as your ready Lieutenant!"
Quinn nodded at the impressive Officer. He had just earned his pay for this week, or he would have done if the federation still paid its Officers.

Giving the Commodore a simple nod of understanding he turned and exited the office Now I just need to get a team together a small smile spread across his face when the next thought popped into his head And I have a good idea where to start.


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