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Diplomatic Dance's

Posted on Sat Apr 3rd, 2010 @ 5:10pm by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Crewman Seraphina Stryder & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Jason tugged at the uncomfortable article of uniform one last time as he lead his escort into the Orion restaurant were the Romulan Ambassador had decided to hold his banquet in honour of his arrival to the station. The noise was buoyant and festive with music playing and dancing taking place on a small dance floor across the room. It was also a hub of activity with most of the senior officers present, not to mention some of the more junior.

He looked down to his date who was moving in unison with him, her dress uniform hugging her form better than his.
"Would you care for a drink Seraphina?"

"Yes please" Seraphina smiled inocently and followed him to the bar. She fixed his collar a little.
"Next time you must give me your correct sizes." He sighed silently. Truth was she was scared to be here, and now tried to hide it.
Oh sure, she had been at parties like this before. But not as a flag officers date.

Seeing the Commodore and his date Maiek immediately made his way towards the pair; as he arrived at the bar where the two stood he ordered for the Commodore, "I believe that the Commodore is a Romulan Ale man, that speaks well of his tastes. Not to mention his taste in companions," Maiek turned his attention to the Commodore's date for the evening, "It is this choice in drink and women which makes me believe that our two peoples are not so different," he joked as he extended his hand first to the Commodore's date, "I am Ambassador Maiek tr' Kierianh, the pleasure is mine," before then turning his hand to the Commodore.

Seraphina shook the ambassador`s hand and smiled. "Nice meeting you" She said politly.

Quinn accepted the handshake, finding the Romulan just as amenable as before, and the setting was just what the crew needed given the state of affairs between Mason and the Klingon Ambassador. He only hoped that she would attend.

Avo stood in her quarters debating on what to wear, the invitation didnt exactly say "Dress Uniform" did it? No, but then again she had two choices, a simple, plain, white and gold Starfleet dress uniform that didnt fit Avo too well, or the simply stunning sparkling black number she had kept in her closet for the last two years waiting to be used. After a long debate Avo finally grabbed the Black dress hanging on the hanger and put it on. It was a straight and nicely flowing fabric and seemed to hover just above the floor but still seeming to brush against it. She did the standard freshing up and applying simple dark colors of make up to her face and looked at her self in the mirror to scope herself out before leaving and tried to avoid attention by using the little know turbolift tubes down to the promenade.

Avo arrived in front of the Orion restraunt and looked around for the other senior officers, and yes to her distain............dress uniforms. She saw Commodore Quinn and his Yeoman something or another, Sindyer, Skynder, Avo couldnt recall. She slowly walked up to them and gently made her way to their circle of conversation. "Hello Commodore, Crewman." She nodded, gently brushing her loose bangs out of her right eye.
"I hope I'm not dressing out of standards?" She asked, still trying to avoid attention from the other officers.

Quinn took a moment to look the Lieutenant up and down, admiring the flash of leg that could be seen. "You look wonderful Lieutenant. Its an informal gathering, but being a Diplomatic function as well, I have to be in uniform."

Haqtaj slowed her pace to allow her two aides to keep up. Tonight she would be on show just as much as the Romulans, and she had dressed accordingly; her full ceremonial armour, with shoulder spikes and knuckle studs. Gold foil trim wove across her bodice and full flowing robes. On her back she had a ceremonial silver Bat’leth across her back and a pair of Mek’leth in her belt. Her sash bore her military awards and house banner and her hair was left to flow freely down to her waist behind her.

Vartog was in full regalia. In recognition of his current position, he wore the white Starfleet uniform but a metal-link Klingon sash running from right shoulder across to his left hand side at his waist spoke eloquently of his Klingon conections. If anyone was in any doubt, to the sash was pinned with medals from both services.

A single mek'leth, as befitting his rank, hung from his belt as well.

Hay’Legh was annoyed at being here. She was worried that if she recognised anyone that needed a dagger in them she would not hesitate to do it – even with Ambassador Haqtaj’s fresh warnings echoing in her mind. But since this was an event organised by her own people, Thei'khaiell ssuin Hw'aenevha chose not to wear the Klingon flashiness that the others wore. Instead she decided to dress to catch the eye. She wore a simple, form fitting sleeveless black dress, making her look both elegant and sultry and she wore her long black hair down which disguised the fact that the dress was backless.

When the trio appeared at the door to the Orion establishment Haqtaj stopped for a moment to sweep her eyes across the crowd. This would be her first Official Party on a Federation base and she was momentarily thrown. She glanced at Vartog, “I assume head butting the Romulan Diplomat would be considered unacceptable? What is the normal protocol?”

“Madam, Federation protocol insists that guests do not bear weapons. I expect we will be asked to hand ours over on entrance – for form's sake. I chose the mek’leth because it is appropriate for one of my rank but also...also because it will cause less, let us say, offence. Madam, I applaud you on wearing your bat’leth on your back. It states that you are a Klingon warrior but that your weapons are sheathed for this function. I expect Federation personnel to respect that; I will defer to Thei'khaiell ssuin Hw'aenevha,” he said with a deferential nod of his head in the direction of the Romulan who had accompanied them, “on how Rhiannsu might react. In answer to your direct question, head butting would be considered objectionable unless they play music of a style I believe is called heavy metal. In that case, banging your head on the wall is considered de rigeur.”

Haqtaj looked to the first officer of the FHew for her advice.

Hay'Legh kept her eyes on the crowd as she replied as if she was looking for someone. "Head butting the Rihannsu Ambassador, though amusing would not be acceptable. A simple bow to an equal would suffice. As to the weapon, I am sure that your cultural traditions will be accepted at this function as it is not being held in the Ambassadorial facilities which are now sovereign Rihannsu territory...though I do wonder why that is."

David was unsure about going to the dance; he'd never attended any sort of diplomatic function before, and while he was sure he'd not cause a diplomatic incident, he had no idea how to greet the various officials that were bound to be there. It was a known fact that many diplomatic officials were sticklers for protocol.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be good fun," Helen whispered to him. She loved being around people, just watching and listening was fine, but then again, what would be expected of an El-Aurian. However, once she got talking, getting a word in involved waiting for her to draw breath.

"I'm not worried it won't be fine. I just don't want to accidently assume a diplomat is a waiter or vice versa, or make a comment that will bring the wrath of the Klingons or Romulans on me," he replied quietly. "Come on, lets go in."

The couple walked in, arm in arm, to the Orion restaurant. David could see a number of personnel he'd already met, but many he hadn't.

Max was in the turbo lift heading for the diplomatic dance he loved this kind of thing. In the back of his mind Kriss was against it, he didn't socialise much, well that was tough. He tugged at the sleeves of his tuxedo and his collar and walked in. It was a hive of activity in the restaurant, lots of people, music and dancing. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he accidentaly bumped into Seraphina.

"Oh I'm sorry" he apologised

"Ohw...!" Seraphina turned to look who had bumped into her and was suprised when she recongnized Kriss, whom Lt. Lyons had introduced her to.
"No harm done, Kriss" She smiled pleasantly at him. "I did not realise that you were going to be here this evening."

"Well I love a good party" he replied and without thinking about it and not listening to Kriss in the background, took a hold of Phina's hand and kissed it. "Care to dance?" he asked while looking into her eyes. He noticed they were just as blue as the oceans on his home planet.

'Crap, late again!' thought Sara as she walked briskly to the nearest turbolift, 'yet another reason not to do paperwork on your own time' she mused as she waited for the next car to arrive. in truth she wasn't terribly late, these sorts of functions usually had people turning up well after the start time, just as long she didn't miss any important speeches or toasts. Her dress uniform was her only formal clothing readily available, what dresses she had were still to be sorted let alone the shoes. As she entered the Orion restaurant she scanned the room for someone she knew, there were so many people and so little time to take it all in, perhaps best to get a drink first and take it from there so she slinked off towards the bar.

Matlh was had been safely steered to an innocuous conversation with a junior Romulan official. Vartog thought she could be relied on to not embarrass herself there. Now for the main purpose for his presence at this function. Vartog’s intention for the evening was to watch and listen. He had no ambition to be part of the gathering – in fact, he fully intended to disappear into the back rooms. There, he anticipated gaining real information – not the teased, tortured and thoroughly reconstructed verbiage that passed for conversation between the main players. To that end, he had secreted a normal uniform behind a bulkhead earlier and very soon.... Very soon he would be Vartog the non-com again; not Vartog the ambassador’s flunky.

When the opportunity arose – when eyes were off him – Vartog slipped away.. He circulated amongst the staff – waiters, cooks, cleaners.... He asked questions; he thought hard on the answers, weighing them up by virtue of reliability and credence.

“I feel like the White Rabbit,” Thalal said as she stepped from the turbolift.

“White Rabbit?”

“It’s an old Earth story. Don’t worry about it, Akina, I’ll explain later.”

“Not too late,” Jrez commented, seeing Lieutenant Commander Lam just turning into the restaurant. “And I doubt we’ll be the last.” He took Thalal’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze. This was the last opportunity they’d have for going out together before she returned to Andor – in fact, it was almost the last opportunity they’d have together at all before her departure. He intended to make the most of it. He wasn’t much of a dancer but Thalal had promised to guide him around the floor. Beyond that, there were so many new faces – so many new officers to get to know. He almost felt like a veteran of 611 now even though he’d only been here a few months himself.

Thalal smiled sweetly at him. “It was worth the delay to squeeze you into your dress uniform. I do declare, Akina Jrez, since you took over as Chief Science Officer you’ve let yourself go. You need to get onto the holodeck more. I find myself running by myself too often.”

“There’s always....”

“If you even think of mentioning Endrijure, I’ll scream. He’s nice but....”

“His idea of exercise doesn’t exactly contain itself to running,” Jrez finished for her.

They were at the entrance. Jrez took Thalal’s arm in his own. Together they entered.

Seraphina and Max had been chatting the last few minutes, while more and more people streamed through the door.
Max took Phina by the hand "Shall we?" he asked and indicated the dance floor

"Oh, eh..." Seraphina looked around for the Commodore, who was far to busy with something else. She decided to do what her brother had theached her many years ago. Act tough when uncertian.
"You better have some skills, I have high standards" She said and accepted Max`s hand.

"I have very high standards too" he replied as he held her by arms length and twirled her back to his arms and spun her around. "I'll try not to tread on your toes.
Shall we show this lot how to dance properly?"

"Lead the way" Seraphina challenged him as they walked onto the floor and started dancing.

David watched as a few people took to the dance floor. He pondered about taking to the dance floor with Helen. His mother had taught him a number of dances and he'd learnt others from a few ceilidhs as a teenager and learnt to dance quite well, and it was at them he'd discovered he enjoyed wearing akilt. At the moment, instead of dress uniform trousers, he wore a kilt as a tribute to his Scottish heritage with a IDIC kilt pin to his Vulcan heritage. Fortunately, there were loopsholes in the regs that allowed him to wear his kilt for dress uniform at times

"Care to dance?" he asked Helen.

"Oh, sure. Just don't spin too fast, that would cause a diplomatic incident!" she replied with a laugh. The couple moved on the dance floor and started to slowly dance together.

Max dipped Seraphina in his arms and stared into her eyes "Care to tango" he asked her as the music changed to the Argentinian Tango. Max took a rose from the table arrangement and placed it between his teeth and looked deeply into her eyes. She looked up expectantly into his sapphire blue gaze.

"I`m only a crewman. I`m allready very impressed" Seraphina replied, lost in Max`s eyes. They seemed so deep and thoughfull.

Max passed the rose on to Phina's lips, her lips tasted like sweet nectar. "Shame you aren't wearing a dress" he whispered in her soft shell like ear.

"It is a dress uniform, but it doesn`t quite... Suit what you are imagening now hmm?" She took the rose from her lips ,with her free hand as they now danced closer, and gently brushed it on Max`s ear and down to his cheek, then slowly back up.

He took the rose from her hand and touched her fore head with its red petals, down to the bridge of her nose and her chin and smiled seductively at her before draping her over his left arm. He placed the rose in his teeth again and brought her up to slowly to face him. Phina took the rose from him with her fingers which brushed lightly along his soft lips.

Seraphina sudenly took a step out and gracefully spun away from Max. She smelled the rose, then tossed into Max`s hands before she vanished into the crowd of people. Come find me she thought.

Max caught the rose as he watched Seraphina disappear into the crowd and a small smile appeared on his lips. His hand was still outstretched with the delicate rose still in his fingers. He caught the scent of it as he walked slowly off the dance floor. He followed her as she dipped in and out of the crowd looking back now and again to make sure he was following her.

Seraphina looked back once again, now the she had crossed most of the floor. Max was nowhere to be seen, perhaps he had given up the"chase".
She turned around to keep walking, and almost crashed with Max who had sudenly appeared behind her.

"I thought you might have got tired of running away" He said grinning at her "Would you like one of these" Max asked as he held up a glass of champagne with deep red strawberries to her delicate lips. "I hope you like champagne?"

Haqtaj watched the dance floor and glanced at Hay'legh, "I know the Tal Shiar learn a combat form that is akin to dance. Why don't you ask the Romulan Ambassador to join you in a few moves and I will ask Quinn?"

Helen Lyons grip on Jack's arm tightened as they stepped through the door. This reminded her too much of the 'meet and greet' functions that she had to endure on Earth, with the research faculties jostling to get funding and authorisation to get their projects off the ground. She smoothed down the blue velvet of her dress and turned to smiled up at Jack. "Let's get this over and done with shall we."

Jack took a deep breath before giving Helen a shaky smile "I couldn't agree more" with one last tug on his dress uniform the pair dived into the maelstrom, almost instantly the two were swallowed up. As the two slowly made their way through the crowd they where continuously bombarded with greetings from people Jack couldn't begin to place "What I wouldn't give for another Borg invasion right now".

Glanching off to the side he saw a small area set up as a bar "Do you want a drink?" He asked Helen.

Helen followed his glance. "Sure, anything that can numb the pain of these things will be much appreciated. Lets see if they have any Vodka."

The bar as you would expect at one of these function was a heavily trafficked area taking several minuets to get served and even longer to get their drinks. Returning to Helen's side, drinks in hand he passed her a glass containing a liquid with a slightly green tint to it "They don't have any vodka but this should be suitably numbing".

Helen held up the glass to the light and looked at it. "Looks harmless....but looks can always be deceiving. you go first."

The hassle of trying to get security arranged so that he could bring Kristina to the event was a harrowing even in Zeek's mind, but he knew that there was no one else he would take. Events such as this were more of a bother than anything else. Regardless, as the station's XO, he was required to attend. It had also been years since he dawned his dress uniform. The irritating white uniform was tacky looking among the elegant dresses and suits, but just as the Commodore had to represent Starfleet, so did he.

Choosing an outfit for herself was not easy. As being invited to attend as Zeek's date she had to wear something that was appropriate but could not help wondering if Starfleet dress uniform would be be unsuitable due to her current pickle.
Fortunately the previous talks with Leanne Ulonova had been useful, the kind Doctor had lent her a dress which breathing in Mason slide the zip fully up and admired her reflection in the mirror of her quarters.
Perhaps this pending trail was good, for it was bringing out a new side to her that did she not know existed, a much more softer, human and feminine side. It felt strange, but it was certainly rewarding. In her adult years Mason had never donned a dress nor took to heels very often, she was astounded by the transformation.

Now attached to Zeek's arm feeling like a delicate flower in a lilac dress that kissed the floor with every stride she whispered to him as they drew nearer the restaurant: "Thank you for arranging this. But you could have picked a nicer occasion - the Romulan Ambassador, personally I'd rather seen a movie. After all see what happens when I become involved in politics?"
She glanced over her shoulder at the plain clothed security followed at a distance even now.

He chuckled "Well I figured if I have to be here, you should join in my pain." He replied "Just relax, we'll make an appearance, say our hello's and salutations, then be on our way. Then maybe we can catch that movie, your place maybe?" He said with a wink

"Providing our greetings don't fall foul," she replied lowly catching a glimpse of the heavy Klingon presence. "I'll pick a film title that you'd hate as payback."

Douglas Swinton saw Kristina Mason enter the function on the arm of the new captain. He smiled. He didn’t know how this particular relaxation of Mason’s confinement had been arranged: maybe the captain was already learning how to wield his influence; maybe it was only agreed to provided that he was the escort. Swinton shrugged; it didn’t particularly much matter either way.

He wandered over to offer his greetings. As the couple moved away from the entrance, he noticed a security officer unobtrusively slip in and melt into the shadows. Ah, so that’s the price she’s paying.

“Good evening,” he said cheerfully. “I believe congratulations are in order,” he said, addressing Aerelon first. “I see there is a extra pip on your shoulders. And it’s good to see you out and about, Commander,’ he continued, turning his attention to Mason. “I trust our little chat proved useful for you?”

"Thank you." Zeek replied. He was trying to be humble about the promotion as best as possible.

"It did indeed, thank you Mister Swinton. I still haven't had the pleasure of trying Jrez' programming but I'm sure it will be highly enjoyable," Krissy replied.

“I’d like to speak to the Ambassador about setting up some sort of cultural exchange with the Rhiannsu,” Swinton said. “I’ll probably only get to talk with some flunky but if I can make a start....”

Zeek was noticing that eyes were being shifted in their direction. Security was here to ensure that Kristina didn't go anywhere, but also to ensure that she remained safe. He nodded to one of the security members assigned as their detail, giving the signal to be alert. "Well my dear, why don't we join the party?"

"Indeed..." Mason nodded absently feeling the sudden wave of eyes staring at her from all corners of the room.

“Ah...if you’ll excuse me,” Swinton said, taking the hint, “I think Chief Jrez is seeking my attention.”

Mason's arrival was not lost on Haqtaj either. She smiled slightly at the Security forces making themselves obvious by trying to be unobtrusive. She turned away and continued her search for Quinn, who seemed to be avoiding her. Unfortunately for him, he had got caught in a conversation with a minor flunky that he could not easily extricate himself from. Haqtaj shouldered her way through the crowd to his side.

"Commodore," she greeted him, "I understand it is customary to ask a beautiful woman to dance?"

She waited to see how he would respond to her.

"With all due respect Ambassador but the last person who asked me to dance ended up in the infirmary with a dislocated shoulder and a nasty bruise on her left foot", he jested with his customary winning smile as he brushed the unruly locks of hair from his eyes.

Haqtaj smiled broadly, "Then we are on an even keel. Nurse Vrell's hip was dislocated."

Jason couldn't tell if she was joking or not.

"Seems a pretty decent shindig!" he stated lifting his glass to his mouth waiting to see how she would react to his jovial acceptance of the situation at large.

"If you say so, Commodore." Haqtaj allowed, "I prefer more boisterous occasions. Though I do not the breach in Starfleet protocol which makes this a rather more intriguing evening."

"Commodore... Or should I call you Jason at a party? I wondered if you had given thought to a position for Lt Mason once this trial is over?"

Quinn hadn't expected the Klingon to be more diplomatic about bringing the situation up, but as per usual, the the usual amount of Klingon tact she bustled in.
"The situation of Lieutenant Mason has been review by myself and the stations Executive Officer and is thus an internal Starfleet matter!", he said cautioning.

"I would like to make a personal request, if I may. This comes from me, and not the Empire, but I believe it will help all concerned."

Quinn's eyebrow went up, mirroring the Vulcan gesture of being intrigued.

"As I have said before, you will soon be seeing more Klingons on this base than ever before, and you will need a strong contingent to contain the less... reserved individuals. I would be happy to arrange the training for such individuals. In fact Vartog is already providing some Klingon Simulations for your Marines to use. I would like to recomend Lt Mason be in charge of the group you eventually pick."

"That all depends on the outcome of this trail Ambassador. If she is discharged from Starfleet then she won't be doing much of anything... Now if you will excuse me Ambassador, I should not be discussing this matter in such a public forum".
Gracefully he bowed out of the conversation feeling more and more as if the Klingon had backed herself into a corner and was desperately trying to back peddle. Still, either which way it made no baring as she had full diplomatic immunity and so couldn't be discharged from the Station under any circumstances.

Lam had been circling the room, still not knowing many of the people around she decided to stick close by to the major players, who knew what bits and pieces she may over hear. With her non alcoholic version of a Long Vodka in hand she waited to hear what Quinn would say about the Klingon Ambassadors proposal.

Haqtaj noticed Lam watching and smiled at her, raising her glass slightly.

She didn't know why but the simple acknowledgement from the Klingon Ambassador had startled Lam, she simply raised her glass to return the gesture before disappearing off into the crowd, 'I hate diplomatic functions' she thought.

Up to this point, Jrez had managed to avoid the embarrassment of the dance floor but Thalal was not to be denied. A pause in the music and a subsequent departure of some of the dancers gave her her chance.

“We’ll have room to move but enough other bodies to not feel too exposed,” she said as she dragged Jrez up. He noted to use of the phrase too exposed. Any exposure was too much as far as he was concerned but he suffered to be lead to his doom.

Actually, the experience was not as bad as he’d expected.

“You’d be amazed how many of our fine Imperial Guardsmen didn’t have a clue how to dance,” she confided later, “despite such social graces being an essential part of a guard’s life. Mind you, they didn’t have much of a clue about conversation either beyond a few hackneyed lines to try to get susceptible girls into their beds. Bores the lot of them. More than one I had to lead around a dance floor and make it look like they were in control. Akina, you at least had some idea where your feet should be at any given moment. I enjoyed myself.”

His time on the dance floor was blessedly brief though Thalal dragged him back two more times before the evening was out. By the end, he was actually feeling at ease provided he didn’t attempt anything extravagant.

Quinn picked his way through the crowd to find his date standing not to far from the Romulan Ambassador. "Excuse me Ambassador but I must take my leave before I start a diplomatic incident between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire", he stated with barely contained rage. "Could I ask you to take care of my lovely companion here as I will be leaving her without a gentleman's arm."


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