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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Dazed, wet and aching all over, Beverly slowly regained some semblance of consciousness. She could hear guttural whispered, gravely voices, but only fragments of what they were saying could be made out.
"Flesh... Reckoning... The time is now..."
It was a few more seconds before she regained enough of her senses to process what had happened, and at the same time her head started to bang, aching with the force at which the... what ever it was... had caught her up into its embrace.
She struggled against her restraints. They were wet and warm, like a living being, but not in touch like anything she had seen or felt before.
"Where am I?", she moaned the question through a dry throat.
No answer was forthcoming. She rolled her head around, trying to get a better view of her surroundings, but the darkness was unforgiving, she did however find Kathy, suspended next to her in a similar fashion.
"Kathy, are you alright?"

Fearfully she nodded, her eyes wide with terror her mouth moving silently, like a fish out of water.

Beverly struggled against the bindings, but was unable to loosen then even a fraction. She turned her head back to Kathy, "I need your with this Kathy, come pull it together".

"I...I.." Kathy tried finally noting the strangeness of her situation and the wet binds that had pinned both her and Beverly to the wall. She began to panic and fought against the restraints, her face paling in the poor light. "Where are we?" she asked. "What are these things?" she twisted more violently ignoring the sensible words of her friend.

"You are where you belong. The Reconing has begun", a soft whisper from the dark said.
It was different this time, more feminine. Beverly strained against the darkness to see what had said the words. Also she could see was a dark, humanoid figure, nothing more.

"Who's there?" Kathy asked squinting into the dark ceasing her fruitless battle with the restraints. "Beverly," she turned her head. "What's happening?"

"You will now in time", the voice was dangerous, and as soft as a whisper. The figure was still moving, or was she dancing, it was so hard to tell. "You are the leader, are you not", a clawed hand, very unhuman appeared out of the shadows. It extended a long talon that pointed at Beverly, and she nodded, unable to voice herself.
"Then you will understand soon, and we will feed on this other one".

Kathy's bottom lip began to quiver and what ever color was left in her face had drained. "No, please don't."

"Worthless simpering", the clawed hand moved with immense speed and force, backhanding the immobile bar tender. This brought Beverly's guard up, and instantly, she could tell the creature, for lack of a better term, could sense it.
"So you are a fighter".
The cold talon appendage came back, moving closer to Beverly. The tip of the claw tracing her cheek, lightly, delicately. "You will understand... In time".
With a swift move, the creature struck Beverly's forehead, spilling a small amount of blood, from an equally small gash. It hurt like hell, but was hardly enough to incapacitate her.

"What the hell is this?" Beverly spat at what ever it was, again struggling against the bindings.

"My children are now culling yours", and the claw, along with the rest of the creature retreated back into the full shadows.

"Are you OK Kathy?" Beverly had turned back to Kathy, but she couldn't help but feel a burning within the cut the creature had left her. Maybe it was just the surge of blood trying to seal the wound.

Flexing her bruised jaw Kathy nodded blinking back tears. "I'm sorry," she wept. "I argued to come down here, and now look at us. We're trapped, bound up to our eyeballs while the rest of the crew are fighting for their lives."

It hadn't hit Beverly about the reference to the crew until Kathy had mentioned them. "My children... Oh my God, Vos".



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