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Marine Training

Posted on Sat Mar 27th, 2010 @ 12:56am by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Marine Holodeck

David sat in his office, one whole wall given over to a viewscreen. On it a squad of Marines were moving through a holographic town looking for a group of mercenaries that had taken the town. Sure enough there were at least 30 mercenaries lurking in the town, all hologrammes, but three real players were waiting to get in.

Behind the desk sat the two Marines that would join David as an enemy for the squad undergoing training.

First was Gunnery Sergeant Tank, an enormous Orion that could carry an isomagnetic disruptor like a small phaser rifle. He was the son of a pirate and the slave girl he'd kept and later killed. Tank, so named because of his size from a young age, had escaped shortly afterwards and joined the Marines to prevent anyone else suffering the fate of his mother and himself.

Seconds was Sergeant Jack Fletcher. Fletcher was a Londoner who looked more like a gangster than a Marine, which given his family, wasn't a surprise at all. The tall, thin man had the look of a rodent about him.

"I guess we'd better get in there and make their life difficult. Tank, I want you to hole up in this building on the ground floor. An heavy weapon you like, plus two holograms. Fletcher, you get 5 holograms. Try talking to them, convince them either there is no problem, you work for the planetary security forces or that they can't win, just whatever. I'll be in this building. You two have to stop them getting to me," David said pointing to a map of the small town.

"Right, Gov," Fletcher replied. Tank merely nodded and moved his massive frame from the chair.

The trio entered the holodeck and slipped into position. The squad had less than 15 minutes to get to David.

Elizabeth flattened herself against the wall and peer round the corner. The rest of the squad was gone; she'd lost them in the last firefight, so she left them behind. A flash of green near the door on the way out tipped her off someone was there. She rolled out from the wall and sprinted to the next bit of cover behind a broken worktop.

A massive bolt of energy slammed into the wall she'd been behind and shattered the fragile brick. The room filled dust, obscuring her view. She guess it had to be Tank at the door. A deep breath and she ran to the door and fired off several random shots from the assault rifle she'd lifted from a downed merc. Orders said she was not allowed to use one, so automatically wanted it more than anything.

Tank dropped like a stone and groaned ever so slightly.

Stepping over the massive body, Elizabeth ran on. A short time later she found her squad talking to Fletcher and a group of holograms. From what she could hear Fletcher was claiming to be a local law enforcer trying to retake the town and needed help. The squad was falling for it.

A grenade flew into Fletcher, knocking him to the group, "killing" him and three of his team. The squad opened fire on the others.

"Corporal Rossi! What the Hell do you think you are doing!" roared the commanding 2nd Lieutenant. "You are not permitted to carry that weapon and you just fired on friendlies!"

"Sir, with all due respect, Tank just tried to kill me, so I'd say Fletcher is working with him."

Fletcher smiled slightly on the ground, surprised anyone had guessed. Usually people just trusted what he said, despite the fact almost ever word that came out his mouth was either a lie or the truth stretched to the limit. And he'd been so close to convincing the Marines to take point so he could shoot them in the back.

"Hm, we'll discuss this later. Come on, lets move. We've got about 6 minutes to get to the checkpoint," the Lieutenant said.

Elizabeth was annoyed at being cast aside so readily, but fell into line.

David turned as he heard the door open. Two Marines rushed in, rifles pointed at him. He merely stood and watched as the rest came in and surrounded him. No one spoke, but the rifles didn't go down.

"Thank goodness you are here, I've been being held for 3 days. I am the head of the town guild. Can you get me out of here? Please, I just want to make sure my family is okay," David pleaded, playing his part. It was a no win situation really. If they believed him and lowered their weapons, he'd shoot at least 1, maybe two. If they killed him, he'd really be a civilian.

Still, no one moved at all.

A pulse lanced out from a rifle, David didn't see which. He dropped to the ground as the simulation ended, forcing him to get back up. Tank and Fletcher walked over to join the group.

"Well done on identifying Tank and Fletcher as enemies. Had you sided with Fletcher he would have shot you in the back. However, you killed me. The door you entered by was locked, was it not? All other exits were barred, so I could have been a trapped civilian. Stunning me to escort me out would have done. But then again, had you lowered your weapons, I would have shot you," David said.

The squad huffed. "You mean it was a no win? That's not fair," someone muttered.

"There was a win," Elizabeth replied. "Stun him and question him somewhere out of the way."

"Considering you shot me with a grenade, I doubt you get to claim a victory on that. The splash might have hurt your own team," Fletcher replied.

David sighed lightly. He could see there was a lot of work to do before taking on Security.


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