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New Horizons

Posted on Mon Apr 12th, 2010 @ 6:04am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6


With the trial over and done with, Zeek made his way to the meeting with Commodore Quinn. The two really hadn't had a chance to sit down and get acquainted. These were difficult times with so much transition, and it was best that the two be on the same page. As he approached Quinn's office, he noticed the odd looks he was getting from the crew in ops. It dawned on him that the Captain's pips were a new sight to them, especially on his collar. He straightened his tunic as he hit the chime on Quinn's door.

"Come on in Captain", the call came from the other side of the door.

"Thank you for seeing me" Zeek replied "We're both in new roles, and I figured we should get on the same page to get the station back up and running."

"I completely agree. Especially with recent changes in the local chain of command as well!"
He of course referred to the reassignment of Admiral Baker to another area of the fleet and the now vacant seat in the chain of command within Task Force 86.

Zeek nodded, trying to avoid that subject "To be honest Sir, morale is fairly low among the crew. People walk around with smiles on, but those smiles are more out of fear than anything else. Everyone is on edge as to when we'll be attacked next. I think we need to put something together, something fun for the crew to let them truly relax."

"Something we can agree on", Quinn pondered a moment trying to find something that would not only appeal to the member worlds of the federation but to the close neighbors as well. "What about some form of festival of arts. A cultural exchange from Federation worlds as well as Klingon and Romulan worlds?"

"Might be good for solidifying our position that we're respectful to other races onboard the station. I know things have been rough lately." Zeek replied "Maybe have a sit down with the Ambassadors and see what they think?"

"Sound Idea Captain!", Quinn smiled over at his frist officer.

Before Jason could continue a message came in from Ops =/="Commodore, I'm sorry for interrupting, but theres something you need to see."=/=

"What is it Rawlinson!", Quinn snapped.

The comm was silent for a moment =/="I...I can't explain it Sir, you'll have to come look for yourself."=/=

With a concerned look to Aerelon, both men stood and made for Ops. "On our way!"

Zeek shot a concerned look at the Commodore before he followed him out onto the Ops deck. On the main viewscreen were five, very heavily armed Gorn vessels. With no other vessels or stations in this system, there was no mistaking it. They were on their way to 611. "Ensign Conrad, how long until they reach our position?" Zeek asked

"Fifteen minutes sir..." The Ensign responded.

Zeek turned to Jason, waiting on orders.

"All hands. Battle station's!" Quinn's voice boomed over the tumble of voices that were now calling and directing what defensive capabilities the station had. "Zeek, wake the other senior officers, get them up here now!"

Zeek nodded and made a beeline for the comm =/="Red alert. All hands to battle stations. All senior officers to Ops, ASAP!"=/=


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